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DIRECTV Exec Talks About DIRECTV NOW Launch & Future DVR Plans

Family Watching TV At Night Sitting On Sofa TogetherLast month AT&T Launched their  DIRECTV NOW service. It resulted in many complaints of inaccessible services and problems logging in yet AT&T seems to be happy with how it launched.

“Absolutely there were problems … the problems were not as big as I expected,” said Rodriguez, AT&T Entertainment’s CTO and the executive in charge of the technical aspects of the carrier’s newly launched DIRECTV NOW video streaming service. “I’m so proud of the quality we delivered.”

In an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Rodriguez told that AT&T worked for months to prepare its systems to handle the launch of DIRECTV NOW. He said the company specifically worked to own and operate as much of the distribution system as possible—he pointed to the company’s acquisition of QuickPlay earlier this year as an example of AT&T’s desire to own the technology that would distribute DIRECTV NOW’s services.

“We have to understand what each piece [of the distribution chain] is doing and how they interact with each other,” Rodriguez said.

During the interview Rodriguez said he is looking toward 2017 with the goal of improving DIRECTV NOW’s quality and device lineup, and introducing DVR services.

When the topic of devices came up, Rodriguez said DIRECTV NOW in 2017 would work to expand the number of devices that can access its services. Yet he declined to name any devices that the company is hoping to support. “You want to be in a position where no device is left behind,” he said.

As for when DIRECTV NOW will add a DVR Rodriguez said the company is working on that capability but didn’t provide any details.

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  • flyingtigers

    He thinks this launch was good? He’s a fool. System still does not work right, constant error messages, system crashed last night on their end, can’t watch for more than 10 minutes at a time. He must be high.

    • vikings football

      DTVN has been in operation for only a little over a month…you must think two year old sling and one year old vue is glitch free LOL…go visit their forums/facebook pages and you will see that customers are still complaining about problems that were there from day one LOL

      • Jack Astor

        Well last night and all today it has been unwatchable for me. Nothing but problems on Windows 10 PC, Fire TV, Apple TV, Ipad Mini 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

        I have 60 Mbit/s internet. There is zero issues on my end. Have no issues with any other streaming service.

        Had no long term issues with Sling TV or Playstation Vue. I prepaid for 3 months, I want a refund and they can have the Apple TV back.

      • skyvolt

        Sling and PlayStation Vue weren’t this problematic. DTV Now gives errors even when you’re watching things On Demand… so new live tv is not an excuse. The fact that they haven’t done a single improvement for over a month is what sucks the most.

        Also, most errors occur on streaming devices. If you’re watching on a laptop, those ones can easily refresh their signals unlike streaming devices.

        If this was by some tiny unknown new company, I would understand. But it’s by AT&T, a multi-billion dollar company. It’s just unacceptable that they can’t afford the resources needed to fix the issues for over a month.

      • Roger Nixon

        Pretty much the same here. I have occasional short interuptions on ESPN (i.e. I missed 30 seconds of the Sugar Bowl) but everything else has been fine on AppleTV and Windows 10.

  • REP

    Still no RSN. There is nothing new here. We all know DVR will come eventually. They need to come out with a device like Air tv that incorporate OTA channels.

  • filmex

    …and I believe my chances of dating Scarlett Johannson are improving every day.

  • Dogman

    No DVR = No DirecTV Now for me

  • Norman

    “Gray skies are going to clear up. Put on a happy face” If you’re a CEO of a major company, ya gotta love Broadway. I’m sure he’s dancing his way down the street. Not sure if it’s realistic, but what the hey.

  • Scott Blanchard

    He gave zero new information about DVR. After reading the story headline, I was expecting a bit more meat on the bone. Hulu live can’t get to market fast enough for me.

    • vikings football

      curious to see what youtube will offer…and would also like to see both amazon and netlix get in the act as well

      • deguello

        And Hulu.

  • Norman

    Hulu just uploaded a promo of their Live service to Youtube. Multiple streams for one thing. Not sure of a date, but sure sounded soon.

    • Scott Blanchard

      Thanks for the heads up. Here’s the link:

      • Scott Lewis

        Looks good. I’m becoming convinced that the first group of old school TV media companies that will go under are going to be individual affiliates. Right now, between good shows on cable (basic and premium), good originals on Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, and the emergency of all these new Internet based cable alternatives that are offering pretty decent coverage of on-demand, pretty soon nobody will care if the upstarts fail to negotiate deals in affiliate markets.

