A young woman is sitting in her kitchen and is loking at her receipts at home while using a smart phone

Comcast Is Raising the Rental Price of Their Internet Modems

A young woman is sitting in her kitchen and is loking at her receipts at home while using a smart phoneIf you are still renting a modem from Comcast, it may be time to buy one. Right now Comcast is rolling out new rental prices on their modems that will raise the monthly rental to $11.

From our understanding, some Comcast subscribers are already seeing the price hike, and all Comcast subscribers will see the price hike by the end of January 2018.

Every year you rent a Comcast cable Internet modem you will pay $132 (plus tax in some states). Over three years that adds up to $396 (plus tax in some states).

Many Comcast modems cost less than $100 on Amazon. For example, you could get the NETGEAR CM600 with max download speeds of 960 Mbps and DOCSIS 3.0 for just $89.99 (at the time of this posting).

Over the course of 3 years, if you purchased this router, you would save $306.01—enough to buy three years of Amazon Prime.

So if you are still paying the monthly rental fee for your Comcast modem, today may be the day to buy your own modem because that rental fee can really add up.

If you want help finding the right modem, Comcast has a website that will help you pick a modem HERE.

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  • TaiPeng

    Of course they are. Comcast is too expensive. Comcast will be irrelevant soon.

    • Me

      Based on what? In many area they are the only choice. Unless you count satellite internet as a chocie

      • Jordan Chavez

        Once 5G goes live competition for home internet will rise.
        Instead of being stuck with Comcast, Charter, Cox you can opt for Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile internet instead.

    • matt

      50 bucks a month for 1 terabyte a month aint bad. I’m a roku/tablo/sling/netflicks house and works well for us. what is cheaper in your area?

  • Deon Hamner

    Folks please go out and buy a modem. No need to waste money in rentals. Whether its comcast or anybody.

    • Me

      Generally yes especially if you don’t need anything fancy. If you want something as fancy as their new xFi gateway( I would never use a combo unit myself )the payback time of buying a router and modem( or combo unit ) of equal specs would be YEARS.

      Also if you have Charter like me they include a modem. So unless you just have a specific desire to have a certain modem there isn’t a need to buy. If my modem goes out I can get a replacement for free.

  • DreamSTi

    Hey Cord Cutters, why dont you post why they are raising the prices?


    • Dean G

      Not everyone is getting that and I still don’t trust their modems. I got my own modem and my speed increased along with problems getting to some sites. Plus I was able to shut off that “hot spot” they activated on my device. Because I am a Comcast business customer I was not afforded the ability to shut it down like residential customers were.

    • Me

      I would never use a combo unit. Nothing but issues. If one goes out then you lack the other.

    • Vegas Steve

      “I want your parents to stop phoning you about their internet connection.” Yeah, screw ’em, they’re just your parents, right? How sad that this is one of their selling points.

  • Malignar

    I have AT&T internet and I think you have to use their modem.

    • Me

      Yep you sure do no choice there.

  • Fred Koot

    Just another example of Comcast taking advantage of the elderly. Most will just pay it and not complain.

  • Cinnie Maer Crockett

    I had constant problems with the Comcast Gateway (combo modem/router), while playing $10/month. A year ago, I cut the cord and bought a separate modem & router & have not any problems since. You also have a lot more control over your modem & router settings that way. You do have to make sure the modem is on the Comcast approved list, and there are many choices. No more $10/month down the drain.

  • CordCutting2017

    Save yourself some cash and use their discount promotions https://www.xfinity.com/support/account/voice-internet-manufacturer-promotions/ If you want to future proof yourself the best option is the Motorola/Zoom MB8600 that has 4 x 1GB ports that in the future can be combined for expanded bandwidth if you’re on a Gig or higher plan. Amazon is selling them for $158 w/o the discount applied and if you go under their CC marketplace you can apply for a Discover card and get another $75 off with statement credit.

  • matt

    i purchased my modem from walmart. 70 bucks. never lease one. that is crazy. You can also check all modems that will work here. https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/list-of-approved-cable-modems

    You can also call them and they will look up what is at your local walmart that would work for you. That is what I did.

  • Vegas Steve

    If you are still renting a modem from Comcast, well you are exactly the sort of customer big cable wants. I can’t believe anyone on this site rents a modem.

  • konvajw

    Anybody have any modem recommendations for those of us that use Xfinity Triple Play (with voice)? The ones I’m seeing are mostly $225+. I already have a good Netgear wi-fi router, so really only need a modem that supports voice services as well as internet.

    Examples I saw are
    1) ARRIS Surfboard Docsis 24X8 Cable Modem / Telephone / AC1750 Router Certified for XFINITY – Download Speed: 1 Gbps (SVG2482AC) or
    2_ NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 (24×8) DOCSIS 3.0 WiFi Cable Modem Router For XFINITY Internet & Voice (C7100V) Ideal for Xfinity Internet and Voice services

  • Brad Whitney

    WARNING – Comcast is laying the foundation to change their sales plans to lock users into their modems. I recently went to renew my Comcast subscription and found all the Triple play (Cable, Internet, and [landline] Phone) packages cost less. I kept arguing I don’t want or need another phone and wanted only Double play. It turns out all the Double play plans cost notably more than the Triple play, so I signed up for a triple play package. I stayed on the line while the retention staff made the changes, and I was asked to pick up a Comcast modem at my local Comcast store. I said I didn’t need a modem but was told it was included in the subscription.

    I reset my nearly new personal modem and it would not come up, no Internet. After a call to tech support I was told that with phone service, only Comcast modems and 2 other commercial modems would work. I went and picked up a Comcast modem and everything came right up. I swapped back to my modem, and again, no Internet. An online search confirmed other markets had also started switching to these new plans. I went to buy a Comcast “approved” phone + Internet modem and the few I could find were $249.

    I eventually found a “certified refurbished” Comcast retail modem on Amazon for $140 that I bought, and when it arrived, it came right up. When I returned the Comcast owned modem, I discussed this issue with their manager and he reaffirmed the Comcast plan is to get everyone into Triple Play, or pay premium for double play.

    Buyer beware…