Exclusive: DIRECTV NOW & CBS Strike a Streaming Deal

After much demand by their subscribers, it seems that DIRECTV NOW and CBS have struck a deal to bring CBS content to DIRECTV NOW.

No details have been released, but this week AT&T updated the DIRECTV NOW description on the Apple TV app store. If you look closely at the image you will see both The CW & Showtime listed. Both of these networks are owned by CBS in part.

Update: It now seems that this image may have first shown up a few weeks ago.

Here is the image currently on the Apple TV app store for DIRECTV NOW:

For now it seems this screenshot was uploaded by mistake before the deal was officially announced.

While we do not know about CBS locals, it seems that if CBS agreed to streaming rights to The CW and Showtime we should expect to see CBS locals be a part of this deal.

Sadly for now, we will have to wait for the official announcement from AT&T and CBS to find out the price of Showtime and what markets will get CBS. Though this could be the first deal under CBS’s new collective bargaining deal, that would give DIRECTV NOW access to almost every CBS affiliate.

We have reached out to AT&T and will update this story when we learn more.

Have you noticed The CW or CBS in your local market? If so please leave us a comment.

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  • mau47

    This has been mentioned in the comments of this site multiple times over the last few weeks when the screen shots first appeared so this isn’t new and doesn’t confirm a deal has been made as much as I would like that to be the case. Here is a screenshot from 3 weeks ago showing the same thing.

  • Sunny Rain

    They added those screenshots to Apple TV /iOS weeks ago around the same time they struck a deal with MyNetworkTV affiliates. This is a design screenshot but not actual content screenshot. You can tell that by how they have The Flash and Arrow set to 30 minutes each, then followed by DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. And the fact that those are random episodes that have never aired together in that order. It’s not a real guide. Just a design.

    They made a fake screenshot and whoever was doing it didn’t bother to know the length of their show’s episodes or their current seasons or how they air their shows. If you ask CW, they’ll tell you that isn’t a real screenshot.

    Also, the screenshot shows the guide is filtered by “All Channels” and as you know, the All Channels filter is alphabetical and there’s no way it would display CW, HBO and TBS & TNT on the same screen. There are a lot of channels in between.

    You can’t trust DirecTV Now for including CBS and CW in their lists. They even had them listed in the 72 hour rewind when they launched the service, despite not having a deal.

    • mau47

      Careful your comment will get deleted like mine was when I pointed out this was neither exclusive or new and provided links to someone else mentioning it 3 weeks ago when the screen shot was actually updated.

      • Sunny Rain

        yeah…. but i’m not even worried much about the timing of the post…. but at the fact that AT&T included fake screenshots to mislead people.

        • mau47

          I think it’s coming, it’s just a matter of when, it took them a month to add OAN and the other channel, so I assume in the next few weeks they’ll make an announcement.

          • Sunny Rain

            actually someone told me that they got CW. so, there’s hope.

        • I don’t think it is fake. They likely used a internal unreleased version of DIRECTV NOW for the screen shot. It seems DIRECTV NOW has them in their app the question is when will they make it public.

          For example Hulu beta testers saw that NBCUniversal channels got added to the beta almost a month before Hulu announced a deal with NBC for their live TV service. Likely the same thing here.

          • Jeff Rodrigues

            It’s got to be fake or severely photoshopped. Guardians of the Galaxy on Showtime Extreme? Robot Chicken on TNT? The important thing is that use the channel logos, they almost certainly needed permission, so very likely that a deal is done.

          • Jordan Shafran

            I tweeted a similar picture at DIRECTV NOW on twitter asking if CW/Showtime/CBS we’re coming and they responded “Great question! We’re working on adding additional programming soon. Stay tuned.” While not a yes, it seems to suggest this is coming… my question is when CBS deal is announced will NFL Network/CBSsports channels also become available?

          • Sunny Rain

            Yes, I think they have a deal, but the screenshot is clearly photoshopped when you look at the context in terms of the content on the guide. Even an internal versions wouldn’t have that guide.

      • mnsportsgeek

        Yup, my comment just got deleted too. Good website they have isn’t it?

  • Gust

    So just add DVR now, keep HBO at $5 and you will wipe out all other streaming services.

    • JGaLaXY

      yeah and if they get CBS and can somehow keep it at only $40 with HBO…it would be over…NFL Network would also be nice

  • Phil7474

    Will be happy to see CBS stations in my Houston area. Thought the picture was legit until I saw Robot Chicken on TBS. I just hope we get the NFL games and not blacked out like last year on some instances. Man I was pissed…..

  • mnsportsgeek

    This has been known for literally weeks. Come on guys. The screenshots have been posted on Reddit multiple times. Tell us when you actually have some news.

    • brewcrew87

      This ^.

      The worst part is that they used the clickbait-y title with the word “Exclusive” in it. Exclusive my ass. Why the hell do I keep coming to this website?

  • mnsportsgeek

    Lol. Deleting comments now are we?

    • mau47

      It’s been happening for a while, almost every time I point out that something is incorrect or old news (like this article since these screen shots have been floating around for at least 3 weeks and weren’t posted this week like claimed) it gets deleted.

  • Daniel Darnell

    This isn’t news, this is an unverified screen shot that proves nothing. Click bait right here is all this is.

  • flyingtigers

    A picture that could have been made months ago or even last year is somehow proof of a deal? Whatever.

  • dimeuserGJ

    In the Chicago market, the prime time CW shows appear to get ‘blacked-out’ on DTVNow. Has anyone else had this problem? Is this because the station my50/WPWR in Chicago is owned by Fox, not CBS??

    • Samuel Robinson

      Probably, same thing happens with most CW programming on PlayStation Vue as well.

  • Chuck

    I was scrolling through my TitanTV guide just now (July 31, 2017), and noticed that suddenly the TVGuide channel was among the lineup. Of course, this is now the Pop network, part of CBS, and it was not there the last time I went through the guide to set my reminders. There is a channel on DTV Now called TVG, so I don’t know if TitanTV somehow made an error but I was told earlier in July by a DTV rep that CBS was most likely on the way in about a month. An August 1 launch seems plausible which may be why the channel popped up on the guide. Hopefully.