Amazon Just Started to Roll Out Fire TV OS Update

Well, we once again have a new update for the Fire TV Stick 2. As of right now only the Fire TV Stick 2 is getting this update.

The update seems to mostly back end changes and Amazon’s update page still lists the same new features:

  • The redesigned Fire TV on-screen experience, released for Amazon Fire TV (2nd Generation)and Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote with the previous software update, is now available on all Fire TV devices. It adds a streamlined top menu, a featured content section that automatically plays video snippets for selected titles, a Your Apps & Games row on the Home screen, and new options for the VoiceView screen reader. For more information, go to Navigate Your Fire TV and About VoiceView for Fire TV .
  • Fire TV now features a data monitoring tool you can use to get dynamic information about the amount of Internet data your device is using for apps and streaming services. You can choose your preferred video quality for Amazon Video streaming, set data alerts, and view monthly data usage for your apps. To learn more, go to Data Monitoring on Fire TV.
  • PIN Protect Prime Photos App option has been added to Fire TV parental controls preferences. With this setting turned ON, you’re prompted to enter your PIN before you can open the Prime Photos app for Fire TV. You can use this option if you only want to block access to the Prime Photos app, and your photos/personal videos from Amazon Drive. To learn more, go to Set Up Fire TV Parental Controls.
  • The new “Recommended by Your Apps” row on the Home screen features content recommendations (e.g. for movies, TV shows, apps, games, music, audiobooks, and news) from supported apps installed on your Fire TV. Select an item from the row to see which app made the recommendation, or press the Menu Menu Button 
						 button on your remote to view available options. The “Recommended by Your Apps” row won’t show on your Home screen if you have parental controls enabled for your Fire TV.

This update was first spotted over at

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  • Robert Anthony Hartzell

    Hopefully the My Apps row shows the app you’ve recently downloaded immediately. I’ve always had a delay with this. The only fix I’ve found is logging out of your account. That or waiting a day or two for it to pop up. It does this on my 2 Fire sticks and my Fire TV.

  • pawdog

    Maybe with this update my Harmony Smart Hub will pair.