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Cordie Awards: Best Subscription Streaming Service & Best New Streaming Device

Gold trophyAs 2016 comes to an end we are looking back at some of its best devices and services. This year we asked our readers to help pick the winners in several of the Cordie categories including Best Live TV Subscription Streaming Service and Best New Streaming Device.

Over the next few days we will be announcing the winners from our reader’s survey starting with Best Subscription Streaming Service and Best New Streaming Device.

Best Subscription Streaming Service Winner

For the Best Subscription Streaming Service category we asked our readers to vote on what subscription service they loved most. Our readers voted for many popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO NOW.

The Winner Is: Netflix

Netflix won by an overwhelming 57% followed in a distant second by Hulu with just 18% and Amazon Prime with just 16.7%. CBS All Access and HBO Now tied at 2.5%. All other services combined added up to just 2.5%.

Maybe it is no shock that Netflix is still the most popular streaming service with cord cutters even after a slightly rocky PR year. A price increase on older subscribers and constant stories of an ever-shrinking catalog did not scare away cord cutters from Netflix.

Best New Streaming Device

2016 was full of new streaming devices including the Mi Box, five new Roku players, and a new Fire TV Stick. This year we asked our readers to vote for what specific new device was the best device of 2016.

The Winner Is: The 2016 Roku Streaming Stick

The 2016 Roku Streaming Stick not only beat out the Fire TV Stick but also all other versions of the Roku. The 2016 Roku Stick received 33% of the vote compared to 22% for the Fire TV Stick and 15% for the Roku Ultra.

Overall Roku dominated the poll taking in 67.5% of all votes.

2017 should be an interesting year as we already know of several new subscription streaming services, such as BritBox, a new streaming service from the BBC. We also expect several new streaming players to hit the market in 2017.

Check back tomorrow for more Cordie Award Winners.

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  • skyvolt

    It’s funny how Netflix is usually listed as a cord cutting solution, when it’s actually a different category. Even people with cable still have Netflix because Netflix provides different content. Most of the Netflix content isn’t going to be found on cable. And most of the content on cable won’t be on Netflix at the same time. Just because it’s a streaming service doesn’t mean it’s a cord cutting service.

    I’ve even seen some articles complare PS Vue, Sling or DirecTV Now to Netflix and it’s just dumb. Netflix offers old seasons, movies and original content. Playstation Vue, Sling and DirecTV Now offer live TV and a few On Demand episodes from the current season. The two are not interchangeable. One is not an alternative to the other. You can have a live tv service and netflix at the same time. Actually that’s what most people have. But people don’t seem to get it right. It’s like when old people try to explain how social media works and they’re just so off.

    If anything is close to being compared to cord cutting services, it would be Hulu since Hulu offers a lot of current season episodes On Demand, the day after they air. Netflix is a whole different territory.

    • Scott Lewis

      I mostly agree with you, skyvolt, although one can also look at cord cutting as “having enough to view to not need traditional cable or satellite”. Honestly, with things like Netflix and the new CW app, if I wasn’t one who was big on sports and live news, I’d probably drop PS Vue and just buy seasons of the few things I couldn’t get elsewhere.

      If you pay, say, $40 a month for a Vue, DIRECTV NOW or Sling type service and can live without it, you can afford to buy 12 shows via full season passes on an iTunes or Amazon type store.

      That might be a good reason why these services are sure to lock up properties like ESPN and the news channels, since they are very easily replaceable otherwise. It’s also probably why the two major cable alternatives are pushing streaming services now. 20 years ago, cable alternative meant satellite. Now, unless they are careful, it might mean “nothing, but I will subscribe to Netflix and a few others.”

      • skyvolt

        Hulu and the CW apps are directly cord cutting solutions… since all you have to do is just watch a day later and you’re all set – unless you care about sports. But Netflix isn’t going to satisfy what you miss for not having content.

    • Norman

      It really is something of a jumble right now. In addition to your Rokus, Apple TV and Fire TV, you can add your PC or Mac since you can subscribe to a lot of contend providers without the need for a TV. But all this messiness that’s making categorizing difficult is what’s so exciting about the now we’re in. I agree, Netflix and Hulu aren’t very similar. Netflix is more akin to HBO or Stars and Hulu more to Acorn. And be careful slamming old people; we can swing a mean cane when we want to, and will sock you in your social media where it hurts the most. Just saying.

      • skyvolt

        Even HBO gives you live TV and recent shows (granted they’re all HBO stuff) but with Netflix… it’s a whole different experience.

        • Norman

          Not on my app, they don’t. Unless I have yet to find the secret portal that everyone else knows about. I remember the live HBO from my sat/cable days.

          • skyvolt

            You do realize HBO is just a channel that just happens to have a lot of exclusive content, right?

            If AMC wanted to make itself “premium” like HBO, they could probably do that too.

          • Norman

            Let’s not get nasty. There are similarity and differences all over the board app-wise. HBO offers new shows and a library of films (mostly their own). Netflix new shows and a library of films not there own. Showtime new shows and again a library of films, and on and on. It would be great if AMC did the same.

          • skyvolt

            That is correct. But at the very basic level, HBO is just a channel. It just happens to have extra exclusive On Demand stuff that most cable companies don’t have. That’s why it’s more expensive. But basically, it doesn’t specialize in that like Netflix which offers thousands of titles.

          • Norman

            And with Netflix it’s less and less thousands every year. But anyways, it’s is difficult to neatly compared the various app apples at this time. Some are contend providers, some original, some not, and some are providers of content providers. And some are just lousy. The ground rules are still being hashed out.

          • skyvolt

            Hulu is the most unclear service out there. They want to be everything.

            I really wish Netflix could try live TV too. They shouldn’t settle.

          • Norman

            For the record, Project Runway is the only show I ever watch on Lifetime. Love me some Heidi.

          • skyvolt

            you should try some of their sappy movies and cry a little. it’s good for you

          • Norman

            We tried Feelns for a month and nixed it. Had to eat a 5lb bag of sugar just to lower my risk of diabetes.

          • skyvolt


      • Don K

        LOL, I forgot about the “old people” dis. I am old, but I have an electronics engineering degree and I can program in 10 different computer languages, but I still hear this crap from the younger generation that think they know everything. For the most part, I think that social media is a huge waste of time, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know how it works. I only participate in social media because there are too many of my friends and family who rely on it as a primary means of communication. /rant

        • Norman

          I’m not much into it either, but that’s cause I like my away time from others. I’ll talk to ya, when I talk to ya, otherwise leave me alone. I like ya, but I don’t have to live with ya technologically speaking. For the record, I’m a computer idiot, but I do like stars.

          • skyvolt

            It wasn’t meant to be a diss. It was an analogy for when people talk about something in a field they’re not actively familiar with. Yes, they know about social media but many don’t know the specifics or differences. So, you could here someone talking about “retweeting something on facebook.”

            If you’re very familiar with cord-cutting world, you won’t see Sling or DirecTV Now as a competition to Netflix.

          • Don K

            You see this with everything. Bloggers or reporters in news media that write about things when they really don’t know what they’re talking about. You have to be careful where you get your information. For info on cord cutting, one should stick to reliable sources like Cord Cutters News.

          • skyvolt

            I don’t know… these guys sometimes seem to forget a lot of key cord-cutting details which makes me wonder. But yes, they’re still the best we’ve got.