C Spire Returns As a new Live TV Streaming Service

C Spire is getting ready to return  this spring when it launches C Spire TV, a new live TV streaming service.

C Spire TV will have a convenient and simple app designed available on devices from Amazon, Apple, and Roku as well as Android and Apple tablets and smartphones.

“It’s about time TV evolved from cable’s ball and chain mentality rooted in a bygone era,” said Ashley Phillips, general manager of C Spire Home.

The new service is integrated with the Amazon Echo voice assistant and a custom C Spire TV Alexa skill so customers can search, discover and even change channels using their voice.  “For us, new technology is only as good as its potential to improve the lives of customers. We live in a golden-age of TV content, and thanks to C Spire TV, customers will finally have a platform to do it justice,” Phillips said.

C Spire TV will allow you to catch up on any missed episode for most channels. The C Spire cloud, most shows, including local broadcasts that aired over the past three days, can be viewed with the Replay TV feature.

Not only is there a 3 day replay feature C Spire TV will also have a cloud DVR service. “Customers will have an easier time than ever before keeping up with the shows they love” said Phillips.

C Spire TV will use machine-learning to understand a customer’s habits and keep their favorite content front-and-center. “Our platform learns your preferences and recommends new shows and movies ideally suited to your tastes and interests,” Phillips added.

Customers can choose to browse content via a traditional guide-view or in an increasingly popular tile-view that organizes content according to popular genres. Phillips said the entire user interface has been painstakingly designed around user-feedback, ensuring C Spire TV will be one of the most intuitive, easy-to-use platforms at launch.

Right now C Spire TV is in the final stages of beta testing and will launch later this spring. Sadly the service will only be available for customers of C Spire Fiber’s gigabit internet product.

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  • Richard smith

    Not cheap, starts at $65 month

  • PaperCoyote

    From their website – “C Spire TV will start at $65/mo for the Standard Pack of channels. Additional packages are priced between $10 and $20 each for premium movie networks and expanded sports channels” – this pricing may be a non-starter for most people.

    • Ottis DA Da aD

      I wonder what “standard” means to them. However I do like their guide & user profiles.

    • JGaLaXY

      start at $65? pssssh

  • deb gallo

    Ok I guess that’s it for me.Out of my price range+you need internet also so 30.00 for that you may as well keep dish DirecTV or cable.

  • Nathan

    It also says it’s not a streaming service, their site says it is only available where their fiber is already laid. It appears to be a lot more like Verizon fios than a OTT service.

  • Jason Thomas

    If your looking for a cheaper way which includes over 300 channels including premium channels for 1 low rate of $30/month then email me at [email protected].