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Cordie Awards: The Best Antenna Company of 2016

Today is day two of the Cordie Awards. The Cordie Awards are our awards to the companies, devices, and services that our readers decide are the best in their field. The winner today was picked by our readers who took a survey earlier this month.

A good antenna is an important part of any cord cutter’s setup. So it may be no surprise that many cord cutters are passionate about their antenna company. It also may not be surprising that often a heated discussion occurs whenever a new antenna question comes up on our social media or forums.

This year, for the first time, we are giving away an award for Best Antenna Company of 2016. This award was handpicked by our readers and shows what antenna brand is the favorite over-the-air TV antenna among cord cutters. In the poll we had many popular brands such as Winegard, Mohu, TERK, and RCA.

The winner of Best Antenna Company is: Mohu Antennas

With over 45% of the vote Mohu Antennas was the clear winner. Tied for second were RCA and Winegard Antennas both at 16.7%, and in third place was TERK antennas with 7.1% of the vote.

Check back tomorrow because we will be handing out Cordie Awards all week.

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