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Here Are The Devices That Hulu’s Live TV Service Will Support At Launch

Yesterday Hulu emailed its subscribers a new video showing off its new Hulu app that is coming this spring. The video gave us a look at what devices will be supported by the new Hulu live TV service coming sometime soon.

According to the video the new Hulu app will come to Apple TV*, iOS, Android, Chromecast, and XBOX ONE this spring and will be coming soon to Fire TV, Roku, PlayStation, laptops, and computers. (*Only available on 4th generation Apple TV.)

Cord Cutters News talked with Hulu and confirmed that Apple TV 4th generation, iOS, Android phones/tablets, Chromecast, and XBOX ONE will be the devices supported at launch and Fire TV, Roku, PlayStation, laptops, and computers will be supported soon. (No word on when a standalone Android TV app will come; however, you will be able to use the Chromecast feature at launch on Android TV.)

What does coming soon mean? Your guess is as good as mine, but Hulu has been consistent in the past at quickly rolling out new apps across all devices.

So why is the new Hulu app not coming to all devices at the same time? The issue is likely time and staffing. Not only do you need to program for each device, you also have to test for each device. That can be a fairly time consuming process and not something you want to rush with a new service.

Also by not supporting all devices at launch Hulu can control the flood of new users. Similar to how Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, and PlayStation Vue all slowly rolled out their streaming services.

Recently it was reported that Hulu’s new live TV service will go live sometime in May—likely before mid-May. Hulu’s informing its subscribers that a new app is coming soon likely points to the new live TV service following shortly behind. All the promotional material for the new live TV service has been shown using the new Hulu app.

All of this put together makes it sound like Hulu is getting ever closer to launching its new live TV streaming service.

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  • Soyntgo4it

    They said in May

  • REP

    By not support Roku and FireTV on the get go, you’re setting up yourself for failure.

    • James Lauseng

      they are supporting roku and fire tv at launch

  • Pebo Bryson

    when did Android TV become the redheaded step child of streaming services?

    • pawdog

      It has always been so with Android TV.

      • NashGuy

        If you think it’s bad with Android TV, check out LG’s smart TV platform, webOS. It pretty much ranks as an afterthought for streaming services to support.

    • Richard smith

      YouTube tv doesn’t even have it , so yes Android tv’s parents hate it.

  • Sean Berends

    Umm, why do companies skip the largest used Roku on start up? Makes you wonder about their confidence in their product upon start-up.

    • Sunny Rain

      because it’s a dying platform since it’s not part of a huge ecosystem like Android or iOS.

      • Duder12

        This needs to be said more often. Roku is a terrible platform for developers.

        It’s only a matter of time until the consumers finally start seeing it.

        • scarpad

          It’s a horrible interface as well, the Roku Homescreen is the same as it was 5 years ago.

  • Sunny Rain

    The trend of leaving Roku out is becoming more and more evident. People have a lot of options these days and giving Roku priority isn’t worth the cost since it’s relatively more expensive than developing on industry-standard platforms like Android and iOS. Besides the development costs, younger generations are more used to the iOS and Android ecosystems as opposed to Roku; so it will be phased out at some point.

    FireTV had a chance but because of Amazon’s politics of fighting other competing services, it’s discouraging developers from giving FireTV a priority. FireTV UI makes it difficult to discover or access other apps while pushing for Amazon content.

    Apple TV has the biggest advantage because it’s neutral to all platforms and it’s part of a huge ecosystem. Android TV has a similar advantage but I think there aren’t many devices in use to push for the quick development.

    • mau47

      I mostly use Apple TV myself with a Fire TV around for occasional amazon content. I think Apple TV launching as one of the first boils down to two things 1) ease of development since iOS is king of mobile streaming video devices it is always going to be a launch app and it’s not much effort to develop the TV app at the same time and 2) user engagement with the service by platform.

      Wether its true or not, Apple has said a few times that their devices get used more than the competition, so even though Roku might be ahead in terms of how many devices they’ve sold if people aren’t using them it doesn’t make sense to prioritize the development of an app for that platform that isn’t being used as much. I think just about everyone in my family has bought one or more Roku’s at some point but has moved onto another device mostly Fire TV and a couple Apple TV’s.

      • UberCrew

        Or it could be that Apple made a deal with Hulu to prioritize their Apple TV at launch. Like Apple and Amazon made deals with ATT/Directv Now to prioritize their devices and even gave away Apple TVs & Fire Sticks.

        Again there is no reason for Hulu not to have Android TV & Fire TV apps since they have already developed an Android App. Modifying an Android app to work with an Android TV device or a Fire TV shouldn’t be much more work than modifying an iOS app to work with an Apple TV 4.

        We have an Apple TV 4 but much prefer the Shield Android TV & Fire TV devices. Our Apple TV 4 gets even less use than our Roku Ultra.

      • Sunny Rain

        Exactly. I have FireTV and Chromecast too but I prefer using Apple TV because it’s much more smooth and their apps tend to be the finest quality. I only use FireTV for Amazon Prime content. Other than that, I’m always on Apple TV.

        I just wish Apple TV was cheaper to penetrate more households and directly compete with FireTV and the cheaper Rokus.

