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Do You Have 5 Minutes to Help Cord Cutters News? (Spring 2017 Survey)

Could you help Cord Cutters News with 5 minutes of your time? Every few months we try to do a survey to help keep in touch with our readers and what is happening in cord cutting. If you would take 5 minutes and answer the questions bellow it will help us greatly. All answers are 100% anonymous.

Mobile Users: If you are on a phone or tablet you may get a better experience taking the survey by using this LINK.

  • Adam

    This should be interesting to read. Hopefully you get a lot of responses.

  • Chris K.

    Luke – you just posted an article last week about more people streaming content on phones and tablets. You should probably add “Smartphone/Tablet” as an option for your third question.

  • Michael Smith

    I have saved money from cord cutting although not as much as originally anticipated but what I love about it is that I am now in complete control, if I think I am spending too much I drop a couple services that I am not using as much and add it back if I need it. Or I try something different altogether. The bottom line is I am in control of what I spend and can decide what’s important to me to be able to watch instead of having Comcast decide and periodically raise my rates just because they can. I’m not sure that viewpoint is really reflected in a general survey but I would guess I’m probably not the only one that feels this way.

    • Ben M

      I agree with this statement. Control is a big plus. I can rotate services to maximize viewing options when & how I decide.

  • Ben M

    Just completed the survey. I originally cut the cord to save money but now, having experienced commercial free shows on Netflix, Amazon, & Hulu, no commercials would have to come in as a close 2nd to saving money.

  • BigO

    Very curious to see the final results – I have really enjoyed the experience (and the savings) since cutting the cord.

  • Daniel Richards

    I took the 30 bucks or so I was saving over my CRAPPY standard def cable and NO DVR and used it to triple my internet speed.

  • @lphaConsumer

    Submitted….It feels good to say I went from a $200 AT&T TV/Internet bill to just $85 ($35 PlaystationVue + $50 Comcast Internet) bill.

  • billgannon

    My SO and I live in an community that has Comca$t 480P service included in the rent, SD box free. 54.00 dollars for 120MB internet. On the main display, I have an indoor antenna from radio shack that sits four feet off the floor and I have 90 to 100 % signal strength on the OTA major channels.

    We are currently using Sling blue, but looking at Vue. Saved money? You bet cha,