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Amazon Is Ramping Up Their Original Programming

Original programming has become a major selling point for streaming services. A hit original show can change a service from an afterthought into a major player in the world of streaming. Now Amazon wants to double down on its original programming by speeding up the rate that it launches original shows.

Recently Amazon Studios VP Roy Price sat down with Deadline to talk about Amazon’s original programming.

“The reality,” Price said, is that pilots “sort of slow you down… It’s another 10 months. Between sitting at a table saying that’s an amazing idea for a TV show and having a TV show on the air, it’s normally 12-18 months. But with a pilot it’s two years.”

He added, “The reality of the marketplace is it’s competitive and often you just have to go to series, both from a timing point of view and from a competitive point of view… We still have customer feedback, but will probably have fewer pilots for sure.”

This shift in programming brings Amazon more in line with what Netflix and Hulu have been doing: not offering a pilot to test the waters and sometimes upsetting fans when the show is not picked up. Now Amazon will dive headlong into an original show the same way Netflix does.

This is just a small part of the interview. Make sure to visit Deadline to read the full interview.

So do you subscribe to a streaming service for its original shows? Leave us a comment and let us know how important originals are to you.

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  • JoJoTheModern

    For Netflix, their originals have become their saving grace (which was almost certainly deliberate on their part, as they’ve let so many titles go). So I’d definitely say Netflix is something I keep for the originals. Hulu, which I subscribe to now and again, is best for straight television. Next time I pick it up, it will be for the second season of Lethal Weapon, holiday episodes of classic sitcoms, catching up on Steven Universe, etc. (Though I do quite like Difficult People.)

    Amazon streaming video is barely on my radar, and I wouldn’t even have it if it didn’t come with Prime. More originals would probably be a good way to get attention, if they aren’t going to collect unique titles for their general catalog. I kind of wish they *would* go the unique-title route, though… this month I’ve had Mubi and wow talk about a bunch of movies and docs you can’t see anywhere else. If Amazon went out of their way to find shows and films that stand out, it could be seen as a bolder move than buying originals like everyone else is doing.

  • EJ95835

    It’s a good move. The last round of pilots fizzled, and they only picked up one show. Looking forward to more Bosch, Mozart in the Jungle, and The Man in the High Castle … and Fleabag.

  • BigO

    I doubt we would subscribe year-around at $8-10 per month for Amazon Prime Video, we find it is a great deal since it is included with Prime. Plus, we have been watching more and more content via Amazon over the last couple of ears. Granted, it does not match what we are watching via Netflix, but it is getting closer.