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Cord Cutting on The Cheap – Helping You Become a Cord Cutter As Cheaply as Possible

Depressed mature man holding paper and looking at it while sitting on the couch at homeCord cutting can be a great way to save money, but there are startup costs.

Here is a short guide on ways to get started as a cord cutter on the cheap.

#1 Streaming Players

With the average price of $70 to $100 per streaming player buying a new streaming player(s) can be a bit pricey; however, there are ways to get them for free or inexpensively!

Free Streaming Devices

Many live TV streaming services such as Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW offer free streaming players if you prepay for a few months. If you already plan to get a live TV service, check out the free device options.

Refurbished Devices

I’m a huge fan of Amazon’s refurbished devices. Often I can save $10 to $20 per device, and it’s backed by Amazon’s great customer service.

Don’t Always Buy High End

Ask yourself whether you really need that high-end device on every TV. My living room TV is a 4K TV, so I have a high-end Roku Ultra for that TV; however, my bedroom TV is just an HD TV. For that TV I would look at getting a Roku Express for $30. That is about a $90 savings over the Roku Ultra.

#2 Internet

One of the big complaints we hear concerns the high cost of Internet. My number one suggestion is to shop around. As always the best deals are only for new customers. So why not become a new customer?

For years cord cutters have preferred cable Internet for the best performance, but DSL has come a long way. A few years ago I moved into a town where the DSL was faster than the cable option. Now getting even 1 Gbps is not unusual in many major cities.

I find switching between DSL and cable Internet every year or two saves me thousands. (Also look for DSL resellers like that often offer great customer service and no data caps.)

#3 Antenna & DVR

Why pay for what is free? About 90% of Americans can get 100% free TV with an antenna. Many of our readers report they get about 30 channels. Not only can you get ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC but you can also get many other channels including The CW. Add in a DVR, and you can get a ton of content 100% free whenever you want it. Just head over to to find out what you can get for free over the wait.

#4 Resist the Temptation to Sign Up for Everything

One of the temptations cord cutters face is the choice among more than 100 streaming services. Think about rotating your services. For example, if you only want HBO NOW for “Game of Thrones” think about dropping something when you sign up for HBO NOW. Remember there are no long-term contracts with cord cutting services.

Also take advantage of free trials before you pay.

Do you have a tip to lower the costs for new cord cutters? Leave us a comment and let everyone know your tip.

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  • Karl Childers

    One tip that I have is regarding antennas. If you can find an old antenna (rabbit ears) give that a try before running out and buying something new. You do not need an “HD” antenna to get OTA.

    • HeyRadar

      Yeah. For the longest I used just a paperclip. Worked great for my area.

  • Margarethe

    You can also buy older streaming players, either used on eBay or older versions still sold on Amazon. Not to mention the sales from Roku and others – I’ve bought Rokus and Apple TVs for myself and as gifts and have never, not once, paid full retail price.

  • donald Wyman

    Great tip on the only sign up for some services while a show is in its season. Me and my family do that with CBS for big bang theory and a few other shows we watch of theirs which all seem to have their seasons on at the same time.

  • CouponDivaAndi

    What about DSL if one lives in New York City?