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Cordie Awards: Best New Streaming Service & Most Exciting Unreleased Service

Gold trophy2016 was full of exciting new streaming services, and 2017 already has a growing list of powerful new streaming services ready to launch.

So this year we asked our readers to vote on what service they thought was the best new service of 2016 and what service they are most excited to see launch in 2017.

There are a lot to pick from in both categories in 2016: DIRECTV NOW, Twitter, and NewsON all launched. In 2017 we already know about Hulu Live, Vidgo, and YouTube Live TV all ready to hit the market sometime in early 2017.

So the winner of Best New Streaming Service of 2016 is: DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW won the best new streaming service of 2016 with over 40% of votes. In second place was NewsON at 31% and in third was Twitter’s new live TV streaming service with 18% of the vote.

The winner of the Streaming Service Cord Cutters Are Most Excited About in 2017 is: Hulu Live

Hulu Live dominated this question with over 52% of the vote, YouTube Live TV came in second with 31%, and Vidgo came in third with 10% of the vote.

Is there a streaming service you are excited to see come out in 2017? Please post it in the comments below.

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  • skyvolt

    I’m sure Google’s YouTube Live TV will be definitely better than everyone else because:

    1) google is a neutral party. they’re neither really cable providers like at&t and they’re not content owners like hulu. sure, they have google fiber but that’s too tiny and they wouldn’t be greedy like AT&T to sabotage their own service intentionally just so people can stick to cable and satellite. YouTube won’t have a conflict of interests.

    2) youtube has more experience in streaming and live streaming than any other company. so, it’s unlikely that a youtube service would have glitches like DirecTV Now.

    3) google is paying way more money to content owners to secure all the rights needed. so, we’re not going to have terrible vod, dvr like directv now. we won’t have those complex issues where in DirecTV Now you can’t watch certain shows on certain platform.

    4) google has more data on user preferences than any other company in the world. this puts them at a better position to give users what they want unlike DirecTV Now which looks like it was designed by corporate execs who are clueless about how people watch tv.

    5) google puts customers and innovations first and are not purely profit-driven like cable companies. so, they’re likely to offer more quality and content at low prices.

    • Norman

      Unfortunately, there’s something of a big brother, all-seeing-eye aspect with Google that’s kind of unsettling. Amazon has the same thing going for it. Right now they both seem benevolent, but when might that change.

      • skyvolt

        Google only collects data for advertisements and its not like it’s accessible by human beings. People are paranoid for nothing about google. I personally don’t mind. What’s wrong with google knowing what shows I watch? And honestly, their customized advertising helps me just see the things im interested in instead of annoying commercials.

        I mean i get it’s a concern, but i don’t think it should be such a big deal if the service is good.

    • Live streaming is more complex than VOD streaming. However, Google might do more beta testing to work out issues before the “grand opening”.

      • skyvolt

        Google has done a lot of live TV watched by millions on YouTube on special occasions. So, it’s nothing new.

        Also, you get DirecTV Now errors even when watching content on Demand. Actually, that’s when I get most errors. At least with live DirecTV Now you can get it to work again for a few more seconds by switching channels or closing the app. But On Demand is usually completely unwatchable sometimes.

        So, in other words, don’t use “live tv” as the excuse to defend DirecTV Now terrible service.

        Also, i’m pretty sure they could have fixed those issues if they really wanted to. But it’s 5 weeks now. Same issues.

  • Norman

    NewsOn is not an exciting app, but it does do what it says it will do. Right now that seems difficult for DTVN given what so many have written. BTW I just received an email from DTVN yesterday announcing the end of the special offer on Jan. 9th. From what someone else wrote a few days ago, it seems the DTVN Roku app comes out on or about the 10th. Interesting.