DIRECTV NOW Has Started to Add More NBC Affiliates

It looks like DIRECTV NOW has once again started to add more NBC affiliates. Now they are not live yet but in several Tegna owned NBC markets are starting to show up in DIRECT NOW’s search. Typically this starts happening about 24 to 48 hours before the channels go live.

In total Tenga owns 18 NBC affiliates across the United States. Now that does not mean all of them will be added as recently DIRECTV NOW has been rolling out affiliates as they are ready vs waiting till all of them are ready.

If you want to see if NBC is being added in your market you go into your DIRECTV NOW app and search for an NBC show. If it is being added you will see it show up in your search and it will ask you to subscribe. Don’t worry they will be added to your current subscription once the live stream is ready to go live.

This is the second time this month that DIRECTV NOW has added more affiliates. Earlier this month AT&T officially announced that they added more ABC, FOX, and NBC affiliates. AT&T did state that they plan to add 40 more locals from ABC, NBC, and FOX but at this time they have not listed what markets will see new local affiliates added.

If you find a local that is being added please leave us a comment and let us know what you found.

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  • Scott

    Luke, when you link to DirectvNow on stories about local channel additions, it would be helpful if at least one of the links were directed to the local channel lookup. I understand you have to pay for the site with the affiliate referral links.

    • Don’t waist your time with that. Its weeks out of date typically. Use the search trick I talked about in the post for finding out if locals are being added in your area.

      • Nathan John Ganiere

        simply searching for NBC should pop up NBC Nightly News as unsubscribed if a person is getting a new NBC local……..

      • Jennifer

        Is there any news for Hearst stations

      • Phuq_Me

        How can you use your trick if you don’t have the service?

    • Brian

      Isn’t this article about DirecTV Now and not DirecTV Satellite service? JS

      • If you follow the link, you’ll see that the DirectvNow local channel lookup tool is hosted on the domain. Same company.

  • Nathan John Ganiere

    Looks like KARE 11 in Minneapolis is one of them coming soon, I just did a search and NBC stuff shows as not subscribed, sort of like the same happened with ABC and CBS, probably have it later this evening or tomorrow, good times here in Minnesota!!!

    • mnsportsgeek

      Woot woot! The rollout is complete in MSP!

      • Nathan John Ganiere

        yeah I’m thinking finally should be able to watch Sunday Night Football in DTVN rather than the NBC Sports app come Sunday………

        • Tl

          Finally! I have been begging for 11….

    • Mugley

      I live in Minneapolis and Kare 11 isn’t showing up in my guide yet. Do you guys have it listed yet?

      • Nathan John Ganiere

        not yet, just know it’s coming I had to guess would say Friday maybe…….the ground work is there, NBC Nightly News shows up unsubscribed and you click on it says NBC – KARE 11

      • Nathan John Ganiere

        should be there now showed up about the time for 10 PM news…….

  • timmonssc

    Looks like KPNX 12 Phoenix might be coming soon (finally!).

    • Nathan John Ganiere

      yeah this is the last of the big 4 and we’ll have them all, only thing missing would be CW in Minneapolis but to me that’s fine as the shows I watch are in the free app anyhow, I don’t make a habit of watching CW even when I did have cable tv………

  • Dave King

    I’m still waiting for Cbs and the Cw. I have all my locals with my antenna but would be nice if they were on the app too, that way you wouldn’t have to switch over, not too big of a deal but would be convent.

  • Tony Flores

    I can see KSDK in St Louis coming as well….hmm I’m still grandfathered in to Elite Slim on PSVue, plus I like the DVR. I wonder if CBS in St Louis is coming as well, soon

  • Dan_Braden

    The NBC local Houston news and national Today show has appeared in the search results for over a week but haven’t gone live. I agree that it appears that it is coming but may take longer than 24 – 48 hours.

  • Phuq_Me

    Keep hearing this myth that DirecTv now has locals but all I get is “We are sorry we do not carry these local channels in your area yet.” Hulu Live, Playstation Vue and even YouTube Tv all have at least one local.

  • ict2aus

    I’m able to see NBC episodes in OnDemand (even watch them, well at least the new Will and Grace) but my affiliate is owned by Nexstar Media Group – Austin,TX

  • Brandon

    Portland Oregon confirmed live today!!

  • AJ2

    I just saw WXIA in Atlanta on the DTVN app. They do such a poor job of letting customers know when they add channels. Their chat customer service is awful. Each rep promises to follow up & escalate & you never hear back. I read they’re beta testing a DVR with some customers. It really needs it but Atlanta is almost there with the big o&o cities soon. We’ve got ABC, NBC, FOX now. Just waiting for CBS & CW.

  • Steve L

    WNYT (NBC) – Albany/Schenectady/Troy, NY

  • Aaron Quevedo

    WCNC in Charlotte has been added