AT&T’s Deal to Buy HBO & All of Time Warner Is Expected to Close Soon

AT&T has slowly been making progress on its plans to buy Time Warner (not the cable company, the TV company that owns HBO and CNN) and now it is reported that the deal will close in the next 60 days.

According to reports from the Los Angeles Times, full regulatory approval of the deal could come as soon as this month or as late as October.

Details are still thin, but rumors have been floating that AT&T was open to selling some of the channels Time Warner owns. There have even been rumors that AT&T would be open to selling CNN in an effort to get the deal approved.

AT&T has a lot of history that makes it likely that the deal will be approved. Comcast’s deal to buy NBCUniversal is similar to AT&T’s deal to buy Time Warner. The only question now is what requirements the government may put on AT&T.

It is possible that there could be limits on control over some of Time Warner’s properties. For example, when Comcast purchased NBCUniversal, Comcast had to agree to give up day-to-day control of Hulu for a set time frame.

We will have to just wait and see what happens next.

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  • Joseph ewing

    More consolidation = Fewer choices for the consumer.

  • georgeshiflett

    seems to me monopoly’s are forming and as i believe that is illegal isn’t it

    • Vegas Steve

      One would think so, but then payola talks louder than any consumer.

  • risingtide

    AT&T already debunked the rumors of selling of CNN. They made it clear they’re going to keep CNN in August.

  • Cooper McChester

    The plan. ISP’s buy up the content companies and then get Net Neutrality reversed… Gotch former Cord Cutters, you have no way us.

  • filmex

    A recent article in Hollywood Reporter talked about a massive exodus of DirecTV people since the AT&T takeover and employees of Time Warner are worried because there is every indication AT&T is willing to sacrifice much of these assets (free HBO giveaway etc.) in order to try maintain their satellite business.