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Cordie Awards: Best Live TV Streaming Service

2016 was a breakout year for live TV streaming. In the past being a cord cutter meant giving up access to channels such as TNT and ESPN. Now there are multiple services that stream these channels without requiring a contract.

2016 started out with Sling TV as the only real nationwide live TV streaming service in the United States. Now PlayStation Vue and DirecTV Now have joined the market with several other services on the way including services from Hulu and Google.

The question often comes up about what the best live TV streaming service is for cord cutters. So we asked our readers what they liked most.

The winners of the Best Live TV Streaming Service are: Sling TV & PlayStation Vue

For the first time we had a tie. Both Sling TV and PlayStation Vue received 43% of the vote with DirecTV Now coming in a distant third at 14%. Both the Sling and Vue services offer something different for everyone, and DirecTV Now—even though still young—has made a huge impact.

It should be interesting to see who comes out on top in 2017 with Vidgo, FuboTV, Hulu, and Google all releasing a live TV streaming service. There has also been steady innovations for the current players in the market that only points to ever-improving set-top options for cord cutters.

Check back tomorrow for more Cordie Award Winners.

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  • Norman

    Oh boy, here we go. Let’s put on the gloves boys and girls. Right now I think it’s clearly PSVue with its stability, channels options, regional sports in most all parts of the country, reasonable price, 5 devices ability and no sports blackouts when sports are promised. Though Sling may be more prominent, I can’t see it as anything other than 2nd. And is DTVNow really a streaming service? With all the issues written about, it sounds more like a streaming wannabe.

    • skyvolt

      THANK YOU!

      • Norman

        Just calling’ ’em like I see ’em. And thank you for the thank you. Six months from now, it could and likely will be totally different.

    • Knipfty

      I will admit, DTV Now has some issues and it needs time to mature. I am willing to give it some time though. Lately, most of my TV watching has been Amazon Prime and Netflix original shows.

  • skyvolt

    People who voted for Sling or DirecTV Now have probably not tried PlayStation Vue. So, they only voted for what they know.. not for what’s actually better.

    • Knipfty

      I agree, but you can only vote what you know, not what you hope for.

    • Karl Childers

      PlayStation Vue is not without it’s faults / limitations. It might be the better service for your needs, but not for someone else’s.

      • skyvolt

        PS Vue has two main faults: lack of viacom channels and the fact that you can’t use most of the content outside home network. Other than that, it’s the closest to perfection.

  • Knipfty

    Well today was interesting. I signed up fro DTV Now when it 1st came out. We’ve been playing with it and am now ready to turn off Cable TV and Phone from Cablevision’s Optimum service. I have been with Cablevision since March 1999.

    I expected some push back but the guy I spoke with was nasty. He warned me that it would be more expensive to do what I was doing (It’s clearly not). And that any deals being discussed now would not be available after I hang up (really? I think not). Additionally, the best he could do was charge me $69.99 plus tax for 60 MB/s internet. The 34.99 price on their website was for new customers only and clearly I am not a new customer. I told them my next call was going to be to Verizon’s FIOS and he assured me that they would not beat their price.

    Well FIOS will become my internet provider at a price of $55 plus tax for 100 MB/s service. They arrive on Wednesday.

    I just don’t understand companies or people sometimes. I wanted to stay with Cablevision, they just didn’t want me I guess…

    • Iacobus

      I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories of people who tried to cancel by phone.

      That’s why when I cut the cord nearly a year ago, I brought all my equipment back to a nearby Comcast customer service office and told them I wanted to cancel everything but Internet. (I had cable TV, phone (which I never used since I have Ooma and Internet.) No arguments; just a polite declaration that to keep the current Internet speed, it was going to cost $83/month. (Was paying $220/month.) Was in and out of there in less than 15 minutes for her to complete the account changes.

      • Norman

        I did the exact same thing 6 months ago with the exact same result, though we kept the landline. No problems, quick and easy. We did it on the last day of our 2 yr agreement and like you cut things in half+. We would have paid $195 the next month and only because we were getting a grace of god discount. Something they can offer or take away as they please, nothing you can earn. I’ve heard horror stories, but haven’t gone through any with Comcast, but I don’t expect them to be anything but a pipeline.

  • Jon Hauge

    I have tried all 3, and settled on DTVnow. I agree that Vue is the best all around service but decided on DTVnow for two reasons: I’m already an att mobile user and I want to be able to watch content on my phone away from the home network. I would be with sling tv if Fox News were included with their plans as sports and news are really my only live viewing needs. Even with sports it’s during college football season so the sports package was appealing from sling tv. Dtvnow is buggy but has gotten better. The vod options are getting better as well. Looking forward to the other options coming up. I’m still hoping providers cater to the sports and news users as I believe these two segments are where they can better serve cord cutters. The way I see it now each service is a compromise so it’s a matter of choosing the best compromise. So, for me DTVnow has the least amount of compromise in regards to what I watch.