        Right now, the two use cases for me are news (but there’s cable news and NewsOn if I want local news) and sports. More and more sports are going on cable channels anyway. MLB is getting dangerously close to actually eliminating blackouts. It’s just a matter of time.

        Add in these new antenna + DVR solutions for locals and I’m starting to forget why I care that in Miami I get 3 networks streamed but ABC on demand only.

  • skyvolt

    I can’t believe they’re proud of the quality… when the service is unwatchable for most users.

  • Scott Lewis

    “Absolutely there were problems … the problems were not as big as I expected,” said Rodriguez, AT&T Entertainment’s CTO and the executive in charge of the technical aspects of the carrier’s newly launched DirecTV Now video streaming service.

    That’s shameful. If they were expecting problems, maybe they could have disclosed that up front to subscribers. Way to set the bar low for a launch. In my job, I NEVER expect problems. I go to any length possible to execute perfectly. Not saying I always do so, but that’s the goal and the expectation. I don’t strive for “so-so” or “wow that wasn’t as bad as we could have been”.

  • acmphotodude

    So he’s pleased with the fact that the advertised and promised regional sports networks have been unavailable for almost 2 months? Gives you some idea of what these clowns think.

  • Jack Stasney

    This is s little scary, and our of touch. There live stuff is fine, but still having buffering issues constantly with VOD, Also Error 40 that is talked about online so much.

  • Jerry Dahlback

    DirecTV charges you for movies and things you never order. So DVR gives them another shot at billing you for nothing. Had to write to FCC just to get help. Can’t wait until contract is over. Excellent technology .. sad billing practices. Be aware and be careful. I’m not the only one you’ll hear this from.

  • Tom G.

    Tried the service for a few days January 8, 9 &10, 2017 on my quad core desktop computer. Didn’t work at all for one day, stuttered and buffered on another day, worked sort of o.k. on the 3rd day. In my opinion and for where I live in Arizona, the service is not ready for prime time, ha ha.

    What bothered me more than anything is that there is ZERO technical support by phone. Only way to achieve help is by online computer chat. That makes technical support almost non existent when your streaming device is two rooms away. Also tried it on an Android 6.0.1 TV streaming box. Didn’t work at all since they have restricted the service to “non-rooted” TV boxes whatever that means, ha ha. I have no idea why that would make a difference when it is a paid TV service. Anyway, I have a Roku box available but there is no app for that YET.

    I recommended Directv extend the $35/mo. offer until at least the Roku app was available and some of the bugs are worked out of the system. They of course refused which was to be expected.

  • Jim Patterson

    I’ve had this app since the launch and have steadily encountered issues with it freezing and crapping out all together. Many of us are trying to “CUT CABLE or SATELLITE TV”! I have an Amazon Firebox and love the darn thing. When DirectvNow and AT&T came out with this new app back in October 2016 I quickly jumped on the bandwagon and loaded it up. I even signed up for the $35.00 plan instead of the $75 plan. Even better if you sign up early you get to keep the same price forever unless you make a change or cancel your plan.
    Having to endure 40 minutes to wait for someone to get in the chat room from the company only to actually wait 1 hour 45 minutes is well……[email protected]#ED UP! Even worse than that is having 26 days of service left after you cancel service that YOU CAN’T USE is SERIOUSLY [email protected]#KED UP!
    Please pass this on to others that have had the same issue with MA BELL and DIRECTV. I seriously believe that we may have a nice “CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT”!

  • Clara Smart

    We tried Direct TV Now BUT canceled the service before the 7 days were
    up. Why? The Guide is horrible. It moves VERY choppy, not smooth at all
    like Sling and I hated seeing a show playing behind the guide on Direct
    TV Now. Direct TV Now has the channels we want but lack of a DVR is a
    deal breaker because my husband can’t see his shows live, due to work. I
    think Sling has a GREAT Price, DVR AND Sling allows you to adjust your
    internet usage, Sling Has a GREAT 7 day guide. Direct TV Now doesn’t do
    any of that. But Sling lacks 3 channels we want. IF Sling added those 3
    channels we wouldn’t consider moving to another service but I doubt
    they will since Sling has been around a long time and hasn’t added them
    yet. Those channels are TLC, ID and Animal Planet. Bottom line: IF
    Direct TV Now improved the guide, offered a DVR, allowed you to adjust
    your internet usage without raising their rate we would switch to DTN
    and so would numerous people I’ve spoken to.