AT&T is Offering Half Off DIRECTV NOW Or a FREE Roku Stick

Been thinking of trying DIRECTV NOW but still on the fence? Well, right now DIRECTV NOW has a few deals to get you started. First, you can get half off your first month of DIRECTV NOW with the promo code “HALFOFFPLAYOFFS”. You can also get a free 2017 Roku Stick right now if you are willing to prepay.

How to get half off:

To get the half off as you go to checkout make sure to enter “HALFOFFPLAYOFFS” into the promo code area.  Just keep in mind this deal ends October 29th so don’t wait!

How to get the FREE Roku Stick:

Already know you want DIRECTV NOW and would rather have a free 2017 Roku Stick instead of a half off your first month? Right now DIRECTV NOW is offering the 2017 Roku Stick with the new voice remote for free if you prepay for 2 months of DIRECTV NOW.  This deal is available right now but keeps in mind it can end at any time so don’t wait.

Here are the details from the DIRECTV NOW help forums:

Effective October 20, 2017, new DIRECTV NOW customers are eligible to receive a free Roku Streaming Stick when they prepay 2 months of DIRECTV NOW service.

  • Roku Streaming Stick retail value is $49.99.
  • This offer is available for new accounts only.
  • One free device per DIRECTV NOW account.
  • Devices ship within 2-3 weeks of placing an order.
  • If the device is damaged during shipping, customers contact Group O at 866-212-0389.
  • The offer may be combined with the AT&T Unlimited Plus/Unlimited Choice $25 credit.

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  • Jeff Edsell

    DTVN’s DVR isn’t in wide release yet, is it? I really want to give them another try (I’m on PS Vue now) but there’s no point until I can get the DVR.

    • Vegas Steve

      No, it’s not released to the general public. Still trialing it as of this date.

    • Jim Larson

      Still too many drop outs and slow response. Gonna stick with PS Vue for a while.

  • Malignar

    I would finally cut the cord if the DVR was out. I do like that they have a guide as well as access to the Viacom channels (which appears to be a rarity in the streaming services). Hopefully they won’t jack my AT&T internet cost if I drop regular Directv for Directv now. Trying the free trial now and I do like the picture quality and channel selection.

    • Vegas Steve

      I agree 100%. Deals are always nice, but they have to provide what people want. DVR is #1 on the list, but NFL RedZone is very high on mine also.

      Since we don’t know when the DVR is coming, and at what cost, along with no RedZone (at least this year), I’d have to take a pass. But I do like the interface and I didn’t have a lot of streaming issues when I trialed it. Maybe next football season!

      • Malignar

        I pay $2 a month to get Redzone through Verizon on my phone. You may look into that.

        • Vegas Steve

          I would, but I can’t afford Verizon! 😉

  • Michael Smith

    Has DTVN’S buffering/freezing issues been resolved on the Roku platform? When they add the NFL Network/Redzone I will switch from PS Vue if they are added and the above issues are resolved.

    • Huey

      I still experience occasional buffering/lost connection issues on the Roku. I keep thinking that surly they’ll address the issue before too long, but still waiting 🙂

      • Jim Larson

        Same thing for me. Staying with PS Vue for the next several months until this gets worked out.

  • Fred Koot

    Wonder how many people stuck out the early Go big promo? At $60 its to much for me. Has the on demand improved ? Has TWD been updated?

    • DesignatedJizTowel

      Here’s one who stuck with the Go Big promo. And I’m glad I did. No streaming issues, and I don’t really care about DVR or football.

    • homer52

      I did and so far it is ok. However, I have a rental property and I need more than two simultaneous streams. I’m not paying for another DTVN account, so may go all in with Youtube TV. Not sure.

  • David Sosa

    I’m going for the half-off. DTV Now has always worked well with my roku..the DVR and locals are lacking for me. I use Tivo for my locals but would be nice to have all in one place. Seems that late fall is the DVR release so I can the HBO for $5 and Showtime $8 are a bargain. Two premiums for less than $50 is awesome. The DTV Now picture quality is the best for me by far from psvue, hulu, sling and I have a 65 Sony 4K.

  • Respected Citizen

    Playoffs? Must be referring to MLS.

  • SS

    After getting the YouTube TV experience, I don’t want to go back to DirecTV Now even if it offers a free Roku, more channels and some DVR.

    • Mike Thaler

      YTTV provides superb pic quality, the best DVR service, and best customer service and all the locals in our area. We are sticking with them, at least for now, even tho they don’t have many of the most popular channels. For us that means they are missing CNN. They also don’t operate from a device like Roku or Fire stick. They just started taking voice commands from Google Home device. (We are away for a few weeks from home base, so haven’t tried it.)
      One thing I have discovered – Even tho I can’t watch local sports out of our home area – I can set them to record and watch the next day. That’s fine because home games in Oakland start at 10 or 10:30PM here on East Coast.

      • SS

        Lack of device support is disappointing. They are going to add Roku, Android TV, X-Box and some smart TVs later this year. But it’s still taking forever.

        I don’t want to buy a Roku. So, I might just stick with AirPlay until they have a native Apple TV app.

        • Mike Thaler

          We use Roku to access the YTTV channels we don’t get like CNNGo, Comedy Central, TBS, HBOGo via a relatives Comcast account we cover.

          • SS

            I wish they could make more deals even if it means creating a second more expensive bundle.

            The company that owns CNN, TBS, HBO was willing to make a deal with Google but Google left them out because they didn’t want the bundle to be expensive. Honestly, I would be willing to pay additional $5 or $10 for higher bundles just to get everything in one place.

          • Mike Thaler

            I agree. I’d pay a little extra for TCM as well.

  • Slave_to-the_man

    So how long is the half priced service?

  • androidscales

    I have both dtvn and PS Vue. Hands down PS Vue is better than dtvn with dvr and best1080p broadcasts. Dtvn seems to be broadcasting in 720p ATT gives me basic dtvn with hbo for $10 so I am keeping it for hbo