Cablevision Successfully Gets Roku Players Permanently Banned in Mexico

Well, it seems that Roku has once again been dealt a major blow in their efforts to sell in Mexico. This week the Fourteenth District Judge in Civil Matters in Mexico City determined to permanently restrain Roku throughout the national territory, both in the sale and distribution of the device of this company.

This all comes from a case Cablevision started against some unofficial 3rd party Roku Channel makers in Mexico. They accuse them of making apps for Roku Players that can be used to pirate their content. A few weeks ago Cablevision won a temporary ban on the sale of Roku players in Mexico. That ban was briefly overturned on appeal but now Roku has lost two court cases in a row. Now ban on the sale of Roku players has been made permanent in Mexico.

“It is unfortunate that Cablevisión is affecting Roku in its efforts to combat pirate content. Roku is not the cause, nor the source of piracy that is carried out by third parties illegally in Mexico.Banning the sale of Roku devices will not stop this illegal activity, which is spread by devices connected to the network. However, this blocking will directly affect Mexican consumers who want to buy a Roku device to see great content, legal, on their television, at affordable prices, “said Roku’s legal counsel Mario Antonio Gonzalez Martinez on the case.

Roku promises to keep working to get this ruling overturned. Roku also wants owners of Roku in Mexico to know that this court ruling does not affect them. They can still use their Roku players but they will be unable to buy new ones at this time.

Source Forbes

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  • Robert Kramer

    Cablevision is smart, by doing this there keeping people from cutting the cord. This has nothing to do with 3rd party add ons, but like anything if someone from Mexico wants a Roku they will get one.

  • John

    Cablevision just wants to give the cartels another thing to sell.

  • AstroMonster

    Mexico is such a backwards and corrupt country…no wonder they are always coming here. Cablevision probably has some ties with organized crime there that gives them this kind of clout.

    Maybe next they will ban computers and start burning books

  • Sheldon Feldman

    Here’s a first….US trafficking Roku into Mexico!

  • Richard smith

    Smarter than Dish going after Kodi addons. As soon as one shuts down another one opens.

  • Vegas Steve

    Maybe with all the money they make, Cablevision will build a wall to stop Roku’s from crossing the border.

  • DoNot Want

    I wonder if cablevision offers internet there. If so, their internet service should be shutdown as it is used for the distribution of pirated content.

    • Roger Mash

      Bang on the money!