Confirmed: Hulu Strikes a Deal to Bring CBS to Hulu’s New Live TV Streaming Service

CBS has long been one of the biggest holdouts when it comes to working with other streaming services. CBS seems to be dedicated to pushing all of its content and people who want to see it over to its CBS All Access Service. Now it seems that they are making some deals with other streaming services.

“We’re now starting to form a great line up of channels and we’ll have some other deals before we launch,” CEO Mike Hopkins told the Citi Internet, Media & Telecommunications Conference taking place at this week’s CES consumer electronics show.

We still don’t have any official dates or pricing for Hulu’s new live TV service but rumor is pricing will start between $30 and $40 a month and will include a DVR service.

Hulu already has deals with three of its owners — Disney (ABC), Fox, and Time Warner — and is negotiating terms with Comcast (NBC).

CES officially gets started tomorrow with the show floor opening to the public. Hopefully Hulu will release a press release with more details about the service; however this was a perfect time to make an announcement but the CEO declined to give any additional details.

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  • Donna

    CBS only owns 16 stations, and all of those are in metropolitan areas where you can use an antenna to watch CBS. Who knows how long it will take the affiliates to join in, if at all.

    • analyzethis

      NBC just started their own station in Boston and kicked the existing affiliate to the curb. WHDH is now local news most of the day.

      I think in the long term that’s what will happen everywhere.

  • skyvolt

    It’s good that Hulu is trying to get all the important rights first instead of introducing the service like DirecTV Now with very few rights. Like DirecTV Now has some very ridiculous rights issues like how you can’t watch NBC on streaming devices and such… and all the sports blackouts. I think they wanted to pay very little to media companies and that was a big mistake.

    I hope Hulu gets everything right from get-go and they will have a pretty good chance.

  • Rich

    The question is how will this be different from CBS All Access.
    What is to be gained by having both?

    • skyvolt

      With Hulu, you also get all channels, not just CBS. CBS All Access is just CBS.

    • JJ

      You probably wouldn’t want to get both. You would only get CBS all access if you don’t get Hulu Live (or another service that carries CBS). Actually, you probably shouldn’t get it even then. Its overpriced and not that good.

  • analyzethis

    The big question is CBS and Fox will have the NFL live on these streaming channels.

  • skyvolt

    Affiliates mess up everything and make it very difficult to get deals with the big broadcasters. They should just allow Disney, NBCUniversal, Fox and CBS to operate their own networks and buy the local affiliates.

  • Matt

    Hope they test and retest the service before it goes live so they don’t run into all the technical issues Directv Now did when they launched. Testing it on a group of Beta users is not the same as a public release, hopefully they’re more prepared for the launch than the other guys were.

  • Norman

    Very promising. Hopefully there’s a nice tie-in with the Hulu library.

    • Karl Childers

      Even though the services will be separate from each other it would nice if they were both consolidated into a single user interface with seamless functionality. If you subscribe to Hulu and add the LIve service it should essentially just unlock live TV streaming and expand the On-Demand library within the app. Likewise if you subscribe to Live and want to add traditional Hulu content then it should effectively expand additional On-Demand content.

      If they separate this out into two different apps and make users jump from one to the other then I think they’d be missing out on an opportunity to cross-promote their own services.

  • Norman

    Variety reported that Hulu Live will be priced under $40. So, that and it’s present library of shows will be under $50.

  • skyvolt

    It’s funny how this Cord Cutters article has like the tiniest details about Hulu live TV while other news sites that aren’t about cord cutting have way more details that came out yesterday.

    • mau47

      pair that with stories that get copied and pasted from a previous entries and only add 1 or 2 sentences so you have to search to figure out what is new. This site is sometimes super annoying to read while other times there are good articles.

      • skyvolt

        I would think since this is the Cord Cutters News, they would have the highest quality of all things cord-cutting news, including every bit of the latest details.

  • abqdan

    Just so long as they don’t drop the current service, or ‘bundle’ it like the cable companies do. I have no desire to pay $30 or $40 for a ‘live’ service that I’ll barely use. Getting current programming a few days later on Hulu is the best option for me. And CBS still offers their programming for a few days after broadcast, so that works too. The only downside is new ‘made for streaming’ programs like “The Good Fight” that are not going to be available at all for free – I expect that the trend will continue. And we don’t even get an OTA version of CBS in HD any more – their OTA is in a 4:3 ratio on an old transmitter, and the local transmitter has no upgrade plans. They really are going all out on the All Access front.

  • Karl Childers

    According to the WSJ “Hulu will receive a few recent episodes of such shows to offer on-demand for customers of the new live service.” So will this be like PS Vue where you can only get CBS programming if you are within certain markets? Where I live ABC, NBC, and Fox all had On-Demand content on Vue but not CBS.