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DIRECTV NOW Is Surveying Its Users About NFL Sunday Ticket, DVR, & More

Channel Surfing ManIf you are a DIRECTV NOW subscriber, check your email because it just sent out an interesting survey to many subscribers.

Yesterday AT&T sent out a survey asking subscribers how interested they would be in a host of interesting ideas.

The following are a few of the topics it asked about:

  • Adding parental controls
  • Adding three streams at once vs the current two
  • More device support
  • User profiles
  • DVR
  • NFL Sunday Ticket

So what is AT&T up to with this survey? It is trying to focus its efforts on the areas that its users want the most. While it may seem that AT&T would have endless resources, we find typically these teams are small and can only put their efforts into so many projects at once on top of maintaining what they currently are running.

So if you want an opportunity to have an impact on what DIRECTV NOW does next, make sure to check your email and see if you are one of the lucky users to get the survey.

Here is an image of the survey posted on Reddit: (Note the image cuts off part of the answers.)

So what features would you want to be added to DIRECTV NOW? Anything you would have added to this list? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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  • Deon Hamner

    They add DVR and NFL network, Redzone or sunday ticket and I’m jumping to them…

    • divadahling

      Same here!

    • Roxy

      I came down here to say the same thing. Thats the only reason I was stuck with them for so long. Now I dont know what I’m going to do this September 🙁

  • Brett Hall

    They’ll be THE streaming service for 4 solid months with the Sunday Ticket for many…wounder how i’t would work cost wise for those of us who are grandfathered in?

    • mau47

      I would guess just a one time add on like it is with the satellite service. If you want it you opt in and pay the fee. Similar to how Cinemax, HBO and Starz work.

      • Colton

        That would be my guess as well, although since ATT is pushing this so hard they may give it to everyone free this year just to push their subscriber numbers higher.

        I know a lot of time If you’re a new sub to their satellite service, or try to cancel, a lot of times you’ll be offered Sunday ticket free.

  • JGaLaXY

    DTV Now’s BIGGEST ISSUE imo is the DVR and lack of NFL options. If they can add in the Sunday Ticket with Redzone, it’s gonna be game over and their subscriber number is gonna skyrocket even more for the next 4 months at least

    • Obi Nelson

      They annouced DVR is coming this fall.

  • slimegoat

    I’d like to see Xbox One support, so I can ditch the Amazon Fire Stick.

  • Jared Cheeseman

    if they get sunday ticket i go bonkers

  • Dallas Weston

    A “quality setting” that gives us a little control over bandwidth we’re using would be greatly appreciated. Some services already offer this feature. ALL of them need to.

    • Robert Anthony Hartzell

      Yes, that is one huge advantage Sling has over Vue. DTVN needs a bandwidth limiter for those poor souls with data caps.

  • Billy Jingles

    Three streams, DVR and NFL Sunday Ticket would be a dream come true, especially if it doesn’t affect the $35 Go Big promo I locked in.

    • Robert Anthony Hartzell

      The only way it would affect it is how much you would pay to have those added on. Even then, you’re still going to pay a lot less than subscribing to Vue or Sling. Now if DTVN mimics Hulu’s pricing, we’re screwed.

      Right now I save $16-27 going with DTVN. We usually select 80+ channels with two premiums. With Vue that’s $75, with Sling it’s $64. I pay $48. Your grandfathered price should always hold it’s value. When prices go up, I’m sure the competitors will go up too.

  • Russell Saisho

    Still waiting for Android TV support

    • Craig

      Yeah, who knew it would be this hard for AT&T ($$$$$) to ask Nvidia, Xiaomi and Sony for boxes and TV sets to test, tweak and release the existing Le-Eco/Fire TV build on? It’s quite laughable when you think about it. They’ve already got most of the code. All they have to do is tweak it a little for each device and toss it in the Play Store.

  • Jack Astor

    Wish I could stream in Standard Def, could careless about DVR. Sunday Ticket would of been good when I cared about the NFL. Todays NFL is unwatchable.

  • Kevin Bragdon

    I’m not currently a DTVN subscriber, but have been in the past, and they sent me the survey. When I answered that I subscribe to SlingTV, the survey started asking tons of questions about my experience with SlingTV, which I found amusing. I guess if you can’t beat them, copy them.

  • Jimmy Sterling

    it would be nice to have 3 streams person house hold and also a dvr dont really care about but support roku apps like discovery animal planet tlc also destination america also fix the error 40 issue on chrome browsers and replease an update for tcl roku tv’s

  • JD Campbell

    DVR first. Then we can talk about 3 streams, user profiles,….

  • TheEnd

    In the next 3 months I’m moving dumping Cox in the dumpster and my battle is between PSVue and Sling mainly because of the DVR but DTVNow adds the Sunday Ticket/RedZone and it adds a wrinkle they also add DVR and IT’S GAME OVER.

  • Vegas Steve

    They had to do a survey to find out if people want a DVR, more streams and the NFL? Wow, they must be from another planet.

  • Tl

    CBS Stations, such as POP., NFL Network, Showtime access…etc….Better guide, A backup type button to return to previous channel…a way to go directly to a channel…