Cutting the cable connection to coax connector illustrating retired people cancelling cable TV service

Cord Cutters News Is Improving Our Comment System

Cutting the cable connection to coax connector illustrating retired people cancelling cable TV serviceToday I want to take a moment to reach out to everyone with a reminder about the Code of Conduct for commenting on Cord Cutters News and in our social media.

Cord Cutters News wants to be a family-friendly website that is safe to view at home or at work. So we have a few basic rules of behavior for when using our social media and comments section.

To help keep that in place, Cord Cutters News has recently started to research a new automated comments moderator. This system will automatically scan every comment and help manage the comments to keep everyone following the rules. This system is powerful and should help make sure that this stays a family-friendly website.

The following are CCN’s comments section Code of Conduct:

#1 Be polite: Please be polite when you comment. Disagreements will happen in cord cutting because there are so many services and different points of view. That is the great thing about cord cutting. Unlike cable, no one is here to say this is your only way to watch TV. We will not tolerate personal attacks, rudeness, etc. Please be polite when commenting.

#2 No promotion of piracy: If it’s not legal, we don’t want it here. As always, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

#3 No selling accounts or physical goods: We do not allow the comments to be used as a marketplace. If you would like to sell a streaming player etc., we recommend eBay or Amazon.

#4 Please stay on topic: Comments that have nothing to do with the post are subject to removal.

#5 No Spam: this can include promoting a service you own or anything we may see as a spam for any reason.

Finally, Cord Cutters News reserves the right to remove any comment for any reason.

Our goal is to help as many as possible become cord cutters. We also want to help current cord cutters get the most from their cord cutting experience. We will always moderate our comments with those goals in mind.

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  • Craig W

    Thanks for restating the guidelines Luke. Lately some of the articles show that there are numerous comments and you think that there’s going to be a lot of good feedback only to find that there’s two or three people just fighting out a difference in opinion.
    Clearly not what I go to CCN several times a day to see.

    • WolfV1p3r

      I totally agree. I use to comment in quite a few posts, until some trolls decide to argue. Now I just want to read the news articles and hardly post anymore.

  • Carol Benedict

    I have learned so much just from comments. When everyone stays positive and shares information we all benefit

  • HeyRadar

    Thanks for keeping this family friendly!

  • Elizabeth

    If only all sites had good comment moderation. It’s gotten to where I don’t want to look at most of them.

  • BrianH1972

    Nice job.

  • Mike Thaler

    Don’t know if this right place to post this suggestion, but:
    How about setting up a separate forum category for each of the major streaming services— Hulu, Sling, Vue (why they named service “Playstation”??– Vue would be better), Google/Youtube, DTVN.

  • Jan

    When I put some really good and useful information to save double what a typical cordcutter saves, it was deleted. I will no longer post lengthy helpful tips that save me over 3 grand a year. I want to help, but not when I am muted and censored.

    btw, it was perfectly legal truthful and honest; however, I shared which services which I use which is only concievable reason why I was censored on a different post.