TCL 55 Giveaway

Giveaway: 55″ 4K HDR TCL Roku TV & Winegard Antenna!

To celebrate National Cut The Cord Day we have teamed up with TCL & Winegard for an amazing giveaway! You have a opertunity to win a TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model) & a Winegard FlatWave Indoor Antenna. Perfect for helping you get the most out of your cord cutting experience. 

A little bit more about the 55″ Roku TCL TV:

  • Smart functionality offers access to over 4,000 streaming channels featuring more than 450,000 movies and TV episodes via Roku TV
  • Pairs 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the most lifelike picture
  • Direct-lit LED produces great picture quality
  • 120Hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with virtually no motion blur
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 (one with HDMI ARC), 1 USB (media player), RF, Composite, Headphone Jack, Optical Audio Out, Ethernet

A special thank you to TCL & Winegard  for donating to the giveaway! Make sure to check out TCL’s Cord Cutting Guide for more information on becoming a cord cutter!

How to enter the giveaway:

Log in via email or Facebook to the entry widget below and do at least one of the following things to enter. The more you do, the more chances you get!

  • Visit and like the Cord Cutters News Facebook page
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  • Or leave a comment on the giveaway through the giveaway block below

To enter the giveaway please make sure to use the Rafflecopter giveaway block at the bottom of this post.

The contest ends at 11:59 pm Eastern on July 9th 2017 so make sure to enter soon! (Open to residents of the United States.)

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  • Julie Bloom

    cord cutting is the only way to go!

  • Jason Kilgore


  • Cooper McChester

    I wanna win! I wanna win!

  • Dan ONeill

    Thank you for the great information here! Fingers crossed that i win the TV!

  • Rick AndRock

    I cut the cord years ago and never looked backed. I subscribe to Netflix, that’s it. I just want the antenna. I have an older style analog TV but it works and I’m using a pair of rabbit ears that are older than me. So I just need the antenna.

    • imwithstoopid

      Yeah, but Comcast is very expensive, especially if you are getting movies, so I would lose there.

  • Chris

    What a great giveaway, here’s hoping.

  • Jak Ripper

    Just bought this TV at WAL-MART for less then $400…Fantastic TV unreal Clarity this TV has to be seen to be appreciated…..We had a smaller tv in the bedroom die so the Living rm tv went to the Bedroom and we went from 43″ to 55″ in Living Rm WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE

  • Lynn Busbin Nelms

    Would love to win. My TV just bit the dust a few weeks ago. Have heard great things about this TV. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • imwithstoopid

    hERE IS A VERY HONEST REVIEW BY AN HONEST GUY. a VERY GOOD REVIEW AND IT WAS NOT PAID FOR BY tcl, who the heck are they? Watch and learn, I lost because I got the LG before I saw this. The LG is nice, really but boy do I wish I saw this guy first.
    His moniker is DEV. He does a lot of You Tube reviews and is good at it.

    Are 4K TVs worth it yet? – $399 TCL 55″ 4K TV Review /

    do a youtube search, it will be worth it, as said he is good, so’s his cat, yeh, he has a cat.

  • boyces

    Would love to win! Thanks!

  • I’ve been a cord cutter since December 2015 when my last contract with Verizon FiOS expired. I renewed only the internet service, put up an HD antenna and never looked back.

  • Vincent

    I’d love to get this!

  • Rob P.

    Nice TV, did not know it was only $400. May buy one anyway 🙂

  • Christopher Dumouchel


  • Lori Smoll

    I’ve been a cordcutter since 2009, but my tube TV was purchased in 2004. Would love to upgrade to take advantage of better picture quality available these days!

  • Richie Webb

    I’ve been a cord cutter since Feb 2017. I wish I had made the switch sooner.

  • seth c

    great prize

  • Lori Rowland

    I would love a new tv! I have been a cord cutter for over a year and love it! I’m saving lots of money and watch exactly what I want! It’s really fun to keep up with the latest cord cutting information. Luke does a great job!

  • ggulick

    Been a cord cutter for about a year. Love the flexibility of being able to choose which services I am buying without having to worry about contracts.

