Scissors cutting a computer wire on gray background (wireless or blackout concept)

5 Big Cord Cutting Stories I Am Watching In the Second Half of 2017

Scissors cutting a computer wire on gray background (wireless or blackout concept)Cord cutting is moving faster than ever, and there are many stories that are likely being lost in the mix.

#1 New Streaming Players

Right now I have confirmed that new Apple TV, Fire TV, and Google Android TV players are in the works. I don’t have a date for them, but they are expected to be announced in the late third or early fourth quarters of 2017.


DIRECTV NOW has confirmed a long list of features will be added this fall. So far I have confirmed that 4K streaming, a DVR, and a new app are all in the works.

Now I have known a DVR was planned, but AT&T said beta testing of these features will start in the summer, and the general public won’t get it until the fall of 2017.

#3 Hulu Offline Viewing

Back in January the CEO of Hulu announced that it is working on offline viewing. According to the reports, you will be able to download shows and movies on your Hulu app to watch offline.

Recently Netflix added offline viewing, something Amazon has had for some time.


Disney late last year confirmed that a standalone ESPN streaming service would be coming out in 2017. Now the catch is it says it won’t include live feeds of ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU. For now, if you want them, you need a service such as Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, or PlayStation Vue.

#5 Comcast and Verizon

We have already seen several cable TV providers jump into the live TV streaming services recently. Now it seems Comcast and Verizon are both hard at work on their own live TV streaming services to take on their competitors Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW.

Details are still thin on how these services will work. Will they be limited in regions like Spectrum’s new service or will they be national such as Sling TV? Only time will tell.

Is there a cord cutting story you are excited about? Leave us a comment and let us know about it.

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  • Cooper McChester

    Net Neutrality is by far the biggest story to watch the rest of the year. This could upset the whole apple cart for cord cutting. This will give ISP’s a way to add extra cost to video content and guess who will pay for that..

    • HeyRadar

      In one way, they are already doing that by imposing data caps.

      • Cooper McChester

        Yep and getting rid of N.N will give them even more power. It won’t cost us up front but when Netflix, Hulu ect. start having to pay tolls, they will pass that cost to us Add in the fact that ISP’s are buying content companies and eventually it is gonna really be tough for us to have choices like we do now

        • Carol Benedict

          And when more people cut the cord the cost of wifi will go up even more. I don’t have data caps yet because my internet provider don’t sell tv however by the time they add all the fees I pay 94 dollars a month for 25mbps data caps only purpose is to discourage cord cutting

          • Cooper McChester

            If we all get lucky, we will all be in a area where Google will offer internet. They are a good company who does not hold their users over a barrel. I have ATT internet 12mbs for $64 a month w/ 1TB cap. I use a antenna and Tivo DVR for about half of my viewing and I use about 500gbs a month so the cap has not been a issue for me. But I live in a area that gets good reception.. C Cutter news did a story on as a way for some to get a cheaper internet with no caps.. Look them up and see if you are eligible.

          • Mike Thaler

            We are fortunate in that we live in a condo in Oakland where every unit in the bldg. gets internet from Google at a cost of $25/unit which is added/included in our HOA dues. 100Mbps+ up/down. No modem necessary. Just a router.
            There is no cap. I don’t know what we use. Am ending free 30 day trial of Google/Youtube streaming. Will pay for a month to get free ver. 2 of Chromecast device. Will need to figure out way of getting Comedy Central’s Daily Show now that we have made decision to cut cable.

          • Cooper McChester

            A.. Because yo have google internet… I hate you:) #jealous
            B. I guess the thing is variable based on where you live because my $64 ATT 12mbs would be cheaper with by $15 a month. I just don’t know about what happens (how long of wait) if the service goes down or has issues and I need a tech

  • Chris K.

    The test markets for 5G home internet are something I’m watching. That could be a game-changer.

    • HiroRoshi

      Hopefully it’s in areas where people need the competition.

  • mnsportsgeek

    I’ll be for sure waiting for the major DTVN update, and will also be waiting to see when all those NBC and ABC locals we’ve been waiting for all year will launch.

  • HiroRoshi

    #1 to watch: Amazon likely to enter OTT this year, maybe purchasing or partnering with Sling (via Dish).

    #2: The year of YouTubeTV… adding more channels and markets. Though it could be 2018 before mature.

    #3: PS Vue loses market share significantly by end of 2017. The biggest loser.

    #4: Pluto TV will become defacto FreeTV model to emulate.

  • BrianH1972

    Again. I watching for ATT SportsNet…. In Houston!

    Not sure what Direct Tv is waiting on. The already own it.

    Any news?

  • Vegas Steve

    What is the point of an ESPN streaming app if it doesn’t include a live feed? Unless it’s free? (HA!) Will people actually pay for sports reruns?

    • Respected Citizen

      Watchespn currently has multiple live streams (all called espn3) that typically have limited commercials. For the last couple of weeks, it also had “The Wimbledon Channel”. You can also fast-forward through the replays.

      I’d assume they’ll add replays for the daytime shows like PTI, Horn,
      and HQ. And maybe you’ll get live streams for the other ESPN
      channels, like news, SEC, and Longhorn.