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Amazon Pulls Their Twitch Channel from Roku

Starting today the official Twitch app for streaming players is now a Fire TV exclusive. Amazon, who now owns Twitch, yesterday pulled their Twitch app from the Roku Channel Store. Any Roku owner who already had the Twitch Channel installed on their Roku now gets a warning message saying the app will no longer be updated but that they can still use it.

Amazon has not stated why they pulled the Twitch Channel from Roku players, but Amazon has a history of not offering the Twitch app on a wide range of players.

Currently, there is no official Twitch app on the Apple TV, just a third-party app. There is also no Android TV version, but there is an app for the Nvidia Shield Tablet version. You can use the Chromecast option on devices that support Chromecast, but at this time if you want an app on a streaming player the Fire TV is your only option.

Before Twitch had an official Roku Channel, there was a Twitch third-party Roku Channel. It is possible that a third-party developer will once again release a Twitch Roku Channel. For now, I wouldn’t remove the Twitch Channel on Roku because you may not be able to re-add it.

We have reached out to both Amazon and Roku for comment.

Update: Roku replied to our email to confirm that the channel was removed from the Roku Channel Store.

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  • Phuq_Me

    Stupid Amazon. You’re not going to force people to use your device. It should stand on it’s own.

    • maverick9611

      they tried it with the fire phone and lost their ass off. i have a 64 gb model running slimkat android 4.4.4. amazon refuses to release source code so bootloader remains locked. developers still found a workaround making a decent android phone.

  • Malignar

    Watching people play games so fun…

    • matts1

      Apparently you are in a minority with that sentiment. There’s tens of thousands of dollars thrown at Twitch streamers everyday in donations and subscriptions..

    • TaiPeng

      1. Games are $60 bucks. Twitch is free.
      2. I want to onow if a game is worth my $60. If I see a game that is ugly I won’t buy it. It helps me be a better informed consumer.
      3. I can watch old games or games not available on my console.

  • Feldspa

    Well, I returned a new unopened Roku Ultra for this reason.

    • Phuq_Me

      dumb. So you are going to buy into Amazon’s scam of forcing you to buy their product? So if someone wants to rape you ,you say “Well might as well enjoy it”?

      • Feldspa

        I’ll stick with my Premier+ for the time being.

      • Karl Childers

        As you pointed out in the recent post about CBS All Access “No one is forced to do anything. “

  • Kawshik Ahmed
  • Colton

    I could be wrong, but I think it’s on Apple TV too. I don’t use it, but I’ve seen it in the AppStore.

  • Keith Foster

    Yeah I saw this pop up last night. I hate this crap! Amazon is becoming more a s more like Apple everyday with this. What next they will pull prime video also.

    • matts1

      They make too much money from Prime to restrict where people can use Prime Video.

      • Der

        Also, the Fire TV is based on Android. To remove it from the Play store would mean removing it for virtually every Android user. You know how well that would go over.

        • A lot of Android devices allow you to get apps from both the Google Play and Amazon app stores though.

          • Keith Foster

            All fair points until they throw in a Fire Stick with your prime membership. The money they make is off people having Amazon prime and I would say a majority have prime in spite of Amazon prime video. As far as video rentals or sales no idea how much they make off that. Again I doubt they would go this way, but they could.

            Yes Fire TV is based off Android but it’s a walled garden approach. Hence why you don’t have YouTube or Google play movies / music on the Fire app store. You can side load the amazon app store on Android and kind of sort of add the play store on Fire TV, but we are talking the average consumer.

  • My Shield TV (not tablet) has a twitch app. Was this a typo?

    • bobinc

      I have to give Shield TV props. Lately they seem to be the only one pushing Android TV to be better, while Google just seems to let it dangle when it could be a greater platform.

  • matts1

    Samsung Smart TVs has had the Twitch app for years now, granted it didnt work for about half of that time but it recently got updated and its now much better than it was before it stopped working.

  • HeyRadar

    I don’t watch Twitch, but this is ridiculous. Why on Earth do you need to have a Fire TV device for Twitch.

    Roku should pull the Amazon Music app as a response.

    • But what reason would Roku give? How is Roku better if they remove apps that haven’t violated their terms of use?

    • TaiPeng

      iPad and iPhone it is then.

  • TaiPeng

    The reason Amazon Fire loses is because many people have purchased Apple content and don’t want to use Android or buy movies from Vudu or Amazon Video. Nobody uses Google Music or whatever it’s called. Google Music is as popular as a Zune.

    • That’s less of an issue now that movies from several major studios can sync across those services via Movies Anywhere.

    • Keith Foster

      I use Google Music every day…. I prefer my content to not be locked to one OS.

      • TaiPeng


        • Keith Foster

          HA!? I can listen to google music on my iPhone or my S8+ or in a web browser if I so choose, but sure HA.

  • bobinc

    I thought the story coming out recently about Twitch was they want to be YouTube? How can they become as big as YouTube when you start reducing access to the app? Guess Amazon wants to force more check boxes on their Fire TV players “feature” list for the Christmas season. Has Twitch App [x] [ ] [ ] [ ]

  • Doomrah

    someone should bring back that “unofficial twitch app for roku”. i like that one better than the official one anyway. this is a pretty crappy move on amazon’s level though. i’m not buying a fireTV. deal with it.

  • TigerClaw305

    There’s another way to watch Twitch on the Roku, using the Roku Plex App, and installing the TwitchMod plugin onto the Plex Media Server.

    • maverick9611

      no tommy dreamer and house of hardcore wrestling. still fans out their who hate wwe and want pure hardcore wrestling.

  • Hitgrim

    I will not be renewing Prime and have decided to stop shopping with Amazon.

    Just returned the 7 Echo dots I was going to give out for xmas and will give out cash instead. I am done shopping with and supporting Amazon. Consumers can end this sort of behavior in the future by avoiding companies that pull this.

    • Jared M. Bobak

      yeah, i had an entire shopping cart for christmas from amazon filled up, then i looked into these happenings and decided to just pick everything up locally (which took a few days considering i ride the bus) but well worth it not to support this type of bait and switch tactics.