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AT&T Starts Testing Home 5G Internet

5G is the holy grail of Internet with its promise to bring fiber Internet speeds to Americans quickly and easily. Now AT&T is getting closer to making it a reality.

Currently AT&T, Google, Verizon, Charter, Dish, T-Mobile, and more are all working on 5G. The move to 5G will mark a huge step forward in wireless Internet. Gone will be the limitations of 4G Internet with much faster speeds and lower latency giving it the same capabilities of fiber Internet without the need to run wires to every house.

With 5G companies such as AT&T can wire a whole town in months instead of years just by updating cellphone towers. The main goal here is to offer home Internet, meaning for the first time there will be true home Internet competition. There will be no need for permissions from local cities as all that will be needed is to make updates to cellphone towers that are already in place.

AT&T and Verizon have both started to test out 5G. AT&T just recently started to test 5G in Austin, Texas, and is using its DIRECTV NOW service to pressure test its new 5G network.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Dish all plan to have half or more of the United States covered with 5G by 2020. Verizon is starting to roll out 5G in five markets this year with AT&T and others starting their roll out soon.

Source: FierceWireless

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  • Joseph ewing

    It’ll be nice to have faster Cell service, but I am not sure much this will affect cord cutting.

    Current “Unlimited” plans from the major players throttle after 20-25 Gb.

    • Mark Bidewell

      While it won’t help cord cutters, if it creates competition it can only be good.

  • mr Dave

    The thinking for cord cutters is we are ‘hoping’ this will add competition and bring down the cost of broadband connections. The questions will be around lost packets, consistent speed, price and practicality.

    Google is hoping that with 5g they can vastly increase their Google Fiber buildout. The ‘last mile’ is very expensive and fraught with regulation and incumbent restrictions. Only time will tell.

  • Brian Heath

    All of these articles about 5G being just around the corner and being the fix for all our streaming ills are getting old. 5G is an idea at the moment, that’s about it. We really don’t know how much we’ll be able to do with it, how much it will cost, and when it will really be rolled out for production use with enough hardware supporting it to really make it usable. I know there is great potential and its great the carriers are getting started on testing, but until there is an approved standard and someone has a solid timeframe for production rollout, I’m going to continue to skip these articles.