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Here Are 3 Ways to Save Money on Your Sling TV Subscription

Are you a Sling TV subscriber or are you thinking about getting Sling TV and want to save even more money? We pulled together a list of how to save on your Sling TV subscription.

Here are three ways to save money on your Sling TV subscription.

#1 Use an American Express Card

To get this deal, you will need an American Express credit card to pay for your Sling TV. After you add your American Express card to your Sling TV account wait until your first bill. You need to spend at least $15 on Sling TV to get the deal.

Once your first bill is applied to your account, log into your American Express account and look at your promotion section. You should find the offer there, and it should say the deal is good until March 2017. From our understanding you can use this on all Sling TV plans as long as they cost more than $15 USD. You can use this deal for up to 6 months but sign up soon because it looks like the deal ends in April 2017.

Sling TV sent Cord Cutters News the following statement about the deal. “As long as the customer is active, they will receive $5 off per month for up to six months.”

#2 T-Mobile

If you are a T-Mobile customer you can get the Sling TV Orange service for just $14 a month.

  • Go to
  • Click WATCH NOW 7 DAYS FREE to start creating your account.
  • Enter your email address, then create a unique and secure password. Enter your registered T-Mobile phone number. Click Next to continue.
  • Review exclusive extra services and select any additional programming of interest to you. Click CONTINUE.
  • Enter your billing information.
  • Review your TV service and 30% discount before clicking submit.
  • Click FINISH & SUBMIT and your account will be activated!
  • Now it is time to Download the Sling App and #BingeOn.

#3 Walmart

Thinking about getting a new TV, tablet, streaming player, gaming console, laptop, or PC? If you buy it at Walmart you will get 2 months of Sling TV and three Vudu movies for free! Want to learn more? Check out Walmart’s website for more details.

Do you know of any other Sling TV discounts or sales? Post them in the comments so everyone can use them.

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  • Craig Werner

    Does anyone know if you can combine offers from T-Mobile and American Express? I currently use the T-Mobile offer for Sling Orange and if I could use the AmEx offer also that would be great. I’m sure I would put the additional savings towards another add on package.

  • Robert Beier

    Took advantage of the Amex deal. Will give me a chance to really test out Sling. 7 days just isn’t enough.