DIRECTV NOW Just Added Two New Channels

Back in early April AT&T’s live TV streaming service, DIRECTV NOW, announced that it is adding two new networks. Now they have finally been added to the lineup. These networks are One America News Network (OAN), a cable news channel, and A Wealth of Entertainment (AWE).

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement with DIRECTV that will enable One America News Network and AWE to join the DIRECTV and DIRECTV NOW programming lineup,” said Charles Herring, president of Herring Networks, Inc.

About These Channels (As described by the channel owners.)

One America News Network (OAN) is a reliable source of credible news reporting offering 21 hours of live news coverage every weekday plus two one-hour political talk shows, The Daily Ledger and Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler. 

AWE (A Wealth of Entertainment) focuses on inspiring shows about travel destinations, outrageous cars, culinary delights, amazing homes, plus live world championship boxing, health and fitness, and more. AWE’s all inviting and vicarious living programming lineup is family friendly, aspirational, and has broad consumer appeal.

These channels seem to be replacing several NBCUniversal channels that have been shut down in recent months, but if you are looking for a different news option than the traditional cable TV networks you now have a new one to pick from on DIRECTV NOW.

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  • REP

    They should bring in MTV Live HD channel.

    • Sunny Rain

      I don’t know why DirecTV Now couldn’t get the HD versions of all Viacom channels. Sling has HD versions for MTV, Nicktoons and TeenNick. Even when PS Vue had Viacom channels, their channels were in HD too.

      • Nathan John Ganiere

        I recall right they were HD on PS VUE but the resolution was always wack and boxed in on PS VUE when they had them and were on Direct NOW also…….but yeah why Sling has them in full screen and no one else does, I got no clue, must be their feeds, anyone know if it’s the same for regular Directv………..

        • Sunny Rain

          Mine were not “boxed” and the resolution was perfect. It may depend on the device you were using. Apple TV and Fire TV have the best PS Vue interface.

  • Craig

    Woohoo! OAN FTW!

    • Clyde Hunter

      I agree…I’m excited for this channel addon

  • filmex

    By adding more and more marginal stations which no one is clamoring for, it seems as if these guys can’t break away from the bloated package model where consumers are given a number of channels they do want along with scores they could care less about.

    • Craig

      I’m clamoring! Me! Me! Me! Been wanting another legit news outlet! Needed this addition! Pickins were mighty slim for news before this addition today…

      • DH4

        Now we just need Infowars on DTV Now right?

        • Craig

          I tend to take my Alex Jones in small doses and a grain of salt. But on occasion? He may have something of note to say…

  • Pebo Bryson

    this is going to put DirectTV Now over the top! *pun

  • AstroMonster

    AWE one continuous Tony Robbins infomercial…but a lot of people wanted OAN

  • Im Thee Man

    Yay, another channel I will never watch. Don’t bother me so long as they don’t jack the price. I even finally got one local channel!

  • mbze430

    Give me DVR/PVR already

  • Steeler4Ever

    the best news network out of all of them in my opinion….I subscribe to it as a standalone(5 dollars a month). Love the short American history lessons during commercials . Thanks for the update

    • DH4

      Where can you get it standalone? Do they have their own app?

  • Steeler4Ever

    FYI…in reference to my last post, Klowd Tv, is the streaming service that streams OAN, AWE, RT, a french news channel in English, Nautica channel and a few more. they have a DVR function and have all the major streaming devices. Also free for one week

  • K.C. Hartman

    Love OAN! Kept looking for it to be added after initial announcement….finally gave up a week or so ago. Will now be on my “Favorites” list!