DIRECTV NOW Updates Their Apple TV App & Now Offers NBC on The Apple TV

Today AT&T released a update for the DIRECTV NOW app on the Apple TV. The fix addressed several known bugs but more importantly adds NBC to their Apple TV App.

In the past you had to use a mobile version of the app to watch NBC. A few weeks ago they started to offer NBC on the Fire TV version of their app but today they bring it to the Apple TV. So now if you live in a market that has local NBC on DIRECTV NOW you will be able to watch it on your Apple TV.

Here is the official list of improvements to the Apple TV DIRECTV NOW app:

Improved error messaging
Removed swipe to fast-forward on shows that do not allow fast-forwarding
Fixed movie release year on Show Details screen
Fixed picture-in-picture video playback for some on-demand shows
Fixed the “show all” button that was not being displayed for certain networks

At launch AT&T made it clear that NBC would only be on mobile but they have quietly walked that back and today it seems to be officially dead. AT&T never did answer our request for comment on why NBC was limited on some devices. It is likely to do with a contract issues between NBCUniversal and DIRECTV NOW.

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  • Jason Maggart

    So can they get the roku app done now?

    • Dawn Manausa

      That 1st quarter of 2017 window is rapidly closing. ?

      • Daniel Richards

        beginning to question if they will make it, now some of the twitter support is only saying “this year” they aren’t even calling for first quarter anymore.

        • Dawn Manausa

          Still holding out hope…

      • Daniel Richards

        check out this bit of crap I saw over on Facebook earlier, apparently it’s some contract BS holding up the Roku, not developing the app

    • sdreamer

      Was darn close to canceling because of no roku app…. glad I didn’t hope it still comes.

    • Karl Childers

      I expect it to show up after the Apple TV promotion expires in a couple weeks.

  • CoryinCali

    Its getting better. Signed up Day1. Locked in $35/Month and Apple TV deal. DirectvNow refunded my first two months and gave me a $35 credit. Hence 3 months refunded for my troubles. Still have the Apple TV. Now I have 1 year free HBO. And now my local channels (excluding CBS). Agree, it was VERY bad the first 2 months, rough the 3rd month. But I am glad I didn’t cancel. $35/Month for life. I am sure DVR and other new networks and features will come this year. It seems video quality is restored as well. Quality looks a little better than Sling. For all the complaints I and many others have rattled DirectvNow with….I will be fair and tell them…Good job…

    • StopYourCrying

      I agree that DirecTV Now has come a long way and that they are a bargain for right now. But it isn’t “$35/Month for life”. They were pretty open from the beginning that the price would go up with the same normal price increases that everyone else gets.

      • Inky

        Nope, they said for life, not when deal is done but as long as you don’t cancel, it’s 35….when prices go up, like all do then maybe a lil but not to normal 60 or whatever it is. I’m the same, $35 and free HBO for yr…Deal!

        • CoryinCali

          I don’t have the original article, but I sure it said there would be small and reasonable increases to the $35 promo rate. But it should never go as high as the current larger price. Same as what Sling did. But even if its $40 1 year from now. Still a very good deal. Plus, as they add networks and features which others will be paying twice the price for…Even better.

  • Only reason I don’t use DTVN on my Apple TV (and instead only use it on my phone or firetv) is because it doesn’t work well with my harmony remote. It drives me crazy but DTVN is the only app with these problems and I’m doubtful they will be fixed.

    • Sheri

      I’m the opposite… I use my Harmony remote instead of the ATV remote (because I’m constantly misplacing it!)… The menu button brings up the guide on my remote and the middle arrow button let’s me navigate thru it.

      • Aaron McBroom

        Sheri, you misunderstand. Corinne prefers their Harmony, like you. She is just saying that the Harmony remote has issues with DTVN on the Apple TV, and it does. I can’t stand it either. DTVN does not support IR remote functions. Playstation Vue has the same issue(s) as well.

      • The problem is that if I’m not careful, I will accidentally change the channel.

  • BrianH1972

    I am confused. Not seeing NBC on my Apple DTVN app. Any help here?

    • Karl Childers

      I haven’t looked for it yet but my guess is that it’s in the “Networks” section and will not show up in the guide like it does on Playstation Vue.

    • mau47

      Make sure you have 1.0.7 installed. You can check in the purchased tab on the app store. Once its updated it will show in the guide as long as you get the channel through the website as not all areas will have NBC.

  • Scott Knipfing

    Too late. They lost me as a customer. With PlayStation Vue now…