  • Loretta Young

    I joined Cord Cutters a few months ago and already had Amazon Prime. We planned to get connected to at least one or two other streaming services right away but with so many OTA channels, and since we don’t watch so much tv in the summer, we decided to wait until Fall to sign up for more. With so many additions and changes to the streaming services, who knows what will be available by Fall? I would love to have a new Roku 4K tv to test them all on. Please pick me, pick me. 🙂

  • Would be great to win something like this!

  • Sean Berends

    Great giveaway, thanks!

  • Tadd McKeown

    I have never paid for traditional cable. I have tried Sling, Vue, & DTVN and like Vue the best. Youtube TV is coming to Minneapolis, so I’ll definitely be trying it. Would love to win this TV to replace one that has poor sound quality.

  • Dale T

    I love this site. I would love a Roku TV too! Thanks for keeping it real!

  • Virginia Calip Taggart

    Cut the cord 4 years ago. I could really use a new TV

  • John Meyer

    Baby Boomer and still a baby in the cord cutting world. Only one year but I am down to DTVN, T Mobile internet and Cell so the cords are cut!

  • GZ3

    Thanks for this.

  • Lottie Dottie

    Best of luck to all. I could use a new tv.

  • L Leinonen

    Very nice giveaway, thanks!

  • Jeff Edsell

    I really think Hulu Live is the right fit for us to cut the cord ― but I’ve standardized on Roku, so I have to wait.

  • Kelley Whorf-Wile

    I love this page and on facebook, so much help….

  • Kian Rafiee

    I hope cord cutting gets easier for everyone. I have Business Internet to avoid data caps and so far cord cutting is going alright.

  • Lisa

    I have been a cord cutter since September 2016. Use a Clearstream 2V antenna that I got on clearance for $30 at the local Walmart for local channels. Tried Sling but have mostly used PS Vue for streaming on ROKU. Signed up for the $35 Go Big package promo with Directv Now and trying to decide if I want to cancel Vue.

  • Rebbecca Cross

    Would love to win

  • Brett Hall

    I’ve been a cord cutter for about two years now. Always looking at new innovative ways to get the content I want with the best overall quality and user experience.

  • Stacey Roberson

    Not a cord cutter yet, but definitely want to be. Time to stop wasting money on cable and embrace new technology.

  • Libertatem Bellator

    My current TV is starting to crap out on me, so I figure why not give this a try for a chance to win. Good luck everyone!

  • Josh

    I have been living without cable ever since I moved into my apartment. All I use are my fire tv, roku, and an over the air antenna in case I want to watch live tv. I spend about $62 On streaming services.

  • Jason

    Another great giveaway by Cordcutters News.

  • Scott H

    Awesome giveaway! Awesome website. Thanks for everything, I read every day.

  • Straight Gafflin’

    Thanks for offering this to your readers.

  • Tom Jansen

    Antenna would be awesome, my homebrew doesn’t pull in too much.

  • Jack Warren

    Outstanding! I need a good antenna!

  • Kitty Krash

    I want to cut the cord because I just can’t afford to keep paying extra every year when my cable company jacks up the price. This year I’m going from $132 a month, up to $162 a month. Enough is enough, I just can’t swing that. With the help from a very nice commentator on your site today, I finally felt confident enough to order a Roku stick. I’m so excited to try it out and learn enough so that when I get the new inflated bill, I can tell them to just drop everything except for the internet, and possibly the phone (I haven’t figured that out, but I’m on landline and need to check options). My parents are in a similar situation, so once I’m clear on everything, I hope to help get them off of cable also. I’m really excited about this now that I was able to take the first step, ordering the equipment.

  • Lance DuLac

    I’ve joined the cord-cutter revolution almost a decade ago. Reddit and Google were the only ways of finding support, people looked at me funny when I told them how I watched TV, and cable companies blew me off as a passing-fad-niche. Then the 1G Roku came out and I could finally stop wiring my laptop to my TV. I upgrade it every couple years and bought a stick for traveling. I am looking for a new TV for the bedroom, but maybe move the old TV to the bedroom and this one to the living room. Time to upgrade the old antenna to a 4K & ATSC 3.0 ready antenna too…maybe. Thanks for advise and the opportunity to win.

  • Sharon Brown

    Thanks for your contest & information!

  • David Feldbruegge

    I would love to win! I currently have a Roku to stream DTVN. Would love to try on a TV.

