Apple Just Officially Announced the New 5th Gen Apple TV 4K

After months of rumors, finally we have the official announcement of the 5th generation 4K HDR Apple TV bringing with it several major and much needed upgrades.

The following is what is new on the 5th gen Apple TV:

  • 4K HDR Support
  • HDR 10 & HDR Dolby Vision Support
  • Updated User Interface Now in 4K (Looks the same as the old just in 4K now)
  • Apple doubled the speed of the Apple TV processor
  • iTunes 4K movies at the same price as HD movies
  • Older HD movies are being upgraded to 4K for free
  • Netflix 4K HDR support
  • Later this year Amazon Prime Video 4K HDR Support
  • Apple’s TV app coming to Canada & Austrailia this month and more countries later this year
  • Apple’s TV app adds live supports to their TV app for apps like WatchESPN

The new Apple TV 4K starts at $179 and goes up from there starting September 22nd.

The Apple TV 4K looks very similar to the old Appel TV and uses the same remote as the 4th gen Apple TV.

The question now is how will this hold up to the new Fire TV and rumored new Roku streaming devices. Apple has been stuck in fourth place for the last few years in the US market; however, it now has a new and improved Apple TV that can stand up against the current Fire TV and Roku lineups.

So what do you think of the new Apple TV? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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  • Andrew Lindeman


  • Craig

    “iTunes 4K movies at the same price as HD movies
    Older HD movies are being upgraded to 4K for free”

    Vudu best be taking notes! Cause they bat-shhh cray to think I’m re-buying my collection in 4K. Let alone ever paying over $20 for movies!

  • Scott Blanchard

    #NothingBurger. Expected 4k and HDR. Apple just now catching up with competitors. No innovation here. As an Apple TV Owner, I was hoping for much more, but expecting just what we got, which was mediocre. Anyone wanting 4k/HDR has already likely moved from Apple to Roku or FireTV. There’s nothing compelling here to get existing owners to upgrade and nothing that makes it better than competing, MUCH cheaper boxes.

    • Bryan Esler

      I think there’s plenty compelling for existing owners…and I’m one of them. I’ve had a 4K TV in my sights for a while now, but have yet to splurge. Secondly, the fact I can upgrade my HD movies to 4K versions for free is a HUGE benefit. Apple might not have been first to the 4K game, but offering that perk is really, really nice.

      • Scott Blanchard

        Maybe Apple is betting that there are lots of you, however, the simple fact is that they had no choice but to upgrade to 4k HDR to avoid falling further behind – they won’t likely see a significant upsurge in sales of Apple TV over what they are already selling.

        “Plenty” compelling would be a stretch considering 4K/HDR is over 5 years old now and the number of people who have an HD movie library is dwarfed by those consume streaming content.

      • Daniel Richards

        as a 4k tv owner with multiple 4k boxes, unless you are ready to fork over more money every month to upgrade to a still VERY LIMITED selection of 4k Content it is only worth buying the “4k model” for the higher performance it will have, not for the resolution, if you want 4k go buy the 4k UHD Blurays and a Xbox One S, thats the ONLY way 4k content makes sense, all the streamed stuff suffers from to much compression and only matches regular bluray image quality.

    • Craig

      I agree with you. They did nothing more than say “Hey guys! Here’s your Apple TV 4K HDR that the other guys have had for years now. Come and get it!” No actual innovation at all…

    • Colton

      I assume you don’t have an Apple TV because this is the main part you don’t get. For those, like me, that have built up a library of content in iTunes, I can’t move to another platform. I’ve had a 4K tv for about a year waiting for an Apple TV to take advantage of it. I’ve been building up a library over many years, and I can’t just up and spend hundreds of dollars on content I already have. So yes there are people like me that have content in iTunes and want a 4K option. Plus upgrading all HD content to 4K for free is practically unheard of, and UHD keeping the same 20 dollar price tag as current HD is really great for consumers.

  • Bob Danger McMillen

    $179 for 32GB; $199 for 64GB. Old 32GB ATV non-4K still at same $149. Looks like 64GB ATV will be phased out.

  • jmgnyc

    Pretty disappointing IMO. tvOS 11 is an incremental improvement, no improvements to the remote or Siri, still waiting for Amazon app, nothing about better audio support, Netflix still not supporting the TV app. Not even a HomeKit app like the iPhone/iPad which would’ve been nice. The 4K upgrade is fantastic though, especially if it applies to digital copies not just purchases.

  • Clark Bowman

    “The new Apple TV 4K starts at $179….”

    …and that’s when I stopped reading.

  • risingtide

    The biggest problem with Apple TV isn’t lack of 4K support. It’s the price tag. You can get a Fire TV, a Roku and a chromecast and keep change for the same price as one Apple TV.

    • c_hack

      And you get Amazon streaming support on them. I know Apple keeps promising Amazon streaming – but its failed to deliver over and over again. Roku also supports many many more channels than AppleTV.

      • mau47

        Amazon is responsible for delivering the app not Apple. And by many many more I guess you mean mostly one off channels with like 3 viewers who want to watch their local church sermons instead of going to church. At this point once Amazon actually delivers the Apple TV will have all of the major apps with the only notable exception I can think of being Fandango now if you can even really consider them notable, they also tend to get new apps and new features well before Roku does like Hulu live, DTV Now, MLB etc. etc.

      • risingtide

        Amazon Video app for Apple TV was delayed by Amazon, not Apple. I think once Amazon comes to Apple TV, it will be the only place where you can get video content from all major video sources.

  • risingtide

    Would have been nice if they launched Amazon Video today.

  • Craig

    So… When does the DirecTV NOW 3-month promo liquidation period begin with the new 4K Apple TV’s? I mean? When the inventory piles up again…when Apple realizes it can’t sell boxes for $179, when Rokus, Android TV’s and Fire TV’s are less than a hundo?

  • ludist210

    Eh, other than 4K movies costing the same as HD movies and live supports to the TV app (akin to how Live Channels works on Android TV), this did nothing for me. The price is also too high.

    Also, Apple is in fourth place…you mention two others ahead of them (Amazon, Roku). Would it KILL you to acknowledge Google every now and again?

    • risingtide

      Google products like YouTube TV and Chromecast are always left out here even for instances where they would be the best examples.

      • ludist210

        I know, and it drives me crazy.

  • Paul Gunton

    All I have to say is: Nvidia Shield. Enough said. Apple is just playing catch up.