Here is How You Can Sign Up for Access to The Hulu Live Beta

Hulu Live is a new live TV streaming service that is not out on the market yet. Though if you want to give it a try here is how you can sign up for the beta and hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones to get access.

Now there are no confirmed dates or details for the beta, but here is what we know.

You will need an Apple TV, Android, or iOS for the beta. (It looks like this is for Android phones and tablets not an Android TV app.) We do expect more devices to be added. It is typical when a beta is live that only one device is supported. When Sling went live the beta was only on Roku players.

Although this does mean we can confirm that Hulu will be on Apple TV.

Here is how you can get into the beta for Hulu Live: Head over to, it will send you over to a page that is taking signups for the Hulu Live beta.

Just signing up does not guarantee you a spot in the beta, but it can’t hurt to try. Just fill out the form, take a short survey, and see what happens.

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  • Karl Childers

    Just signed up. Thanks for sharing Luke!


    Thanks for the tip, I’m anxious!

  • supervolt

    Thank you Luke. I just signed up.

  • Norman

    Thanks. I also signed up, though may be under qualified at this point regarding equipment, but at the very least one gets notifications from Hulu on beta and/or launch. No harm in signing up even if you can’t beta test Hulu Live.

    • yes there is. leave the spot for someone who can actually use it.

      • Norman

        3 things. 1. If I can’t Beta test it, they’ll move on to the next guy. 2. They want emails. 3. I only said *may be.” Certainly, I won’t test anything on my Roku as they aren’t included, but I have Apple TVs and both Android and iOS devices. It depends on device specifics not mentioned yet, so we shall see.

  • dy

    Thanks. It also says you can have an Xbox One as well.

  • Dogman

    Thanks Luke – signed up – how was CES 2017?

    • Luke Bouma

      Great! Thanks!

  • Norman

    After you sign up, the survey let’s you know.

  • southhendo

    Thank you very much for staying on top of this. Much appreciated.

  • @lphaConsumer

    Thanks Luke!