  • Kyler Evans

    Awesome contest, hope I win

  • Sharon Gilbert Fellows

    This would be a fantastic win!

  • Would love to win. My TV just bit the dust a few weeks ago. Have heard great things about this TV. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • BeRad

    We have been a cord cutter family since moving last summer. 1 year exactly this past week and preaching the love to all F&F who have antennae nearby!

  • dyoung70

    I want this tv!

  • im cutting the cord in a few more months and getting rid of fios. Can not wait!!

  • Kasey Falls

    Thank you for another giveaway. 🙂

  • Mike

    I’ve only been a cord cutter for about 6 months or so, but I don’t regret it at all.

  • greentruck74

    I have been a cord cutter for almost 11 years. I was doing research on this tv the other day as my current family room TV is only 32 inches! It is time to upgrade!!!

  • Joel Merritt

    I have a 55 tcl non roku tv would love to get the roku version

  • Jessie Mack Farr

    I joined cord cutter a several months back and i have learn a lot of tips and tricks … i cut my cable and got Sling TV & Roku & put up an in door antenna ( 15 extra free local channels) but a out door antenna would help with more channels … it was the the best thing I have ever done … now if i win a TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model) & a Winegard FlatWave Indoor Antenna. It would be a Perfect living room fit for this retired old man veteran……

  • Byron Matto

    We have a small TLC 32″ … works well.

  • Adam Kenney

    I’ve only been a cord cutter for a couple of months but today I finally found an ota antenna that works for me. My ota is a mohu leaf amplified 50 mile range antenna and I am picking up around 28 stations with it and I’m located 70 miles from my towers. I cut out a 98 dollar a month cable thanks to the help of this site and there friendly people in the Facebook group. If You need help join them!


    would love to win this TV to expand my cord cutting experience. I’ve been a cord cutter for about 6 month so far I’m enjoying the money I’m saving.

  • ScubaMntMonkey

    I’ve been on and off cord cutter – I mainly do it to save.

  • Karen Blair

    I have been a cord cutter for a few years. Winning this giveaway would be fantastic!

  • Britain W.

    Thanks for offering this! Our Samsung is doing the Samsung Vertical Lines Thing. I’ve taken it apart before and can ward it off for a while, but it would be nice to have a more reliable TV!

  • Bridgett Wilbur

    I want to be a cord cutter because my local cable company keeps raising my bill.

  • Bill Skoros

    Cut the cord almost three years ago when Cablevision uped my monthly rate from $99, to $129 then to $159!

  • Paul Gardner

    I want to be a cord cutter so i can save money!

  • Matt Warren

    I cut the cord 3 months ago and have never second guessed it. I had Directv, I loved DTV but I hated all the spam channels I had to sort thru just to get to the channels I watched. I use PS Vue and love it. I did most of my research from this site, so thanks for having such great content on this site!!!!

  • Matt

    Recent cord cutter. Started to save money on my overall monthly household bills. We are currently saving $100/month!

  • Clark

    Would like to win

  • Lisa Dorsett

    Would love a chance to win. This would be perfect to have!

  • susiegalore

    I would love to be a cord cutter. I’m so tired of paying for channels I will never watch!!

  • Derek Lehman

    I’ve learned so much from this page and finally cut the cord a little over a month ago and am now saving $120/month and will be saving $140/month or more as my cable bill was to raise to from promotional to full pricing by year end! I would love to win this TV for our bonus room/home theater in order to expand our cord cutting technology!

  • hochoch

    cut the cord over a year ago. and i just got a refurbised modem from ebay for $40 to save $5 more each month, no more rental fees!

  • Patti Roper

    I would love to be a cord cutter because it will save me a lot of money!

  • Although I like the progressive nature of cord cutting, I still believe that cable is greater at the moment. Cable still offers a convenient package and set of features. However, my current internet access is not reliable enough for it to be my only access to television/films. Although cord cutting “can be less expensive”, it still has a downside.

  • Jeanne Coulombe

    we have been a cord cutter for about 3 years those dam cable company charges so much my dad pay 205 a month for cable I keep telling him cut the cable out dad I’ll show you how to do it .

  • Steve Hansen

    Been a cordcutter for over a year now and no going back. Could use this to replace the bulky old 55″ in the family room.

