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How to Get Around PlayStation Vue’s NFL Blackouts

Fans of soccer watching matchYesterday was a tough day for NFL fans who use PlayStation Vue because Sony’s live TV streaming service blacked out NFL games on FOX and we even had a few reports of CBS NFL games being blacked out. What was even stranger about that was how some markets were blacked out while others streamed the game.

If you are one of the unlucky ones to find out that your NFL game was blacked out on PlayStation Vue you have options. According to reports you can use the Fox Sports Go app on streaming players to access your game. Just log in with your PlayStation Vue login and you can stream your local NFL game through the Fox Sports Go app.

Why PlayStation Vue blacked out yesterday’s NFL games is still a mystery. We reached out to Sony for comment, but we are still waiting for a response. We are unsure if this is an ongoing or will be a one-time issue.

So what can you do to watch NFL games as a PlayStation Vue subscriber if the Fox Sports Go trick didn’t work?

The first thing you should try is an antenna. An antenna can give you the best possible image over streaming with no delay. Also once you buy it you own the antenna with no monthly fees.

If you want to see if CBS, FOX, and NBC are available in your area, check out and enter your address to get an idea of what is available in your area.

The other option is to switch to a different streaming service that offers locals in your area such as Hulu and DIRECTV NOW. The best part is there is no long-term contract so if NFL games come back to PlayStation Vue you can always switch back.

Did you suffer a black out of NFL games? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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  • Bob

    Please I beg you; DirecTV now is worthless

  • William McCann

    The NFL ticket will get you all out of market games, and having Playstation Vue, I got all in market games on channel 2 and 5

  • Bill Eastman

    Reminder that NO ONE streams on phones…Verizon has exclusive deal with NFL. Tablet, Computer, or streaming box.

  • Michael Smith

    Did Hulu and DTVN black out their cbs and fox channels too? If not, what’s up with Vue/Sony?

    • Aaron

      I have Hulu TV and I had no problems with watching games on NBC, CBS, or FOX all Sunday. It was a wonderful experience. I live in the DC area and they have agreements with the local affiliates in my area.

      The only issue people should be having is streaming on Mobile because it is exclusive to Verizon. If these streaming services have agreements with the local affiliates, there should not be any problems at all.

    • Jon

      DTVN did not blackout Fox, not sure about cbs, but nbc worked last night as well

  • Rucknrun

    In Baltimore i was able to watch my Ravens on CBS with no issues on the Vue. Sucks some markets had issues.

  • GersonT1000

    I had a similar problem with the first Patriots game. I tried watching on NBC with DirecTV NOW using a Fire TV streaming box and it gave me that message about how they couldn’t do mobile streaming. I had to switch to the antenna through the HDHomerun. I think the FCC (not that they give a damn about people these days) has to look into this. The Verizon mobile contract shouldn’t have been allowed, and even with it in place, a computer and streaming boxes shouldn’t be considered mobile. It completely defeats the purpose of cord cutting with OTT streaming TV services for many people. We shouldn’t be forced to pay the cable companies to be able to watch sports.

    • Michael Smith

      Was the first Pats game pre-season or the Thursday night game? I was able to watch the Chiefs vs Pats on the NBC Sports app on my Roku 3 authenticated thru my Vue subscription. The games blacked out by vue/Sony yesterday makes no sense and Sony better offer a statement as to why this happened. Sony/Vue has been touting the NFL games on the local channels then black out the games when the other streaming services haven’t? What’s going on?

      • GersonT1000

        It was the Thursday night game.

    • Daniel Richards

      it’s not, that was a total glitch on DirecTV Now’s part regardless of whether they admit it or not, streaming boxes have never been considered mobile devices unless you had a china knockoff android box that actually ran the mobile android app, then they would be a mobile device, but all legit boxes like the Fire TV are not supposed to be seen as mobile devices, they had lots of issues in the first couple months with all kinds of screwed up blackouts, I was getting blackouts that where supposed to be blacking out the commercials on History channel that where cutting out random parts of the show and coming back in the middle of the commercials.

  • davehuze

    I’m in the Philadelphia market and last year I was able to see every Eagles game in the with Vue on the local Fox, CBS, NBC but yesterday had to switch to the FoxSportsGo app to watch the game and the Packer/Seahawks games. With the exception of the Thursday night switch from Twitter to Amazon, none of the NFL regular season streaming contracts changed in the past year so I’m assuming someone at Vue just made a mistake. In the end it was no big deal although I’m not sure the FSG app does 60fps like Vue does, the picture on the app had a bit of a judder at times.

    • Jim Zawierucha

      So lets say Vue was blacked out in Philly for the game, Then why was the FOX Pre-Game show blacked out as well?, I can accept the blackout of the game and their workarounds were manageable, but block the FOX Pre-Game show too that sounds like a big FU from Fox/NFL to Sony. I live in Philly spoke with Playstation this morning and all was given as an answer is sorry, I hate to say it as I think VUE is the best one out there but if they can’t get a simple contact that HULA and DTV can get maybe its time to move along.

      • Daniel Richards

        when events are blacked out, so are events that show highlights, like I remember last year when people reported the SPORTS section of the nightly news would get blacked out.

  • loustrk

    I have youtube TV, had no problem with any of the games on Sunday or last Thursday night.
    Did receive an error message on the app on my phone saying that I couldn’t stream the game on my
    phone, had to cast it to my TV.

    • Daniel Richards

      yeah, thats an NFL restriction, NO NFL games can be streamed on phones unless you have that Verizon NFL Mobile app, because Verizon paid the NFL an obscene amount of money (like a BILLION, with a B, DOLLARS) to be the only people allowed to stream games on mobile devices for a few years now.

  • mikem132

    I have PlayStation Vue, local Philly channels and Fox 29 games were blacked out. After the first half was over I found out about FoxSports Go, but missed a lot. PS Vue specifically listed the Phila-Wash game as live stream if you subscribe to local network channels, which I do. I tried on a computer, Roku and FireStick all with the same blackout result so not device specific. This is a huge fail for streaming TV and will cause many to switch services….me included. You don’t sign up for locals and sports packages to be blacked out.

  • Robert Acosta

    I use Roku. Where I live I can’t get locals with any of the live TV services. I have Vue and watched the day games on CBS All Access & Fox Sports Go. The late game I watched on NBC Sports. Both Fox and NBC I authenticated with PS Vue.

  • Jon

    In Los Angeles, on DirecTV NOW NBC had the Thursday night game blacked out on all streaming devices. DTV NOW blamed NBC, but luckily had the problem fixed yesterday. I know that Fox and NBC worked yesterday, never checked CBS though.

  • notsofastnow

    The Fox Go app also has better streaming quality than the PS Vue stream. The downside? No DVR, and you can’t toggle between channels.

  • Mike Ching

    NFL games on CBS are being blacked out for me (in Hawaii) on Playstation Vue. But not on CBS All Access.