        • Which is among the key reasons (along with no Amazon app and no ability to purchase or rent outside of iTunes) why Roku is the leading platform, NOT Apple TV. Cost and choice are the drivers. We run an Apple household, but we use Rokus for streaming. You want to pay $300 to put ATVs on 2 tvs instead of $80 for 2 Roku streaming sticks, it’s your money.

      • Lynnneez

        I don’t think it’s true. The last few c reports showed Apple TV use in 4th place with Roku at the top of the list and Fire Tv barely edging out Chromecast for the #2 spot.

  • bplewis24

    I was planning on using Hulu, but not anymore if they aren’t supporting Android TV.

  • pawdog

    Disappointing but not surprising. I suppose Apple made the best deal for the early exclusive. There is no way they made an Android app without also making a non touch version at the same time. It’s always either Apple or Amazon that gets the early launch headstart. It could also be that Apple TV users are the heaviest Hulu watchers and they think the most likely to buy a more expensive service.

    • Sunny Rain

      iOS and Android don’t usually make early/exclusive deals. Only Roku and FireTV make such deals because it’s the only way to give companies incentive to develop for their platforms. You can’t create an app that doesn’t support iOS or Android since they’re the kings of mobile operating systems. They’re also easy to tweak the phone/tablet app to work on Apple TV or Android TV since the only thing you have to change is the UI, not the core code.

      • B Todd

        Except apparently it was too much of a bother to tweak the UI for Android TV at launch.

        • Sunny Rain

          It will probably be added pretty soon. Android TV is only becoming popular and we still don’t have one big manufacturer with a more mainstream Android TV device. NVIDIA Shield is the most advanced but it’s pretty expensive. Google should develop a more standard mainstream Android TV device and stop putting all faith in Chromecast.

      • Lynnneez

        They seem to be focusing on mobile platforms with Apple TV as the only streaming box it will work on, which is strange considering that the last few reports posted here, including from Park and Associates listed Apple TV as 4th in viewership behind #1 Roku and #2 tie of Fire TV and Chromecast. I assume their platform choices must be based on their research of the most used platforms among their existing customers, but it doesn’t seem to line up well with most posters here as based on the recent polls Luke conducted and I kind of assumed this group was relatively average representation of most typical users of these services.

        • Sunny Rain

          When you’re a good business person, you look at the likely trend and focus on the future. You don’t just look at the current market share. It’s like stock market, the companies with the most revenue don’t necessarily have the highest value. You look at the trend and the sustainability. Roku isn’t sustainable compared to devices running on iOS and Android.

    • Colton

      Despite having DTV Now I am a heavy user of Hulu, I actually prefer it over Netflix, and watch it constantly on my AppleTV and it intergrates with the built in TV app on iOS and Apple TV where Netflix doesn’t.

  • Lynnneez

    Xbox One but no Fire TV at launch? Wasnt Fire TV #2 behind Roku in the last stats shown on this site? So now I either have to buy a scrappy Chromecast and enjoy the buffering or an even crappier and overpriced Apple TV to watch the only service I had been looking forward to. I’m certainly not paying $40 to watch t.v. on my freaking phone. So disappointing. Hopefully when they say rolling out soon to Fire TV they mean sooner than DirecTV Now meant for their rollout to Roku.

    • Bruce Wayne

      Xbox One is much more popular than Fire TV so it makes sense.

      • therealdealishere


  • Colton

    Yes! As someone who has two Apple TVs and a slew of iOS devices I couldn’t be happier! I will subscribe the second it launches!

  • UberCrew

    No Fire TV, Android TV or Roku support at startup. Almost as bad as Youtube TV’s device support and just a step below DirecTV Now’s. Since they will have an Android app at launch there really no good excuse not to have a Fire TV or Android TV version. Looks like I will just keep waiting until one of these services offers the content I want on the devices I use. So far none of them has done this.

    • Bruce Wayne

      Calm down. It’s a gradual process. But didn’t support a lot of devices at launch either.

      • UberCrew

        I am fine waiting these services out. I will just continue to pay a little more for Comcast until one of these services is a better option. Right now factoring cost vs content/quality of service none of these big name OTT services has offered a better option. The fact is that IMO they all entered the market with half-assed efforts.

        Sling TV & PS Vue are both still lacking content after being in the market for over 2 years.

        DirecTV Now launched with bare boned features while having a decent channel lineup. It’s been nearly 5 months and they still don’t have an Android TV app or a Roku channel..

        Youtube TV launched with a lousy channel lineup, almost no TV device support, & a somewhat faux DVR feature.

        Now Hulu will be launching it’s service with very limited device support and will likely be lacking content like most of the others.

        So far none of these services has impressed me. Maybe in another 5 years they will offer complete services.

        • Bruce Wayne

          Indeed. There’s still a long way to go. It’s definitely much better than just a few years ago.

  • Richard smith

    How about giving a free Xbox one with a paid month of service.

    • Pebo Bryson

      yes, I second this

  • paranoia

    I have a apple tv and it won’t let me use amazon ,plus I would have to buy a new one to get the programs that are out on new streaming services, I have 2 Roku’s and a fire sick besides and the roku is by far the most useful, and has the most users.
    I had direct tv now and they kept dragging there feet on a roku app so I dropped them, I have hulu but no live until a roku app.