  • konvajw

    Thanks for the chance. I’m half and half – can’t completely cut the cord until local sports channel available via streaming.

  • brewcrew87

    I love lamp.

  • Keith Foster

    Hope I win!

  • Margaret

    Wow, great giveaway! Would love to win! I am in the process of studying up to decide what the best route for us to go to finally cut the cord!!

  • rickneworleansla

    I plan on joining the cord cutter community as soon as my reduced rate runs out from my current provider. They offered me a deal when I tried to cancel that was too good to pass on.

  • BD

    Cord cutting allowed more choices and cut expenses. I really cannot state how long I have been cutting the cord as I have been using the digital expanse since I bought a 150 baud modem.

  • Mark Arthur

    been interested for several years, nice to see the options keep getting better, buying a house soon so once I move I am fully exploring all cord cutting options in the area and then…taking the plunge!

  • Nick

    Just ditched Comcast, so this would be great to have.

  • John

    Would love to win wanting to cut the cord this would be a great place to start

  • Ryan Sunley

    Looks like a nice TV

  • gmantb

    Looking to cut the cord because of all the stupid fees of cable

  • L Leinonen

    I would love to have a larger tv, and this is 4k to boot! Other tv can go in the other room.

  • grinlap

    I’ve reduced my satellite tv service to the bare minimum and talked the rep’s ear off to get the price down further. As soon as I can find a streaming package with the last few things I watch on the satellite I’m gone. We do a lot of streaming as it is and my old tv has seen better days so I’d really like to get this TCL tv with the Roku built in.

  • Jerry Lafferty

    Just recently cut the cord, been using different builds of kodi for all of my entertainment, seems to be working out well for me.

  • Dwayne Cale

    My tv has lines running through it.

  • kitbaty

    Cord cutting for several months now. Love it.

  • TheGranChris .

    I’d love to cut the cord but I’m still researching if it’s possible where I live.

  • rrnyc1

    I’ve been a cord cutter for more than 2 years now.

  • Wendy

    Great informational blog. Thanks for showing the options so as to be slaves to the big cable companies.

  • AlexC234

    I’ve been a cord cutter for half a year now. It’s definitely cheaper than having cable and we still get great local channels!

  • Scott Sunday

    We been cord cutters for over a year now. Love not having satellite anymore

  • MarkWmDwyer

    I haven’t had pay TV for around 25 yrs!

  • aoliver515

    I have been following group for around a year(?). Slowly cutting everything. I’ve used Roku since it first came out late 2008.

  • Eric Beagles

    3 years cord free.

  • Brian Bartolome

    Would love to win! Would be a great addition to my equipment that’s lacking 4K!

  • 1alwaysnyc1

    I am not a cord cutter…yet! I am still tethered to my cable contract and can’t wait for it to end!

  • jless

    I have been a cord cutter for almost a year and I’m very satisfied! Saved a lot. I have Netflix, HBO and antenna.
    this site helped me a lot, thanks!

  • Kenneth Shaw

    I’ve been streaming since the late 90’s on my laptop which made it hard with the Time Warner internet going out nonstop with me streaming online, checking my email & my mother’s Vonage phone also was out nonstop, because of the Time Warner internet going out nonstop. I just bought 2 tricked out Dell tabletop computers with Windows 10 PRO, Intel 5 processors, 8 rams & 1 terabyte of hard drive with a Netgear Fuse modem & the first 3 months of unlimited, high speed $10 per month Sprint prepaid internet for about $300 each from, so I’m ready to stream some more at my home where I just need that very nice big screen Roku TV,- a very nice Roku TV!

  • Pat Stellato

    I want to totally cut the cord to save some money and to have the freedom to choose whatever services I want without entering a contract.

  • Cord cutter for 3 months after 20+ years w/DirecTV. Retired, rather spend money on my wife and me – than AT$T.

  • Comeon man

    Save money, besides, It is my turn.

  • chromiumman (at) mail (dot)com

    i cut the cord a couple of years ago, mostly because of rising costs

  • Dan Bu

    Anybody have tips for lower internet costs? Cut 1 year ago..

  • EJ95835

    Cut the cord last year and haven’t looked back. Thanks Luke. Great site!

  • Dhaval Shah

    Cut the cord last year..

