Deal Alert: 2 Months of Sling TV for The Price of 1 (Today Only)

Sling TV is running a special today offer 2 months of Sling TV for the price of just 1 month. This deal is only available on Amazon’s website and again is only good for today.

Once you signup on Amazon website you can use Sling TV on any of their supported devices.

Details from Amazon site:

Buy here on Amazon.com and enjoy on all supported Apple, Android, Fire or other supported devices. Billing period begins on purchase.
Set Up Your Account
Before you can enjoy your Sling Television + Sports subscription, you will need to do a quick account setup.

You can sign up for Sling TV and get this deal on Amazons Website.

Legal details:

*2 months for the price of 1: Available to new customers upon account activation. One per customer and cannot be combined. Must provide email address and credit card. Must pre-pay to receive second month free. The number of devices that may be allowed to watch simultaneously will depend on the Service you select. Certain channels are limited to watching on one device at a time (single stream), while others allow for up to three devices watching simultaneously (multi-stream). Channel availability may vary based upon geographic location. Certain programs may be unavailable due to programmer restrictions or blackouts. Only available within the United States. State and local taxes apply. All prices, fees, charges, services, programming, features, functionality and offers subject to change without notice.

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  • supervolt

    I hate how Sling and DirecTV Now make you pay taxes and other hidden fees in addition to the advertised price. They should use the PS Vue, Netflix model where you only pay the advertised price.

    • Daniel Darnell

      That depends on your state/area and service. Sling TV doesn’t charge taxes or any fees for my VA address but my best friend in FL does pay taxes on it. I’ve noticed he pays taxes in FL on Netflix and Sling but not Hulu. Where I am though Netflix, DirecTV Now, Hulu, Sling TV… etc… none include any extra taxes or fees. It’s all about your state laws on taxes, you can’t blame any provider for that.

      • supervolt

        It’s not about state laws. Companies choose to include taxes in the price regardless of the states. It’s not like the states treat Sling and DirecTV Now different from Netflix and Hulu. Netflix and Hulu charge the same exact price regardless of the state taxes. So, it’s Sling to blame.

        Even when companies like T-Mobile announce their nationwide prices with taxes included, it doesn’t matter which state you’re in and their tax rates. You all pay the same exact amount. So, yes, Sling and DirecTV Now are the problem.

        • Daniel Darnell

          Yes it’s about state laws. Some states charge taxes to companies on those services, others do not. The ones that do pass the cost on to you, as they should. T-Mobile still has to pay taxes they are just eating the tax costs for you but they still have to pay them out. PS Vue also is eating the taxes but thus why their rates are a little higher and why they have more trouble making deals with higher paid content providers. Hate to break it to you bud but in one way or another you are paying taxes. T-Mobiles new rate plans are higher than their old starting rate plans, it’s a way to drive up ARPU. I’m on T-Mobile and if I switched to the new “taxes included unlimited rate plans” my bill would be MUCH higher than it is now. The “taxes and fees” included companies are usually BS and in reality have higher rate plans, it’s just a gimmick people buy in to.

          • supervolt

            I know states and locals have different rates which i acknowledged by saying t-mobile and ps vue make you pay the advertised price, with the taxes included.

            PS Vue has more deals and channels than all Sling packages combined. So, I don’t know what you’re talking about regarding getting deals. Sling and DTVN can’t even make a deal with a major network like CBS. The only broken deal with PS Vue was Viacom. I pay less for PS Vue than with DirecTV Now, yet I get more features and content on PS Vue. PS Vue doesn’t charge you for locals if your market doesn’t get 3 or more live locals. Yet tyey give you 8-10 episodes of all the shows from the main networks, the day after they air. People like to generalize PS Vue as more expensive because it’s so easy to trick their eyes with low base price without considering the value and hidden fees.

            T-Mobile didn’t raise their prices when they started the all fees included promo.

