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Explaining PlayStation Vue’s Error 1014

If you have hung out on any forums about cord cutting or PlayStation’s new streaming service called Vue you will have seen posts about Error Code 1014. This error seems to prevent people from using their PlayStation Vue service. Many of our readers have even been affected. Some people receive the error from the day […]

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Hulu Is Becoming More Personal…

Do you love Hulu, but are you not sure what to watch next? Hulu wants to help you find something great or keep watching something you have already started. To accomplish this Hulu is rolling out a new version of its recommendations system called Watchlist for everyone after recently being only available as a beta. Not only […]

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Amazon Video Adds More Add-On Subscription Options

Recently Amazon started offering add-on packages to their popular Amazon Prime Video. These add-ons to your Amazon Prime subscription allow you to access even more content. Many of these add-ons already have their own standalone services but the real benefit is the ability to have everything billed and managed in one app, making it easy […]

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Sling TV is About to Add Local Over the Air TV

Love Sling TV? Love your Antenna? Wish you could get both through one interface? According to Sling TV is about to add all the local stations you pick up with an antenna to their streaming service. The addition of local TV stations will be done by a new box called AirTV. The AirTV box […]

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We Finally Found Something People Hate More Than Cable…

Do you hate cable TV? We now have a study that confirms that most Americans really do hate their cable company. In a recent study the Public Policy Polling Center interviewed 1,236 Americans to ask them a range of questions. According to the study only two groups rated higher on the dislike category than cable… […]

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The Most Popular Shows on TV Are Not on Cable…

HBO and Netflix have been battling on the field of streaming for a year now. Many would consider Game of Thrones to be one of the best shows on TV, but according to Morgan Stanley HBO may have to step aside as the premier service for original content. A recent study conducted by Morgan Stanley […]

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Netflix & Hulu Are Growing Far Faster Than Cable TV…

In just one more sign that cord cutting is quickly overtaking traditional cable TV we get a study today from The Convergence Consulting Group. Their study shows that revenue for online subscription streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, grew by 29% in the United States but traditional cable and satellite TV providers’ only grew […]

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