DIRECTV NOW’s $35 100 Channel Deal Ends Today

Been thinking about getting DIRECTV NOW and want the $35 100 channel deal? Well today is the last full day of the promotional offer.

On January 9, 2017, AT&T will pull the plug on its DIRECTV NOW promotional deal, which means the Go Big package that currently costs $35 a month for 100 channels will jump up to $60 a month. Though we are not sure when on the 9th they will end the deal. So we recommend you do not wait till tomorrow as the deal may not be there when you want it.

If you get in before the deadline for the promotional offer you can keep the deal even after the price increases.

After the promotional offer ends on January 9 this is what the pricing plan for DIRECTV NOW will look like:

  • Live a Little 60+ Channels $35 a Month
  • Just Right 80+ Channels $50 a Month
  • Go Big 100+ Channels $60 a Month
  • Gotta Have It 120+ Channels $70 a Month

You can find a full break down of all the DIRECTV NOW packages HERE.

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  • Norman

    And I believe tomorrow they launch the Roku app.

  • Jack Astor

    I’m asking for a refund! I was sold a lemon.

    • Michael C

      But if you ask for a refund you then won’t get the benefit of paying less for something that isn’t delivering in full to begin with.

      It is not the actual service that matters here. It’s the satisfaction and knowledge that you are paying less for your lemon then the next guy. This is the real value. Or at least until Directv runs their February promotion 3 weeks from now.

      Do you understand better now? Don’t let the allure of upcoming services that look promising (Hulu Live), the ones that already consistently work (PS Vue), or even the absolutely free IPTV options (some which are fairly on par to what Directv offers as far as buffering issues go) you can put on your FireTV/Kodi rob you of that!

      • Logan Hampshire

        Hello Michael, what is IPTV?

    • Logan Hampshire

      Jack, they will not give you a refund or even a free month. I went round and round with them and they would only give me 15 dollar credit towards my next purchase.

  • Matt

    “DirecTV Now’s $35 100 Channel Deal Ends Today” But the constant image freezing, error codes, blank screens, VOD you can’t access and everything else customers have been enduring since it launched won’t end today. How do these guys justify charging any amount of money for a service which is unwatchable?

  • jackeyb

    I’ve have very few freezes, no codes or blank screens. Looks better than my actual DirecTV. Maybe it depends on region, type of TV, or internet company?

    • Emilio Leija

      Mine works great also. Run it on three iOS devices. I just wish it had more local channel offerings. I’ll keep it for the price.

  • Lynnneez

    No issues with my service. I had a few hiccups the first week of the service, but has been solid since. Like that I can pause, but they need to roll out the dvr feature asap. I still primarily use PS vue due to lack of dvr on dtvn. Same story with sling, although I have had consistent and constant problems with their new interface on Roku and fire tv since it rolled out.

  • Logan Hampshire

    Buffering all the time. If you use the fire stick it is even worse. Cust. Service s horrible. It is not easy to get in touch with them. Sling works much better.

    • Bonedatt

      Hmm.. Mine is the opposite. It works better with my 2nd generation Fire TV stick than with the 4th generation Apple TV. Never got any error code or buffering on the stick but a few QP ….. error code on the Apple TV. I’m noticing some improvements also, especially with the lag in switching channels (on both devices). It has gone down from about 8 seconds (when the service was first announced) to about 3 seconds.

  • Bonedatt

    Yes, it’s a good deal to get over 100 channels for that $35 promotional price, and also be able to add HBO or Cinemax for an additional $5, but not including CBS will be a huge disappointment for sports fans. Hulu was able to negotiate a deal with CBS but AT&T couldn’t 😔? Once Hulu TV goes live, and my three months of prepaid DirecTV Now service “expires”, I might have to switch to Hulu. I already subscribe to Hulu anyway. Or maybe I’ll wait to see what YouTube unplugged would offer. Decisions! Decisions!! Decisions!!!

  • Tom G.

    Buffering, freezing, pixelations that describes DirectvNOW for me. Totally unwatchable on Android and still paying $35/mo for something that doesn’t work. Will give them 30 more days to get their act together and then I am gone. They don’t even have a 1-800 number to call tech. support – just online chat. I think DircttvNow must be run by some offshore group of hackers, ha ha.