Nvidia Shield 2

Don’t Forget We Are Giving Away a Nvidia Shield to Celebrate Our 4th Anniversary!

Cord Cutters News is turning 4 years old so we are giving way a 16GB Nvidia Shield to celebrate Cord Cutters News turning 4 years old this week. (Thank you to Nvidia for donating the Nvidia Shield.)

Here are some details on the Nvidia Shield:

  • A Killer View – Movies, TV shows and games in amazing 4K HDR, explore thousands of apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, HBO, Showtime, Pandora, Spotify, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Kodi, and more.
  • Amazing Games, Played Your Way – Stream AAA PC games with GeForce NOW. Cast your PC games in 4K HDR from your GeForce rig to the living room with GameStream. Exclusive Android games only on SHIELD.
  • The World at Your Command – Just say what you want and let Google’s voice search find it in seconds. Get search results from over 100 apps, including Netflix, YouTube, HULU, HBO, and more.
  • Best for Amazon Prime – Watch Amazon Video in 4K HDR and get access to original shows like The Grand Tour, The Man in the High Castle, and much more.
  • The Complete Package – SHIELD TV includes the remote and redesigned SHIELD controller with voice search, rumble feedback, and private listening, in a stylish new form factor.

How to enter the giveaway:

Log in via email or Facebook to the entry widget below and do at least one of the following things to enter. The more you do, the more chances you get!

  • Visit and like the Cord Cutters News Facebook page
  • Visit and join the Cord Cutting Tech Support Facebook Group
  • Follow @CordCuttersNews on Twitter
  • Tweet a message about the giveaway on Twitter
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  • Or leave a comment on the giveaway through the giveaway block bellow
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To enter the giveaway please make sure to use the Rafflecopter giveaway block at the bottom of this post.

The contest ends at 11:59 pm Eastern on April 12th 2017 so make sure to enter soon and enter often! (Open to residents of the United States.)

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  • Dale Thibodeau

    Party on CCN, party on. I need to test out this nvidia box thingy. I needs it!

  • It would be great to have a media streaming player that could also be a Plex server.

  • sab66

    I love your blog and would love to have the Nvidia Shield. I currently have an aging Plex and the Shield would be a great replacement. Even if I don’t win, I want to thank you for helping me keep up to date with all the news in the fast growing cord cutting arena. You are the best source I have found. Keep up the good work.

  • shea001

    I became a cord cutter because, with satellite, I paid too much for too many channels I didn’t want. Plus, DirectTV’s “Genie” and Dish’s “Hopper” rarely worked like I wanted. Now, I pay less for Vue, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon, I get all the channels I want, and I can watch them from any device!

  • greentruck74

    Great blog! You do a great job keeping us informed of what is happening in the marketplace. Here is hoping I can add this awesome device to my library

  • Joel Wiedeman

    I enjoy the posts. Keeps me up to date. Btw an invidia shield would look great next to the rest of my devices! 🙂

  • Save money and stick it to comcast

  • Cynthia Nash Sebring

    Save money!

  • CW

    Great Work On The Website…Nvidia Shield Good…Need It For My Media Room…

  • Timmy Tiberius Turner

    So glad I found this place! Digging into the tips and tricks now…

  • Vincent

    Thanks for another great giveaway from cordcutters

  • Sippy

    Well Im excluded because I dont have a Twitter account?

  • Joel Chapman

    I became a cord cutter because I wasn’t satisfied with the amount of money tied to cable and the experience of using cable.

  • Michael Hurst

    I became a cord cutter to save money and to be able to choose what I watch and when. and cable bills are unbelievable, no one can really afford that much for TV.

  • Rich Leighton

    Tired of paying for channels that don’t appeal to me. With a Roku, FireTv and Chromecast, I can tailor the channels I want and pay far less in the process

  • keklar

    I became a cord cutter because cable is too expensive and a bunch of stuff I don’t need.