  • Mary Ford

    Have not cut the cord just yet. The channels I want are still spread out on different services-there is a single service yet that has all I want. I’m going to wait just a while longer for streaming services to “mature”.

  • To Save Money

  • Kolok

    Just cut the cord last month from Frontier

  • I have been a cord cutter a few years. I am disabled and love TV. This is a great site. I would love to win

  • Mike Absher

    I am not 100 percent of a cord cutter just yet! I would love to win this so I can replace one of my old CRT TV’s with this nice flat panel TV. I would like to use it either in my main room or my bedroom so that I can cut the cord completely. I also love that this has a built in tuner for over the air channels too! This would free up so much space for me and upgrade me to latest technology available.

  • derek jennings

    I want to be a cord cutter because cable is just too expensive anymore!

  • Greg

    Want to be a cord cutter mainly to save money, like most people, I think.

  • dheath3

    I would to save money of coarse!

  • Sukinidachi

    Been cutting the cord for about 4 or 5 years now, I get all my tv from online, hd and commercial free. How could I ever go back?

  • AИ₮$

    i’ve been a cord cutter for 1 month. I have to admit, my cable company (RCN) has been more than helpful making sure that my internet is running well for cord cutting and even understood and supported why I was cutting cable TV

  • Tyler Johnson

    Yes please!

  • Tracy Rische

    I just really want to learn how to do it.

  • Danny

    This will go great with the DIRECTV now service

  • We have been mostly* cord cutters for 3-4 years now. We have saved a lot of money by cutting as much as we could.

  • Michael Lawson

    Have been cord cutting for a while now. Great contest!

  • Kellie Wilson

    Cable costs too much money..I would love to be part of the cord cutter club!

  • Al T


  • Sara Neyens

    Cut the cord in May. It takes some getting used to but no regrets so far. Thanks for such a generous give away!

  • Mike Flaman

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • Kandice Renee

    I would love to have this in my bedroom

  • Jeff Rothrock

    haven’t cut yet need toooo . expensive ;(

  • JenH

    I’m preparing to cut the cord in the next week. Our TV in the living room has a few HDMI inputs that are nonfunctional since our cable boxes & coax got zapped from lightning this past Spring. Having this new TV would definitely be pretty awesome!

  • PS

    since last to being a cord cutter..

  • It will be very difficult, but I’d like to become a cord cutter because I pay $100 a month just for cable and HBO.

  • my cable service is unreliable.

  • Pam Flynn

    I want to be a cord cutter so bad! I am so tired of paying AT&T so much money that it isn’t even funny. This is a beautiful television! All my friends tell me Roku is great!

  • grannyhoff

    We have been a cord cutter for almost two years.

  • Kelli A

    We have been cord cutters for a few years.

  • Brandy Trover

    I wanna save money.

  • Terri Wilson

    I want to be a cord cutter so bad!

  • loop6719

    thanks for all you do Luke

  • Curtice Morris

    Been cord cutters for a few years, originally used Sling, but had problems with buffering, then we tried Playstation Vue, and didn’t have as many problems. And have used that ever since, may take a second look at Sling, as i’m sure they have improved since I had them.

  • Shanna Brayman

    I have not cut the cord yet, but I am warming my husband up to it. My husband is receptive except for his fear of losing out on Sunday ticket. I am going to keep on pushing !! 🙂

  • Andrew Ruscil

    I want to be a cord cutter to save money and because my kids don’t watch TV on regular TV anymore. My issue is local blackouts of sports or I would have completely cut the cord by now.

  • BrianH1972

    This website is a daily must read for cutters. I check it everyday. Waiting on Root/ATT Sports on DTVNow

  • Patti Roper

    That looks like a great TV!

  • Charlotte

    We cut the cord about six months ago. I did it when Comcast decided to put a cap on our internet usage, or charge us an additional $50 for unlimited. What a blantent rip off. I cut the cord with their cable completely and just got the unlimited internet (Blast speeds). Internet is far more important to our family and they forced us to make a choice. Now I pay $120 a month as opposed to $275 for cable and limited interent. It was hard to adjust at first but we all are glad we made that decision now.

  • Isabella Tugman

    I’ve been a cord cutter for years Roku all the way, baby! My Roku is an older model though… it would be awesome to upgrade to this package.

