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Amazon Plans to Spend Billions to Fight Netflix

Amazon is doubling down on its Amazon Prime Video service.

Recently Amazon has been working overtime to close the gap in both subscriber numbers and quality between Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Building off the popularity of Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Video has slowly been growing; however, it has always been a secondary focus. Now that seems to be changing.

Recently it was learned that Amazon is spending $4.5 billion on getting rights to new streaming video services this year. Although that is still shy of the $6 billion budget for Netflix, it is a huge improvement over what Amazon has spent in the past.

Amazon not only seems to want rights to movies and TV shows, but it is also working hard to get rights to live events. Just last week Amazon announced that it has acquired rights to stream 10 Thursday night NFL games in 2017.

Reports are that Amazon plans to get even more live event rights as it grows it catalog.

Although Amazon still sees Prime as a way to sell more items, it is clearly working hard to bring in more deals for video content including both originals and content from other providers. Cord cutters are the true winners here because they get more options as streaming services fight it out.

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  • Richard smith

    How about actually producing content instead of a pilot and then Nothing.

    • Maelish

      Agreed. They have a lot of awful shows.

  • Blake

    How about making apps for Apple TV and Android TV apart from the shield and specific TV apps?

  • BigO

    As a longtime Prime subscriber (long before video was really a thing), we love what Amazon has done. Hopefully, they continue their video growth.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Walmart is creeping up on them with that free 2 day shipping. That alone takes out a lot of the advantages of Prime.