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DIRECTV NOW is Adding Another Channel

Couple relaxing in living room holding remote control and smilingWell it seems that DIRECTV NOW is about to add more channels, and we can now confirm at least one of them.

Recently DIRECTV NOW updated its help page for its restart feature that allows you to restart any show you want. That help post listed the channels that will support the feature, and one of them was QVC. As of today QVC is not on DIRECTV NOW, but this would not be the first time a help page was updated before the official announcement.

There have been rumors for a bit of new channels coming to DIRECTV NOW, and it is likely that QVC is not the only channel in the works for AT&T’s streaming service. We do not know a time frame for when QVC will join DIRECTV NOW, but it will likely be soon.

While QVC may seem like a weird addition, it is a surprisingly popular channel. QVC is a $9 billion business that runs a 24/7 channel to sell everything you could dream off. First launched in 1986, QVC sold $7,400 worth of goods. Fifteen years later it was selling $80 million worth of goods in a single day.

As soon as we see QVC on DIRECTV NOW we will make sure to post about it.

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  • Richard smith

    A whole article for that?

    • AstroMonster

      New articles get more ad views.. Lol

  • stumpy579

    Do providers have to pay shopping channels like QVC and HSN to be on their services? I have often wondered about this and would really like to know. Since they are selling things and are really a continuous commercial should they not be paying the providers to be on their lineup? It seems to me these channels should be a source of revenue for providers not an expense.

    • mau47

      yeah, at minimum it should be free for them to carry. We actually get QVC OTA here since they broadcast out of West Chester PA.

      • IBWTF

        I get it OTA too + it streams live for free on their app.

      • AstroMonster

        mau47, you weren’t kidding…

        Any comment about the ads here, or pointing out typos, gets deleted.

  • Sunny Rain

    I wouldn’t read too much into it. DirecTV Now also used to list CBS in the 72-hour rewind feature in their articles since November last year. And up to today they still don’t have a deal with CBS. They even created fake screenshots including CBS and CW.

  • CaptJan

    I also get QVC OTA as a sub-channel — never bought anything from them. The one time I did watch them was for a laptop years ago, and I could get the exact same laptop for a few hundred less elsewhere. Google is your friend for finding the best deals around, do your product research on Amazon, and then search for a reputable company with a lower price…

    However QVC and a bunch of other independent and PBS OTA channels will simply go off the air in the upcoming months due to a recent spectrum auction recently held by the FCC where the stations made millions from what they paid close to nothing (comparatively low cost licensing fees) that ended a little over a month ago.

    Also, in November, I briefly saw QVC on the channel line-up for a few hours for DTVN, and was quite relieved when they removed it as they really didn’t need this waste of resources consuming valuable bandwidth when they had buffering issues. We are here to save money, not spend money. I suppose if you pay full price for cable, you are willing to buy near full price or discounted prices for severely inflated MSRP’s for overruns and other dust collectors from QVC (HSN, etc.). If you have money to spend frivolously, save some time and send it my way;)

    If they do run it, hopefully QVC has to pay DTVN a bunch of $$$’s to keep which in turn will keep DTVN’s current rates low (as an advertising subsidy).

  • troopersam

    Nice, Luke! You ran it down and clarified as soon as it was pointed ou to you…good work!

  • Chris C.

    It’s not on there anymore…

  • aoliver515

    There are quite a few shopping channels such as QVC and HSN that come OTA in my location. I think shopping channels such as QVC would be willing to pay big $$$$ for DirecTV Now. QVC makes a huge profit on their sales.

  • Daniel Darnell

    Nope, it was an error on their website. QVC is now no longer listed on that page. From what I was told they basically copied some of that channel list from the regular DirecTV service that also has that feature and that QVC was a channel mistake. Now that it’s gone I believe that to be true.

    • aoliver515