  • Jeremy Lester

    We got rid of our DTV about 6 months ago and got Roku boxes for all of our tv’s. Haven’t regretted it yet.

  • SC Bills

    I want to be a cord cutter because it seems my cable bill goes up every month!

  • Kelly Lynn

    I need to cut the cord so my monthly bill will go down

  • Laura S.

    We would love to save the money!

  • Cynthia Sexton

    I have been a cord cutter going on 2 years now and I’m never looking back. I even convinced a couple of other people to cut the cord as well by giving them information from cord cutter news about the streaming services that are out there.

  • melissa hoffman

    to save money

  • Carla S

    I want to be a cord cutter because I’m sick of paying 165 a month for a few channels that go in and out.

  • Diane Elizabeth

    I’ve been a cord cutter for a little over two years. I’m using a Roku 1 on my old box tv. It’s great, but I have to admit, I’d love a flat screen. My cable tv package was basic, but my cable tv/internet bill was still $120 a month. I got rid of the tv, added unlimited data and my bill went down to $65 a month.

  • joe stimac

    for a year

  • karen spicer

    i’d like to cut the cord to save money

  • Tyler Lattimore

    I heard this tv is excellent. I cut the cord two months ago because I was so fed up with spectrum.

  • brian hoffman

    i’d love to cut the cord, but my wife is a stay home mom and doesn’t want to lose her company

  • dimeuserGJ

    I got my Mom to cut the cord at her house, but still trying to convince my wife to try it at ours…this looks like a great giveaway!

  • Tawney Mazek

    Have never had a cord to cut – we heard so many complaints about satellite (there is no cable here) that it just didn’t seem worth it. Streaming gives a person more control over what and when. We have big antenna on 70′ tower for local news and any other OTA we might find.

  • Zach McIntosh

    Another great contest! Thanks, Cord Cutters News!

  • Michele Godtel

    I would love to cut the cord!!

  • SpideyRules

    Need a quality 4K TV for all of my PS4 Pro gaming!

  • Paul Wenger

    I cut the cord about a year ago when my wife changed jobs. She’s happier at her knew job, and I’m happier to be paying less for more!

  • Elle

    I’d like to be a cord cutter to ideally save money.

  • davehuze

    I didn’t cut the cord completely but I replaced our FIOS TV with Sony Vue a year ago and we couldn’t be happier. Most of our monthly savings came from eliminating the dvr/rental box fees and the miscellaneous charges/taxes that came along with cable. Prior to switching to Vue our combined cable/internet bill hovered around $190 and now it comes in a $105.

  • Tony Cruz

    Want to join the Cord Cutting Revolution !!! Cable is just too darn expensive!!!

  • David Lloyd

    I could sure use this!

  • Marmee Heikkila

    I don’t know, way too many typos in the world of auto correct, for me to trust my personal information too.

  • klwillis45

    I want to cut the cord because cable is too expensive.

  • Shari

    I have been discussing with my hubby about becoming a cord cutter for the last 6 months or so. I’ve been reading up on it more & more. There are so many amazing options for cord cutters & saving the $350 a month would be fabulous!

  • Debbie

    I’ve been a cord cutter for about a month. I dropped Dish and went with SlingTv and very pleased. I saved money and have on demand now.

  • jefflegg

    Not a cord cutter yet, but man with the price of cable, may go that route!

  • Michael Ramirez

    Great contest! Hope I win. My Tv Sucks

  • binaryhermit

    I really would like to win. Went from Sling to Directv Now on the $35 Go Big plan

  • Colby Higgs

    I like not being tied down and having options!

  • Joey Wolowitz

    Went from $210 on Dish to less than $50 on Sling.

  • Justin Harvey

    i need a new tv

  • Arnett McQueen

    I cut the cord a little over a year ago and I have PS Vue, Roku, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. Not missing traditional cable at all. Who wouldn’t like a free TV !!!

  • Lindsay Henige

    I would love to cut the cord on cable, it’s too expensive!

  • steve weber

    I want to be a cord cutter because I feel my cable bill just gets more and more expensive each month.

