DIRECTV NOW Tops 1 Million Subscribers & Plans to Offer More Streams, Profiles, & More

Today DIRECTV NOW announced that they have topped 1 million active subscribers and announced several new features.

“This milestone is an incredible testament to the thousands of hours many people spent working to bring this product online and continually improving it during the past year,” said David Christopher, president, AT&T Entertainment Group. “We’re thrilled so many customers have come to love DIRECTV NOW and can’t wait to bring them a host of new features in 2018.”

“To reach 1 million subscribers is an important benchmark for any OTT video service, but to go from zero to 1 million subscribers so quickly is quite an achievement,” said Brett Sappington, senior director of Research, Parks Associates.

AT&T did not stop there in an email sent to Cord Cutters News AT&T said they are working on launching their “next-gen video platform” that is currently in beta that will include:

  • A DVR in the cloud to record your shows
  • Download-and-Go
  • 4K and HD quality video
  • Capacity to offer more than 35,000 titles on demand
  • Individual profiles
  • More concurrent streams

We have known for some time now that AT&T was looking at adding some of these features but this is the first time we can confirm the addition of more concurrent streams.

The other interesting idea is the download-and-go option. Details are thin but the idea of being able to take your DVR offline and on the road will help DIRECTV NOW to standout.

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  • Fred Koot

    Seems like AT&T will say anything to get people to subscribe.

  • Sin Dong

    Most important i want is smooth streaming without much waiting. Everything else is irrelevant.

  • CT

    I’ll believe it when it actually happens.

  • Paul Gaydos

    2018…so we could be 390 days from a cloud DVR going public.

    • Vegas Steve

      Ah, probably less… maybe only 389! And don’t forget that whopping 20 hour DVR! 😉

  • Michael W


    • Angelo Messina Jr

      No date yet, but it’s probably being worked on to make it for Xbox

  • lonnie

    I’ll stay with sling until this actually happens. Than I will give it a try.

  • Loren Kruse

    Congratulations AT&T on your million subscribers milestone! … as an initial subscriber to your service thank you for a great service and the tons of apps that work with your lineup.

  • icwhatudidthere

    Hopefully Download and Go gets popular enough to filter down to other providers. Otherwise, everything else looks like catchup.

  • troopersam

    I’m gonna be very happy we kept DTVN. 🙂

  • TechSupport

    I will not touch DTVN until they have a working DVR. How can it take them a year to release a DVR? Companies smaller than they are have done it. The constant delay of releasing a cloud DVR is a bad sign of things to come…or not to come.

  • JGaLaXY

    I mean there’s a line about always keep them wanting more lol, waited what felt FOREVER to get all 5 locals in Pittsburgh but here we are, 40 dollars for all these channels and HBO is a great deal, they are reaping the benefits of the cable companies screwing people and middle class going completely under, dont even care about DVR, just fix the guide lol

  • Cableguy

    No wonder the fluctuating picture quality and buffering during prime time.

  • russell hayes

    I still can’t get a consistent stream, it still buffers like crazy.. I have PSVue and it never buffered from day one. And it has all my local channels..And DVR DTVNow, cannot have more subscribers than Psvue.. And how is it even competing, are people crazy, Psvue is a way better deal.

  • Brian Radcliffe

    I left DTVN for sling because I needed 3 streams, I may return to DTVN when they increase the concurrent stream limit

  • JD Campbell

    I wonder if they’ll actually release DVR, or any features, at the CES 2018 show… Or if it’ll just be more carrot dangling announcements from them.