Cutting the cable connection to coax connector illustrating people cancelling cable TV service

Do You Have 5 Minutes to Help Cord Cutters News? (Fall 2017 Survey)

Cutting the cable connection to coax connector illustrating people cancelling cable TV serviceCould you help Cord Cutters News with 5 minutes of your time? Every few months we try to do a survey to help keep in touch with our readers and what is happening in cord cutting. With this weekend being the official start of fall 2017 we thought would do a quick survey.

If you would take 5 minutes and answer the questions below it will help us greatly. All answers are 100% anonymous.

(If you use an iPhone or iPad you may want to use this link to fill out the survey. For some reason, Google Docs has issues on iPhones and iPads.)

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  • Sheila Spencer

    Problem must be on your end. Mine was fine; no moving around.

    • Albert S.

      No moving around for me either.

      • Marc Strzodka

        same here was all good ..

  • Darryl

    I had the exact same problem.

  • mnsportsgeek

    Worked fine for me.

  • Daniel Richards

    something NOT in the survey, but may help, STOP posting those “How to watch Channel WYZ Without Cable” that just list which streaming cable service carries the network, until there is a legit al-a-carte purchase method for the channel those are highly misleading article titles that are basically CLICKBAIT to trick people into loading another link on your page so you get more adsense money and it makes you look very uncredible and will cause this site to fail as people get tired of the clickbait, also please don’t delete this post and ban me like you do, banning people only further proves how right they are for speaking out against your clickbait and make you look like a jerk.

    • risingtide

      He doesn’t really care about cord-cutting. He’s only here for the ad money. He doesn’t put any effort to get his facts right or even at least proof-read his articles for silly grammar errors and omissions. He copy-pastes previous articles with their errors just so he can make more money for the same thing,

      He’s a fraud! And I know he will delete this and ban me for pointing out the truth.

      • mnsportsgeek

        Then why do you read his articles?

      • Daniel Richards

        he also deletes comments when people give him the facts and says he was going by what the sites say (I HAD the service, I KNOW what it offered, so I KNOW he is incorrect).

    • Vegas Steve

      Ah, the guy’s got to make money to live. I have learned that all such stories are pretty hollow, so I don’t usually read them unless I have a couple minutes and want to contribute to his livelihood. And I bet you’d be surprised at the number of people who didn’t do enough research to realize they could do ‘X’ via ‘Y’.

      • Daniel Richards

        I skip over them now, just saying they are totally misleading, the first one of those I saw was for a channel I needed that I lost after I dropped Vue for dropping Viacom, now he does them all the time he can’t find actual stories just to make the minimum number of articles per day he has and it’s ruining this site.

        • Joseph ewing

          “…it’s ruining this site….”

          What would ruin the site would be if the owner didn’t have enough money to keep it up and running.

          Cut him some slack.

  • tbird2252

    No problem with survey…Suggestion for future surveys. Add question for additional thoughts, suggestions, and/or inputs.

  • Chris K.

    Tablet/smartphone should have been one of the device options. This site’s own articles point to their prominence as content-viewing devices.

  • grinlap

    Your survey question about the cost of cable before and after cutting the cord didn’t specify if we were to include the cost of Internet service or not. Also, Amazon Video and Amazon Prime which includes certain free videos are different. You weren’t clear.

  • Phantom_e

    Everything is AWESOME! 😀

  • John Smith

    Yeah the form scrolls to the bottom of the page in iOS each time you answer

  • Bob DiPietro

    Worked fine for me. You’re phone is messed up.

  • Beach Pug

    Worked fine for me. I think a missing question is how much do you pay for Internet–that’s the kicker!

  • Tony Armentrout

    No problem with survey. No place for comments tho. Just wanted to mention that CordCutters seems to becoming mostly just a “streaming” news outlet. I always like OTA info more. Streaming isn’t really cord cutting. It’s just not called that.