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Charter’s Spectrum TV Adds a New Fee For Local Channels

Cable TVAre you still paying for cable TV from Charter? Did it convince you that local TV plus Internet was less expensive than Internet-only? Get ready, you are about to pay an extra fee…

Starting this month all Charter Communications customers who have their TV service will pay an extra $4.47 a month for the right to have local Broadcast TV stations, which will add up to $53.64 a year and over a 2-year contract it will cost an extra $107.28 on top of what you already agreed to pay for your TV service.

Comcast has already been charging this fee since 2014, and it seems that Time Warner Cable did the same thing. So if you had Time Warner this may not be new but it appears that Charter has learned something from their purchase of Time Warner Cable.

This is just one of a growing list of fees that are often hard to find out about until after you sign up for a service.

Comcast, for example, recently added a phone technology service fee to its phone service. So not only do you pay for the phone service you have to pay for the technology it requires to use the phone service you pay for.

As always remember that rate you see in the ad is often not including all the fees and hidden charges you will find on your bill long after you sign up for a service.

Source: Masslive

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  • GersonT1000

    That’s just ridiculours. Cable users are paying for all these channels and they want to charge extra for channels that are free OTA. I ditched cable already but my parents wouldn’t understand how to use a streaming service so they are stuck with this.

    • Desdecardo

      It’s because those greasy local broadcaster over value themselves and threaten to black out their station when charter wants to continue paying what they are worth. Blame the broadcasters like Comcast, Disney and CBS. For this garbage.

  • frankinnoho

    Next will be an Accounting Fee… It will be a fee assessed as a cost of keeping track of and assessing all of the other fees. It will be followed by the Anticipated Fee Fee… That will be the fee charged on the expectation that futures fees will, of course, be charged for something, as yet determined, so they may as well start charging you for it now so that they will not have experienced lost revenue when, finally, they figure out what to call the fee. This fee will be non-expiring, as we can anticipate yet more fees in the future.

    I wonder how many sheeple actually look at their bills?

    • Desdecardo

      You realize this is to cover crappy local programming charging exorbitant prices for cart fees right? Most of the stupid fees are to cover greedy broadcasters and local television who think that their content is worth millions a year. Blame Comcast (Universal/NBC/Telemundo), Disney and CBS for this. Everytime you see that notice on your screen to contact your provider or you will be blacked out, it’s because they want to raise the price that charter pays for the broadcast rights. If anything they should be lowering it since every local broadcaster is terrible especially news content and greedy. They starve their tallent and pocket as revenue and the cart fees.

      So blame Comcast and the broadcasters as much as Charter. They are just paying for the general greed.

      • frankinnoho

        Is it? Is it really? Or is it the fact that to change their rate structure they would have to appear before local regulators and justify the increases? Or, if the were to change their rates, they would have to change all their advertising from “Plans starting at $29.99” to something less catchy like “Plans starting at $34.57”? More likely, adding all the “fees” is simply a way to change rates without changing the rate, meaning the price will always and forever be “Plans starting at $29.99 plus applicable taxes and fees!!!”

    • vikings football

      and if you have an online account that you access atleast once a month, they will charge you an ONLINE ACCESS fee for accessing your online account. and if you ever decide to change your email or password, they will charge you each time you make any changes…and soon the will charge you an extra fee for watching cable via the web (if you access the online channels atleast once a month, you will automatically be charged a fee for that as well)

  • Connie Smith Mendez

    They charge $1 to send you a paper bill and claim they always have… guess that depends on you definition of always or if you were born yesterday.

  • Richard smith

    Is that on top of the $4 broadcast fee?

    • Desdecardo

      You mean the fee that goes to keep regional sports channels going which is required by law or to pay for a spot for PBS?

      • Richard smith

        That is the Rsn fee. I am talking about the broadcast fee for local affiliates which has always been there. That’s why I cut the cord a long time ago.

  • Leanne Mclachlan Brown

    I have to laugh; Charter charging a technology fee! They don’t have technology.

  • Ken.T

    Spectrum’s monthly bill appears to add an additional $4.71 for TV Services fee, taxes, and charges for a $2.00 CableCARD. In addition, in “Other Charges”, there is an $8.75 for Broadcast TV and Sports Programming surcharges. AND… in addition to that, the bundled phone service has Regulatory and State fees for another $5.46. That adds up to a whopping $227 per year for fees, charges, and taxes.