          • Daniel Darnell

            Sling starts as low as $14 a month, PS Vue starts at $30. Sling has FOX and/or NBC locals in some markets as well so they for sure have some deals in place. CBS is difficult to work with and absent from most IPTV services including DirecTV Now as well. Although honestly who even watches CBS? So it’s not a big deal. Yes T-Mobile raised rates because they no longer offer data capped plans and the truth is most people don’t want nor need unlimited data plans. My T-Mobile capped data fits me fine and I’d pay quite a bit more with the new “no taxes and fees plans”. I don’t expect a company to eat taxes for me and if I ran a business I would NOT be paying taxes on behalf of the customers. Not unless I raised the prices and gave the image of that to the customer which is what most of these companies do. Netflix could release a “all included” rate plan so nobody pays taxes but I’d bet money if they did that rates would go up $1-2 for everybody. So we’d go from some of us paying for those taxes to all of us paying for those taxes. You’re just buying in to the false hood image of these all included rate plans, I still stand with you are paying higher rates for those services usually.

          • supervolt

            Where on earth does Sling start at $14?

            Also, the fact that PS Vue was able to make deals with all major networks including CBS, the most expensive and the most watched network in the U.S…. and they were able to make deals for DVR and updated On Demand content for pretty much everything…. proves that they’re not having much difficulties making deals like your friends Sling and DirecTV Now. So, your argument is wrong.

            The base sling package is $20 and lacks basic cable channels like FX. If you want to have both FX and ESPN, you’re forced to pay for the $40 package. That’s more expensive than PS Vue’s base package, has less channel and features compared to PS Vue.

            If your Sling rates are lower than 20, 25, 40 and 5 for packages, you were probably grandfathered or something

          • Daniel Darnell

            You are missing my point. I’m talking about base rates. Base rates are higher with all inclusive services. T-Mobile and PS Vue for example start at a higher base. Whether you get more or not is irrevlent. Sling is $14 a month for orange customers with T-Mobile. I’m on blue though at a grandfathered $20 per month. For me Sling actually gives me more channels I like and a better rate. I don’t pay taxes in my area for Sling but even if I did I wouldn’t complain. Taxes are just part of life and I expect to pay them.

          • supervolt

            I have no problem with taxes. I would rather pay 22 advertised price than an advertised price of 20, then 2 in hidden fees and taxes. One of the biggest complaints you’re going to see about cable companies is that they make their deal sounds so cheap but after factoring the hidden fees, you end up paying a lot of money.

            If you’re grandfathered with Sling and are on a tmobile promo/deal, you shouldn’t use those as the actual sling prices. We’re using standard rates for fair comparisons. Otherwise you might as well say Hulu and DirecTV Now are free because some mobile customers happen to get those free for a year.

            You shouldn’t just look at the base price. You should look at the value. You don’t buy stuff just because it’s cheap, you buy because it’s what you want.

          • PaperCoyote

            Just wanted to add that starting in on 1 Feb PS Vue users living in Ohio have to pay tax on the service. And users in Texas are reporting being taxed over on the PS Vue subreddit a few weeks ago. So Sony isn’t eating the costs at least in those states. I know my state taxes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Microsoft, Vudu, Apple, DTVN, CBS All Access, and HBO NOW. But Not Vue or Acorn TV or FuboTV. But my state is trying to pass an all encompassing digital media tax so I will paying tax on those other three soon.

  • Scott Lewis

    Thanks all for the comments over the last few months. Now that mine are getting deleted routinely, this will be my last visit to the site. PS: Luke – when people reply to comments and those original commenters had Disqus email notifications on, they still get the email. So lots of people know about the deleted comments, even though you’ll delete this one.


    Luke when are you going to get rid of supervolt. All he does is argue with everybody. He has posted 6515 comments and only has 5 followers, he is not that popular. He thinks this is his CHAT room. Those of us who come here for CORD CUTTER NEWS, find him very annoying. He never has facts, just his opinions.

    • I am never a fan of banning someone. Yet if just a few members are being disruptive it is often best for the group as a whole.