Amazon Still Cannot Keep Up With Fire TV Demand

Been trying to get a Fire TV or a Fire Stick? You may have found it harder to find than it was a year ago.

As of today (April 7, 2017) you may have a hard time getting one. The Fire TV is at least two weeks wait on Amazon, and the Fire Stick is back ordered a full month.

Looking at Best Buy? You may struggle to find one at your local store. No local store within 250 miles of my office has a Fire Stick in stock, according to Best Buy’s website.

So what is happening? Why are the Fire TV and Fire Stick so hard to get right now?

There seems to be two reasons. Although we are not expecting any new Fire TV box till this fall, there are new Fire TV smart TVs in the works. It is expected that production of remotes and maybe even some of the chips could be slowing the production of the Fire TV boxes.

Also while the current Fire TV and Fire Stick are not new in the United States, Amazon did just launch the second generation Fire Stick in the UK with the new voice remote. These also likely put strain on stock.

The second issue is the rampant reselling of Fire Sticks and Fire TVs loaded with Kodi. Many buyers have been picking up Fire Sticks in mass to resell them at double or triple the cost after adding Kodi loading with piracy add-ons from third parties.

So when will the Fire TV Stock become easy to access again? No one knows, and Amazon is not answering questions about stock; however, if you find some in stock and want a one don’t wait because they may not be in stock when you come back.

Update: Lets not forget about all of the Fire Sticks given away by DIRECTV NOW. That must have made a dent in the supply.

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  • Ben M

    I have both a Roku stick & a Fire TV stick. Until the most recent software upgrade by Amazon I liked both equally well. However since the upgrade, the Fire TV stick lags & loads much slower than it used to. I also occasionally have issues in video playback that I never seemed to have before. Finally, when going to settings, there is a 5-10 second delay before the options on each settings panel come up. At this point, I would buy another Roku before I would buy another Fire TV stick.

    • Don K

      Which generation Fire Stick do you have?

      • Ben M

        I have the 2nd generation Fire TV stick.

        • Don K

          That’s strange. I have two 2nd generation Fire Sticks and I didn’t notice a slowdown at all with the software update. If anything, I’d say it’s a little faster. The speed of the new sticks seems to rival that of Fire TV boxes.

    • Brian

      You are probably referring to the first generation Fire TV stick. They are a few years old. The latest Fire TV sticks are the best which explains why they are sold out everywhere. I have 4 of them and a Fire TV and they are all quick. They blow all my Roku boxes away. I have my 4 Roku boxes sitting in a drawer.

      • Richard smith

        He probably has the 2nd generation stick, since he said until the most recent software update.

        • Ben M

          Yes, that is what I have.

      • Ben M

        I have a 2nd generation Fire TV stick. Thanks for the information. I will have to keep that in mind if I ever need to buy another streaming stick.

    • Richard smith

      Yeah I noticed my 2 generation Box is a little slower since the update. I have a First box still on the old firmware, not looking forward to the update.

  • Richard smith

    People are starting to realize they are the best values out there. Also a lot of sticks were given away with Direc tv No

  • Mark Hayden

    I have been looking for a stick for a week now. IDC about KODI. Very frustrating.

    When KODI cracks down on their pirate links, people will have paid for nothing. KODI stick makers know this, and still sells them. Sick.

    My search started when I found out Roku will be delayed with directvnow.

    • Eugene Stilianopoulos

      Kodi does not stop any pirate links on their software but they do frown on it. However they can sue the preloaded box sellers if they use Kodi on their advertising. Think of Kodi as being a browser. You can use a browser to do not only legal things but also to stream or download copyrighted material without paying.

  • Bradley Brown

    After searching around for the fire TV, to upgrade from the stick and gain the FreeTime features for time limiting my child, I stopped into a Staples on a whim and found that they had stock.

  • therealdealishere

    The firestick is pretty terrible with directv now.