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DIRECTV NOW Just Increased the Size of Their DVR Storage

Last week Cord Cutters News was the first site to post photos of the new DIRECTV NOW DVR. At that time the DVR only offered 100 hours of storage.

It looks as though DIRECTV NOW quickly made changes to that with the new round of DVR testing. According to multiple beta testers, we can confirm that AT&T has upped the storage of the DIRECTV NOW DVR from 100 hours to 6,000 hours.

Update: DIRECTV NOW is now telling people that the 6,000 hour DVR is an error. Testers have reported they can now record over 100 hours but no one has found the new limit on DVR recordings.

Now keep in mind this is still a pre-beta product before the public launch of the new DIRECTV NOW app and DVR. It is likely that the storage will change before it launches this fall.

Other than the jump from 100 hours to 6,000 hours of storage AT&T has not seemed to make any big changes.

So what can we expect from the final roll out of the DIRECTV NOW DVR this fall? Honestly, we just don’t know. It’s great to see screen shots and know that you can fast forward through commercials right now; however, that all could change before the DVR goes public.

What we can confirm is that a new DIRECTV NOW app and DVR service is on its way.

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  • Bill Eastman

    Is DVR going to be FREE or how much will it cost when launched? Will there be different amounts of storage for different prices?

    • Brandon

      We can only hope it’s free. Let’s not follow in the footsteps of cable and nickle and dime us for everything. Otherwise it’s just the new “cable.”

      • Mike Thaler

        No feature s/b “free”. Allow those who dn’t want locals not pay for them. Allow us who don’t want expen$ive sports channels not to buy them. Allow those who want small DVR buckets to buy a cheaper bucket than those who want a large one.

        • skywalkr2

          except it really can’t work that way. Channels will always be in packages because that’s how they exist.

    • Cenarl

      My guess is some free, bundle more services for more time (att wireless), or pay for more.

  • mnsportsgeek

    Nope. It’s a glitch. 6000 minutes = 100 hours.

  • Daniel Richards

    there shouldn’t be an HOURS limit EVER, this is supposed to be the NO RULES TV, an hours limitation is rules, take a page from Playstation Vue and make it UMLIMITED but with a time frame, but instead of Vue’s 1 month make it 6 months or something so people can binge watch an entire season like Youtube TV’s DVR. we’ve run the numbers, if you have half a million subscribers and each subscriber gets there own 100 hours of recording then you need the drive capacity to handle 50 million hours worth of separate recordings where if you just record everything on every channel and everyone accesses the same file you only need recording for like 1.1 million hours to cover an entire YEAR of DVR capacity for EVERY CHANNEL you offer.

    • risingtide

      Exactly. I wish these companies were smart enough to see how they could take advantage of cloud storage to provide the best servic with fixed storage cost yet an amazing value to their customers.

    • HeyRadar

      Sometimes it’s legal reasons, such as regulations, patents, contracts, why companies can’t put common sense features in their products.

  • risingtide

    Luke, if you have contact with some of the testers, could you please ask them some basic questions about the dvr like:
    – can you choose to record an entire series?
    – does it work on all the channels?
    – do you have a choice to record new episodes only, new episodes plus reruns?
    – does it record an additional minute at the beginning and the end like YouTube TV to take care of early and late starts?
    – how does the new app work, look and feel compared to the current one?

    I know the final product might be different but this would give us a general feel about the new app, dvr.

    • skywalkr2

      I would imagine DirecTV now would have same DVR features as their normal DirecTV brothers. If not, that would be disappointing.

      • risingtide

        They have more capability now since they’re using Cloud DVR

  • BloodLust

    Don’t care, How about adding more streams!