First Look: Boomerang – The Classic Cartoons Streaming Service

Boomerang, the cable TV channel that airs classic cartoon shows, recently launched a video on-demand subscription service. Now you will be able to access a huge library of classic cartoons from places such as Turner and Warner Bros. with shows including “Looney Tunes” and some Hanna-Barbera along with the MGM library.

Here is our hands on look at the new streaming service:

Before today you can only access Boomerang on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Now you can access Boomerang on a wide range of devices including Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast.

Boomerang is a beloved brand that has always had multi-generational appeal and some of the greatest animated shows ever created,” said Christina Miller, president of Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and Adult Swim. “Our ongoing partnership with Warner Bros around this new premium service continues our strategy of making sure our fans are engaged with fresh and fun content whenever and wherever they want it.”

You can add the Boomerang app to your Fire TV here:

You can add the Boomerang Channel to your Roku here:

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  • Robert Anthony Hartzell

    My kids and I love Boomerang, but this service is fairly new and doesn’t have a whole lot of content for the price. Maybe in a year we’ll revisit it. Right now our kids have Netflix, and Disney/Nick with Directv Now, so I invested in Shudder instead.

  • HeyRadar

    I really wanted to subscribe to Boomerang, but I have a hard time justifying the price with their content. I would prefer for it to be free with commercials, or dirt cheap (under $2/mth).

  • Elizabeth

    Their offerings are very limited compared to what’s on the actual channel. I’m assuming it’s because they don’t want to compete with cable, which kind of defeats the purpose. I really don’t know why anyone would pay for it unless they just have extra money to burn.

  • Chuckster_64

    I love watching classic cartoons. One of the reasons I stopped watching the Boomerang channel is they stopped airing cartoons like The Pink Panther, Tex Avery cartoons and Underdog for shows like Courage the Cowardly, Dog, Johnny Bravo and Dexter’s Laboratory. Until they add a lot more classic toons I’m going to pass on their streaming service.

  • Barcthespark

    I was excited when I heard Boomerang was going to have an app and I subscribed as soon as it was available.
    However, considering the vast amount of shows they have to choose from I am disappointed in the limited offerings they put on the app. At a minimum I would expect to see them have all episodes of the shows they add, even if it isn’t all of the shows from their library. IMO, simply having a sample of episodes of each show is not good enough.

  • DaddyDeuce

    I’m happy with it. Paid for a one year hitch. Its already getting better after the first month.