Here Is Your First Look at Hulu’s New Live TV Streaming Service

Hulu Live is getting closer to launch. Deals have been announced this week between Hulu and companies such as CBS. These deals give Hulu access to live stream networks such as Showtime and ESPN.

Now for the first time we got a close look at Hulu’s new live TV streaming service.

From viewing the released images it appears that Hulu Live will take many queues from Hulu’s current apps. This is a brand-new refresh of the Hulu app that current Hulu subscribers will also get. This newapp shares many of the same concepts to the current Hulu apps user interface.

We have seen no traditional channel guide; instead, you get a more show-based system that has pages and tiles for different shows and channels that are live. From there you can drill down to get more details.

When you sign up for the new Hulu you start by telling Hulu what types of shows, genres, and networks you like to watch. Hulu uses this information to personalize the content you see on the main home screen. If you want to search for specific programming or browse all live or on demand content, you can still do that, but Hulu really wants to show you the content you want to actually watch.

The new user interface will use profiles to allow recommendations to be specific for each family member.

Hulu will let you rewind any live TV show at any time, so if you start a show 10 minutes in you will be able to restart it at any time meaning there is no rush if you are late.

However, there are still many questions to be answered. What are the limitations of the DVR? Will every channel offer the restart feature? What will the channel lineup look like? We know it will start under $40 but for how many channels? What add-ons or packages will there be?

We still have many questions but it is starting to look like Hulu is getting closer to a product they can release.

Source: Gizmodo

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  • supervolt

    im so excited

  • Karl Childers

    I was really looking forward to this service but the lack of a channel guide is disappointing. Although Directv Now has had reliability issues their guide is spot on. I can scroll through my list of favorite channels (which is conveniently alphabetical) in no time and quickly read everything that is available at that time. I’m not a fan of looking at thumbnails / pictures because it takes longer to figure out what program each image represents. Sure, after a while your mind gets accustomed to certain images and you can identify “Bob’s Burgers” just by looking at the picture, but what about the other 50 images that you might be seeing for the first time and have to identify?

    I’ll still check it out when it becomes available but this news is a bit of a let down.

    • Matt

      Same here. Sometimes I like to scroll through the guide and channel surf or see what’s coming up later that evening, without a guide I’m also less likely to discover new shows. Hopefully there will one in some form and not just a bunch of thumbnails where you have to know what you’re looking for.

    • mau47

      Exactly what I came here to say. the DTN service quality sucks but I like the UI better than Sling or Vue by a long shot, so imitating Vue here is not a selling point for me.

      • Randy Brooks

        I’m confused. Vue has a traditional program guide that focuses on channel browsing on the Fire and Android TV apps. Even the Live TV category is channel-centric.

  • @lphaConsumer

    I’m looking forward to the Hulu release. This will be my ultimate cord cutting option if they’re able to sign up NBC. Its ironic because Comcast owns 30% of Hulu and 100% of NBC, but Comcast is also the cord that’s being cut. In actuality, Comcast saw this coming so they purchased content….NBC. This proves once and for all that content is KING.

    BTW guys, this article was posted on your site on Jan 6th and not Jan 7th. I read it yesterday. Anyways, keep up the good work. @alpha_consumer

    • Duder12

      Comcast doesn’t care because they have data caps now so they make their money still

  • Norman

    There’s a lot of information we don’t have yet, but things look very promising. The CEO for Hulu stated Live will be here in the coming months, though the promo video suggest sooner. Love that the Hulu library will be tied into the live experience, but we have no clue yet on all the channels or how many for what. As long as they don’t technically stumble like DTVN, they should be formidable. Can’t wait to see.

    As I understand it, Comcast/NBCUniversal, 21st Century Fox and Buena Vista/Disney each have 30% and Time Warner 10%. When Comcast bought NBCUniversal they became a non-voting member (as it were and at least for a while) which may be why we don’t see them mentioned directly as they’re coming along anyways. I learned recently from a British site that Comcast is a player in OTT solutions in parts of the world not initialed USA. Seems they have their feet firmly planted on both cable and streaming, just not here or not yet. Perhaps they’re watching the profitability of DTVN before they do something similar in the states. Who knows?

    Where does all this leaves Viacom and AMC and Scripps and Discovery? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • REP

    No guide, no go. Why is everyone doing tiles, it sucks. Every tv service should have an attractive guide.

  • Bonedatt

    I already subscribe to Hulu and DTvN. If this makes sense (price and content wise), I’ll cancel my DTvN and stick with just Hulu.

  • REP

    If Hulu have LIVE TV just for sports like TNT, ESPN, NBA TV, NFL, ect…and every other shows are contents that you can search and access..then it maybe good enough. To me, most of the time, sports are mostly LIVE and other shows and movies aren’t, and show be readily accessible by searching. As long as they allow rewind of LIVE TV, i might be tempted to switch.