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DIRECTV NOW Is Surveying Its Subscribers about the NFL Network (Again)

Group of young people watching soccer matchRecently there has been a lot of talk about DIRECTV NOW and the NFL Network with tech support agents promising the NFL Network would be added to DIRECTV NOW, but it never happens. Now we have new evidence that DIRECTV NOW is not likely to add the NFL Network anytime soon.

Over the last few days, I have heard from multiple readers that DIRECTV NOW sent out a survey asking about new features on DIRECTV NOW. One of the questions asked if the subscriber would be interested in NFL Network being added. (Now this is not the first time they have done this. A little over a month ago they also sent out a survey that asked about adding the NFL Network.)

That leads us to believe that it is unlikely that there is any deal in place for the NFL Network. If there was a deal to add the NFL Network in place, AT&T would not be surveying DIRECTV NOW subscribers about if they should add it.

It is possible talks are happening now, and AT&T is wondering how much it should be willing to pay or maybe what package it should include the NFL Network in. It is also possible that the NFL Network and AT&T have had no talks to add its channel to DIRECTV NOW.

For now, if you want the NFL Network as a cord cutter without a long-term contract your only options are Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and fuboTV. All of them also offer the NFL RedZone as an add-on option.

The great thing about cord cutting is the lack of any long-term contracts. If DIRECTV NOW adds the NFL Network in the future, you can always switch back to DIRECTV NOW.

Do you want DIRECTV NOW to add the NFL Network? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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  • MJOforIAM

    ummmm duuhhh??? Yes!!!

  • Josh Vergara

    Oh I lives and die with NFL Network 😉 and yes I would love to see BIG corporate like AT&T add that to their DirecTV Now lineup but small 3 companies managed to snagged the NFL NETWORK which it doesn’t make no sense at all… AT&T can’t? Ok something is wrong with this picture.

    • Vegas Steve

      AT&T might think it will scuttle their NFL package on the Direct TV satellite package. I got news for them… none of the people interested in DTVN (and NFL) would get that package, they will more likely jump to Vue.

      • Mindhead1

        I am one of those people. I got DirecTV many years ago when Sunday Ticket first came out. I dumped it this season. All I want is a sports package from someone. Could care less about all the other garbage channels. ATT is trying to keep satellite viable as long as possible. Fact of the matter is satellite is on it’s way to being a niche offering for those without good internet connections.

  • Fg

    Yes, but I’d rather have the new app with DVR and all the CBS channels they’ve promised.

  • JGaLaXY

    They’re so stupid and they have completely dropped the ball with how they have handled this and CBS, go get free 30 day fubo trial with it and if DTV now doesn’t have it by then, it’s time to drop them

    • Vegas Steve

      Do you know… is RedZone on Fubo 60fps?

  • mnsportsgeek

    I don’t really care if NFL Network gets added. They show a handful of games, and if my team happens to be one of those then it is broadcast locally too.

  • Philip Kramer

    Not having the NFL Network is the only thing keeping me from trying DirectTv Now. I enjoy their offseason programming as well.

  • Robert Anthony Hartzell

    Sling, Vue and Directv Now have all dropped the ball passing up 1 of the 4 big sport networks. Vue doesn’t have NHL. Sling doesn’t have MLB. Directv Now doesn’t have NFL. You would think one of them would want the be the first to have all 4.

  • Vegas Steve

    Yeah, I really like the DTVN interface (vs. Vue) and if they got RedZone, I would switch in a second (well, more like a month as I have Vue for that long now). DTVN really missed the boat on this one by not having the NFL in place before season start.

    • risingtide

      directv now has the worst interface (after sling). i find ps vue interface to be more smooth and modern – unless you like the old archaic style… or your using old fashioned devices like roku.

      • Evan

        DTVN needs a Roku style UI update.

      • Vegas Steve

        To each their own. PS Vue is different just to be different imho.

  • Daniel Richards

    NO, NO MORE SPORTS, we already have far to many garbage sports networks we are forced to pay for whether we watch them or not #MakeSportsASeperatePackage

    • Evan

      They call it FuboTV. I want FuboTV to succeed for that reason.

      • Daniel Richards

        yeah, we should have Fubo TV for everyone that wants sports then a Sports FREE package for everyone that doesn’t, but these streaming services get sports forced to them, like you can’t get Disney without taking ESPN and the costs to carry it and junk like that, we could have Monthly TV streaming streaming services cheaper then NETFLIX if it wasn’t for the cost of all the sports channels.

        • Evan

          I could do without Disney. Nickelodeon is better.

          • Vegas Steve

            Yeah, and I could do w/o locals. The problem with all of these packages are the same as cable. We all want only the channels we want. Not gonna happen.

          • Evan

            What are you talking about? We have more competition in the market than we ever have had before.

          • Vegas Steve

            True, and most are trying to mirror the others. So we end up with Cable 2.0, rather than an ala carte system that would be fair. Fair, as in I don’t pay for your locals/sports/whatever and I only pay for the channels I want. Some would argue costs would go up, but under the current system of adding more and more, costs will surely go up.

          • Evan

            No Inpay for my locals duh. I don’t pay for Miami locals either for example. I don’t live there. Fine the rich in the cities can use antennas. Antennas don’t work in the country.

          • Evan

            PS Vue has subtracted many channels actually and is adding locals now. Since digital is the future there will be a package the rich can afford and a package the poor can afford. The digital divide will onky increase with corporate greed. For $70 you get an unstable DSL speed 25MBps connection that everything tells me is a slow connection. It’s broadband how is it slow narrowband?

    • Vegas Steve

      BTW, if they package it as an addon, you shouldn’t have a problem.

  • Evan

    No. I don’t want any sports on DTVN. Let them buy FuboTV for sports.

    • Vegas Steve

      Really glad you weighed in and told us what we all want. I’m only half joking… everyone wants certain channels, and unless they do true ala carte, we won’t get them.

      • Evan

        Sarcasm? I’ll say thank you anyway though.

      • Evan

        The Viacom package next year though.

  • Kenny D

    If it comes with the NFL package.

  • Mindhead1

    Absolutely want NFL Network on DirecTV Now so I can get RedZone. My primary live TV watching is football, college and pro. It’s why I cut the cord. Thinkgs are moving in the right direction. Once sports leagues figure out how to maximize profits under the new TV paradigm we’ll get better streaming options.

    That said, DirecTV Now needs to get CBS and NFL Network on board ASAP.