  • Laura Sloan

    Haven’t been able to cut the cord. We live in a rural area and our internet speed is too slow to reliably stream

  • Antoine Terrell Nolden

    I definitely would love to win this TV. I have been a cord cutter since 2012 and have never looked back at cable since. I currently use Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Pluto TV.

  • Hoffman

    I will cord cut when i get my own place.

  • Eleanor Cooper

    I have to cut the cord…costs getting to be just too much. Son bought small antenna a year ago but need more

  • Ray Bullins

    looking forward to winning 🙂

  • elizabeth m

    We would love to be a cord cutter for the sake of the ever rising cable bill. It goes up every single month.

  • rsaunders1

    We are grandparents and my wife is disabled. We desperately need a new television but can’t afford one.

  • Bizby

    Would love to win, would love to cut the cord, but need faster internet first.

  • Laura Hawkins

    I would love to save the money being a cord cutter

  • ted roebuck

    i claim this tv in the name of Jesus thank you Lord ND THANK YOU CORD CUTTERS

  • Doug Roberson

    I’ve been a cord cutter since 2009 and enjoy the freedom and variety of content I have access to.

    My wife and I married in 2012 and I have gradually been converting her to the cause. With the latest increase she’s had from DirecTV, I think she’s ready to watch her Screeching House Skanks of Hoboken somewhere else (if she has a DVR!).

  • BB Young

    Really need a tv that has native Plex support. Using a chromecast now, but would love to be able to navigate from the TV directly.

  • Nate Baustad

    So great that TCL is making 4K ultra tvs that are affordable and great quality

  • Bianca Munoz

    Probably for about 3 years and would love to continue! Thank you!

  • Skilor Long

    Looking to expand my capabilities and convince the wife to finally cut the cord. Slowly but surely… This would help!

  • Dave S.

    We are so ready to cut the cord!

  • Amac

    As great as my 32” crt sony is, this TV would be a vast improvement. Would love to win it.

  • Bruce Vrana

    Would love to cut the cord to save big bucks, but can’t convince the rest of the family

  • Prairie Dog Rebellion

    I cut the cord several years ago and went without (OTA only) until I found Sling. I’ll never go back to cable!

  • Rust

    We cut the cord about 6 months ago. Never looked back and it is so nice not to have that mindless drone going the way we used to. The savings are wonderful.

  • Chris Johnson


  • Amy Baker

    Just had our 3rd cable price hike hubby said it’s time to cut the cord! I agree!!! Thanks for the chance!

  • Margarita Viera

    Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway!

  • Betsy Barnes

    We cut the cord almost 5 years ago. It was the beginning of people discovering that it could be a great financial savings. My hubby read a few articles and we actually made a bet with each other who could not live without cable. Once we cut the cord, found Hulu, Netflix, we were happy. Of course, now, there are many more options, but we never miss any favorite shows. Plus, we watch things when we have time, not when they dictate.

  • Lisa Anne

    What an amazing win this would be — I so long to cut the cord!

  • Amy

    I was just so sick of overpaying!! There are so many channels i never used and I needed to cut something out of my budget.

  • Mary Hoffman

    I would like to be one because here on Hawaii Island I need a choice to use something other than Spectrum (Oceanic Time Warner). I don’t watch 1/2 of the channels and it costs me plenty! I hate it!

  • Joseph Nicewander

    I stopped paying the exorbitant cable fees two years ago. At first we just used Netflix, but last year we started trying out the different streaming services.

    Around six months ago we started using PlayStation Vue, but I just switched to DirectTV Now. I plan on getting the new iPhone when it comes out and ATT offers a great deal on the DirectTV Now Service.

  • famewolf

    This would look lovely in my bedroom. Only recently got internet fast enough to do streaming well. Amazed by what’s available on roku/firestick for free.

  • Jennifer B.

    I cut the cord several years ago. If their is a show I really want to watch that I can’t get on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime I just buy a season pass on Amazon. It’s still way cheaper then cable.

  • Erin

    I’m trying to find ways to save money so cord cutting would be a big help.

  • Vickie

    I love the TLC TV’s I have a 32″ in my bedroom, can’t wait to upgrade my living room!

  • Birdiebee

    I am ready to cut the cord because my promotional period is ending in 2 weeks and the price of cable at the regular price is too expensive for my budget.

  • kimm16

    Sounds like a win WIN!