  • Don Terch

    I became a cord cutter because I was tired of my cable bill increasing every year.

  • NapMan

    I became a cord cutter for 2 reasons:

    1. The cost just kept going up
    2. I realized I was really only watching a handful of channels

  • Alan Smithee

    I’m a cord-NEVER! I wanted cable in the 80s but my parents would never go for it until we finally tried it out in 1989. Quality was horrible and we got rid of it within two weeks. I’ve never been OK with sitting through commercials on channels I’m PAYING for, and the constant channel logos most cable channels put on the screen is entirely unacceptable.

  • Eric Franckowiak

    I cut the cord so I could start saving money. The price to bundle through Comcast after the promotions ran out was too expensive!

  • MizzQuoted

    I’ll never go back to pay-tv. Best move I have ever made.

  • Lacy Beam

    I became a cord cutter to save money at first. I was so tired of paying so much for Direct TV, and I could never find anything to watch. It seemed silly to pay $100 per month for something and not be able to find anything to watch! So, we bought two Roku’s and the rest is history. I love being able to binge watch full seasons of shows, I don’t have to watch commercials, and there’s so much content to choose from. We use Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. We just recently have discovered how much original content Amazon has. It’s pretty impressive!

  • Joel

    I would love an Nvidia shield. I have been a cord cutter for five years or so. I use Sling, antenna, roku and plex as my primary tv

  • Margaret

    I’m reading up and analyzing what the best way for me to go to cut the cord. I need to learn as much as possible before I grab those scissors and cut away! Your site provides a plethora of really interesting and helpful info. I’m sick of paying $122/month for Dish when we don’t watch 1/3 of what they provide in programming.

  • Tawney Mazek

    Have never had a cord to cut – never had satellite or cable – streaming gives us a much wider range of things to watch.

  • Scott Denninger

    I became a cord cutter because I was tired of being raped by big cable companies.

  • Comeon man

    Freedom of choice.

  • GZ3

    To save money and watch what I want when I want.

  • Brian Bartolome


  • Arnold Kelly

    I became a cord cutter for the same reason a lot of people did, to save money. But after discovering everything that that was available and FREE, I decided I would NEVER go back to the cord. The Nvidia Shield would be the “crown jewel” in my cord free setup. 🙂

  • Samuel Wyatt

    I cut the cord because we moved to a new house and to save money. We love all the options and to watch when we want to. The Nvidia Shield would work great to replace my old fire tv.

  • goldeneye007

    I became a cord cutter to save money and have more flexibility

  • gmantb

    Save on stupid fees


    I started the cord cutting adventure about 4 years ago, and what a long way we’ve come…after a few fails, my family has completely cut the cord from cable and cell contracts. Thank you CCN for all the great tips you provide. Now, can we have that NVIDIA player please! My kids will love it!

  • GersonT1000

    I became a cord cutter because I wasn’t watching enough TV to justify what I was paying for cable, and to be able to watch TV outside my home.

  • Antoine Terrell Nolden

    I became a cord cutter to save money on bills and get rid of unnecessary cable channels and clutter.

  • Matt Streett

    Hard to keep up with bills

  • Kenia P.

    I became a cor cutter because every time I received the bill there were more charges.

  • Wayne

    I’m a cord cutter because I want flexibility and choice.

  • Kevin Ferrabelo


  • akj75

    Love the cost savings.

  • JD Campbell

    Why I became cord cutter: Cost, of course but also…Too many channels I didn’t watch in cable packages. Streaming packages offer more streamlined packages but with channels I actually watch. No more bloated packages with 50 music channels and easier to navigate menu’s as they are typically alphabetical whereas cable channels you had to memorize what # went to what network.

  • Krystal Roberts

    I’m cord cutter because of Netflix and Hulu honestly gone are days of planning your life around your favorite shows!!!!!✂✂✂🙌🙌🙌

  • konvajw

    Cost and flexibility