Apple TV 4K

Here Are the Best FREE Streaming Player Deals For The Holidays

The holidays are here and if you are looking for a FREE streaming player we have the best deals here for you right now.

Sling TV

If you plan to get Sling TV there are several great device deals:

Free Roku Express

If you prepay for two months of Sling TV, you can get the 2017 Roku Express with the faster processor for free.

$50 Off Roku Ultra

If you prepay for three months of Sling TV, you can get $50 off a 2017 Roku Ultra with the new remote that can also control your TV.

$80 Off Air TV Player

If you prepay for three months of Sling TV, you can get $80 off an Air TV bundle with the antenna adapter.


FREE 4K Apple TV

If you want a free Apple TV 4K, AT&T has a great deal for you. Right now if you prepay for four months of DIRECTV NOW you can get a free Apple TV 4K.

Typically an Apple TV 4K costs $170, but with this deal, you can get four months of DIRECTV NOW and a 4K Apple TV for $140. That is a great deal and as best I know the least expensive way to get the 4K Apple TV.

Free Roku Stick

DIRECTV NOW is offering a free 2017 Roku Stick with the new voice remote and the ability to control your TV with the remote. All you need to do is prepay for two months of DIRECTV NOW.


Free Roku Express

Right now FilmStruck is offering a free Roku Express with purchase of a years subscription to FimStruck for $99.

All of these device deals are limited time and limited supply, so don’t wait!

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  • rich g

    entered the world of cord cutting last night and purchased 2 sticks +4k on sale for 48.00 each and then signed up for Walmart cc and got a 35.00 discount so the total was 61.00 plus free shipping and a free month of Direct tvnow, so i think i did all right, now will i figure out how to use them?

    • DesignatedJizTowel

      It’s easier than it looks. 🙂

  • Mike Thaler

    Welcome to the Cord Cutting world.
    The main thing you’ll miss by choosing DTVN is no DVR service.

    • Marc H

      That’s the main thing holding me back, it will come in time. I’m not in a huge hurry. I also want to be able to easily get NFL games.