fuboTV Is Testing an Advanced DVR with 500 Hours of Storage

Recently some of our readers have told Cord Cutters News that fuboTV invited them to test out a new DVR. This new DVR seems to be a huge step up from what fuboTV has offered in the past.

According to our readers, fuboTV is testing out a 500-hour advanced DVR service that lets you keep your shows and movies for as long as you want them. The current DVR only offers 30 hours of DVR storage.

We reached out to fuboTV for comment, and they sent us the following statement

“Yesterday evening, some fuboTV customers experienced a disruption in service that resulted in the temporary inability to access the service.  Our tech team identified and addressed the issue, and are working diligently to ensure that this is not repeated, and to incorporate fixes in the newest versions of our apps.  We recognize the importance of a stable viewing experience, particularly to sports fans, and as a make-good to those who were affected, we are offering subscribers who were logged in and attempting to watch programming during this disruption a first-look at, and free, six-month upgrade to, our yet-to-be-announced Advanced DVR service.  This includes an upgrade from 30 to 500 hours of storage, with no expiration.”

For now if you are not one of the lucky fuboTV subscribers to get the free upgrade you will have to wait for the new DVR option.

So would an advanced 500-hour DVR service make you more willing to try fuboTV? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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  • Robert Beier

    This could completely change my thoughts about FuboTV…but only if they can get their apps all in line with the same features. Their Roku app still needs major improvements.

    • Daniel Darnell

      OMG Yes! The Fubo TV app on Roku is awful, it’s horrible.

    • Carl Collie

      Playstation VUE’s Roku app is pretty damn bad as well. No Disney Channels is a no go anyway.

      • Vegas Steve

        Yeah, it’s dreadful. If other streamers can do a decent app (SlingTV, DTVN), so can Sony. Shame on them.

      • Daniel Darnell

        I wish Roku would stop approving poor quality apps. I actually am enjoying my stick OK these days but it bugs me that so many of the Roku apps are just so terrible and better on other devices. Hulu doesn’t have live TV on the Roku or even a simple profile support, PS Vue and Fubo TV are dreadful and almost unusable on it etc… Many of the TV apps are just much better on a Fire Device or Apple TV.

  • Daniel Darnell

    How about they make a DVR you can access first at least? On a Roku you can’t even access or use the DVR, it’s just not there! The PC interface is much better but still needs work but their Roku app is trash.

  • mnsportsgeek

    I can’t sign up for an OTT sports package that doesn’t include ESPN.

  • Norm Walker

    I recently switched to a TIVO Bolt. I have tried all of the internet TV options but didn’t like how difficult it was too fast forward the commercials. I was really upset with the YouTube TV DVR because there is no way to fast forward at all.

    If the Fubo TV has a good way to skip past commercials I would be all for it.

    • Robert Beier

      YouTube does have a ff option IF there is not an on demand option of a show. Which for me, was rare.

  • Scott Bunker

    This would be a big draw for me. Esp. if the DVR is truly advanced in other ways, not just in storage capacity. I want to be able check box an option to record an extra hour (or some amount less than an hour) as needed for games that run long.

  • TerryL

    Well their Roku app is in Beta, give it time I’m sure it will improve. Their AppleTV app is not bad, they’ve upgraded and tweaked it several times the past 2 months. Surprisingly, the streams are quite consistent and the quality is amazingly good. There’s virtually no buffering issues and the picture kicks in less than 2 seconds every time. Hopefully they’ll add the DVR functionality to their streaming apps soon!