Fox, Warner Bros., Sony, & Universal Join Disney’s Movie Anywhere Service

Every wish you could access a movie you purchase on Amazon through iTunes? Well, soon you can do just that now that 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, and Universal Pictures have joined Disney in the Movies Anywhere service. According to a report from Digital Trends.

Movies Anywhere is a Disney owned service that connects digital purchases via Google Play, Amazon Video, iTunes, and Vudu to a single account. All you have to do is connect your accounts for each of these services, you’ll be able to watch your purchased films from any of the aforementioned studios on the Movies Anywhere app at any time. Not only that but if you activate and connect your account with any of those digital retailers, and you’ll also get Ice AgeGhostbusters (2016),  Big Hero 6Jason Bourne, and The Lego Movie for free.

The Movie Anywhere app is currently available for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire devices, Chromecast, select web browsers, and Sony Bravia Smart Televisions. Hopefully, Disney continues to roll out their app to more devices like the Apple TV and Roku soon.

Update: Looks like the Movies Anywhere app is already on the Apple TV and Roku.

No timeline has been announced for when movies from companies like Fox and Sony Pictures will show up in the Movies Anywhere app but hopefully, it will happen by years end.

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  • VR

    So basically this is just another UVVU

    • Alex Howard

      Yes, but everyone is apparently agreeing to it. I don’t really care what the standard is as long as there is one.

      • Craig

        Agreed! This was looonnnggg overdue! Bout damn time! I shouldn’t have to worry about all my movies being locked down by one provider or set-top box or app. This gives people the benefit of having each ecosystems (Apple TV or Fire TV) movies libraries complete with special bonus features and optimization, no matter who you bought it from…from Google Play Movies, to Amazon, to iTunes to Vudu. THIS IS AWESOME!

  • James Jarvis

    Its not there yet, but I am hoping I understand this correctly, if I connect my accounts willl all these movies show up in itunes as well? I just made the switch from roku to apple tv and have been looking for a way to get my vudu movies consolidated to make it easier on the wife and kids.

    • PaperCoyote

      The app is available for the Apple TV. I just downloaded it and connected all of the retailers.

      • James Jarvis

        What did you search for when I type in Disney movies nothing comes up, and when I go to web page and app on my phone it shows server is down message.

        • PaperCoyote

          Just type Movies Anywhere…. leave off the Disney. The new website and app are just Movies anywhere and

          • James Jarvis

            Yep they did and already upgraded to 4k! I am loving this!

    • JWort93

      Your assumption is correct, your vudu movies will show up in iTunes, if they are from one of the supported movie studios. Vudu linking isn’t working just yet though, they claim it will be back up before 10am PDT/1pm EDT.

  • Jennifer

    Great app. I had Disney movies anywhere. Downloaded the new app and got all the movies mentioned. Thanks for another great article.

  • PaperCoyote

    So this means I can finally have “A New Hope” with the rest of my Star Wars Collection on Disney Anywhere!!

    • donald Wyman

      I was excited about this as well. I thought it was stupid that the others could use it but not the original.

  • PaperCoyote

    The app is already available in the Apple TV not “coming soon”.

  • Nathan John Ganiere

    ROKU app is live too, FYI

  • ludist210

    Also live on Android TV.

  • PaperCoyote

    Vudu linking is down and expected to be up at 10 a.m. Pacific.


  • Jack Astor

    No option to link your Disney Anywhere movies?

    • PaperCoyote

      When you sign up on the new website it asks if you want to merge your DMA account. Click yes and all of your DMA movies show up in the new service.

  • Brad Paul

    Seems like a great app. Looking forward to using it and now having access to my VUDU collection when using my Amazon Fire TV. Unfortunately, all of my independent movies (along with Paramount and Lionsgate) are not accessible from it. A nice step in the right direction. Hopefully any studio holdouts jump on board.

  • Craig

    Oh Happy Day! Oh Happy Day!

    Finally! Now just get Paramount and Lions-Gate signed up and we’re good as gold itself! Freaking awesome and about damn time! What Ultra-Violet should have been!

  • Diane U

    Downloaded the app to my Kindle Fire tablet and I get a white page error when I try to hook it to my Amazon account. Downloaded it to my Fire Stick and got that activated but it only lists part of my movies. I only got Ice Age and Ghostbusters, both of which I’ve seen and am not likely to view again. I don’t see a way to go back and add Google Play but I’ll look around some more.

  • aj152

    I rather have my purchased movies in one place (one app) than having to go to each one app to get the content from each studio, unless they are getting integrated with devices like Apple TV and the TV app.

  • Duelingdragon

    My Vudu is connected but none in of my movies have moved over yet. Hopefully soon.
    Has anyone come across how Movies Anywhere or iTunes handles bundles purchased through Vudu?

    • Bundles of movies will show up as individual movies on other services (that’s how it works with UV anyway).

      • Duelingdragon

        I took a look on iTunes to see what mine was doing.
        Bundles are not showing as I own the movies. For example, on Vudu I purchased the Bill and Ted bundle. Those two movies are not showing up on other services as owned. Same for the Sean Connery Bond Collection. Hopefully just a glitch to be fixed soon.
        Anyone else see similar?

        • Duelingdragon

          Well, I just realized why. They are MGM titles. My Universal bundles are appearing.

          • Yeah. Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM have not joined Movies Anywhere yet. Also TV series aren’t included in it at this point either.

  • Kirby Baker

    So I linked my iTunes account, but the movies didnt appear. Cant seem to unlink it from iTunes either. And Amazon linking gives a token error, but Amazon page shows its linked. Hopefully things get working 100% soon!

  • HeyRadar

    This is great.

    Now I just need the ability to add more than one Google, Vudu, or iTunes accounts. From a family perspective, we have movies in multiple accounts on the same provider, and there isn’t a way to move them into one account yet.

    This is close to resolving that problem.

    • donald Wyman

      Google has a way to link your accounts (I think up to 5) as a family and it will then let you share some of your movies with the family.

  • Gregg Boedeker

    Love this, now I can watch my Vudu collection on my Fire TV! The Movies Anywhere App is running great on the Fire TV, but when I try to play a movie on my Nvidia Shield, I constantly get the error message “Problem connecting to Movies Anywhere, please try again”…anyone have suggestions beyond “restart your device, reinstall app, etc.” which I have already tried?

  • craig2web

    Signed up just to get the Bourne movie for free. Pretty cool to have most of my movies in one place – similar to Ultraviolet.

  • donald Wyman

    I was signed up to the old Disney movies anywhere because I had bought a digital download starwars force awakens and it had you sign up for it. I thought it was cool that I was able to watch that one movie on any of the digital services (as well a few more Disney movies I owned or since purchased) Today I signed up for this new one and am glad to say my library that is cross platform has grown a great deal. Now if Paramount would do this my transformers collection would do the same. It’s cool because now if you catch a movie on sale at say Amazon or Google you can buy it where it is on sale and still watch it on either service (or vudu or iTunes though I don’t remember my iTunes account or if I even own movies on it)

  • Dave Enna

    Here’s the one big thing I am not sure people noticed: When your movies purchased elsewhere are imported into iTunes, they automatically upgrade to 4k if a 4k version is available. Last week Amazon had the HD version of Lego Batman on sale for $2.95 (mistake?). I immediately bought it. It now is in iTunes as a 4k movie. Same with Furious 7, which I purchased as HDX on Vudu. Now it is in iTunes as 4k.