Giveaway: Win a Roku Ultra Along With Gift Cards to Sling TV & Netflix

We are giving away a great cord cutting kit for new or current cord cutters. In this giveaway, you will find a Roku Ultra and a $30 Netflix gift card, along with a $25 Sling TV gift card.

A little bit more about the Roku Ultra:

  • Perfect for HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs, features fast quad-core processor and 802.11ac dual-band wireless.
  • Exceptionally brilliant picture quality. 4K Ultra HD at 60fps with four times the resolution of 1080p HD.
  • Vibrant HDR displaying an incredible range of colors, brighter whites, and deeper blacks.
  • Fully loaded with digital audio output, convenient point anywhere remote with voice search and remote finder, headphones for private listening, and gaming controls.
  • Dolby Audio over HDMI and optical

How to enter the giveaway:

Log in via email or Facebook to the entry widget below and do at least one of the following things to enter. The more you do, the more chances you get!

  • Visit and like the Cord Cutters News Facebook page
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  • Or leave a comment on the giveaway through the giveaway block below

To enter the giveaway please make sure to use the Rafflecopter giveaway block at the bottom of this post. (After you enter the giveaway maybe think of a friend who wants to be a cord cutter and send them a link to the giveaway.)

The contest ends at 11:59 pm Eastern on August 28th 2017 so make sure to enter soon! (Open to residents of the United States.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Xajel

    I never won before, but hope is not a crime 🙂

  • Bernard Smith

    Been a cord cutter for a few months now and best decision I’ve made in a long time

  • Michael Chichetti

    Thanks for these fun contests.

  • faganm24

    I’ve been a cord cutter for over 2 years.

  • Alicia Arsenault

    My cable bill is ridiculous and I am trying to find alternatives so I can completely cut the cord.

  • Lisa

    I’ve been a cord cutter for a year next month. I have access to more content than with Cable TV and I can watch most of it when I WANT not when they say I can with just Live TV.

  • Tom Christianson II

    Cut the cord 3 years ago, cable/satellite way to expensive, Good luck everyone and thank you for the chance to win!!!

  • Stacey J

    Cut the cord about a month ago.

  • Wayne Perry

    Excellent giveaway!

  • zoid_99

    Going on 3 years and saved tons of $$

  • David Washburn

    IU HOPE I WIN!!!!

  • Brian Meyers Jr.

    Cordcutter for over 2 years

  • Gary

    Cut the Cord 2+ years ago, and have never looked back!

  • Joseph Weigel

    I have been a cord cutter for about three years when my daughter was born so that we could cut some cost. We tried out charter for a bit about a year ago but after seeing we were missing nothing we left them and decided we could do other things with that extra money. I still use Charter for their internet which is 44.99 a month and use antenna tv with netflix and Hulu. I’ve been currently trying the free trials around checking out what’s available.

  • Ethan Hagan

    I’m a recent addition to the FB group. Really enjoying getting everyone’s opinion on different options. YT TV just became available in my area so I’m giving it a try before officially cutting cable tv

  • Kitty Krash

    I haven’t done it yet, but am very close. I’m planning on doing it next week actually, before the fall lineup starts. I’m just waiting for the magic jack I ordered so I can transfer my phone number, and then I’ll be returning all the equipment back to TWC/Spectrum.

  • frozencarp

    Great giveaway

  • Zero_me

    Umm, yes plz.

  • Sam Jennifer Musil Lindley

    Would love to cut or at least sever the cord a bit and start saving some money!

  • Jon Schumacher

    Bring me Sunday ticket NFL

  • Sigmund (*The Deplorable)

    Sweet giveaway!!!

  • gbf20005

    Been a cord cutter for 10 years. Never had cable but was a Directv customer for several years. Haven’t missed it one bit. Thanks for all your invaluable time and information!

  • Gordon Gilchrist

    Cord cutter for a couple of months, I’ve tried a few different services but am sticking with PS Vue until DTVN gets a DVR service up and running.

  • Jason Byrd

    I have been a cord cutter since April. Not missing the traditional bundle

  • Dave King

    I have been a cord cutter for a couple years, easy way to save big bucks.

  • Cris Limberg

    I’ve been a cord cutter for a few months now and I LOVE it!!!

  • Dhaval Shah

    I have been cord cutter for a couple of years and love it. totally freedom.

  • Fern

    I have never had cable but started using a Roku about 14 years ago when Junior Hockey started streaming their games and have never looked back. Love being a “cord cutter”

  • JasonDhalle

    I was a cord cutter before but got cable again and am in the process of cancelling again. Have to wait for my contract to expire on Aug 26th before I can officially cancel again!

  • Nona Bouwes

    We cut the cord 5 months ago.

  • Leslie Lato

    I became a cord cutter two months ago. I love the money I’m saving from dropping my cable! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your awesome giveaway.

  • Cory Pierce

    Only just recently 100% fully committed to cutting the cord. Haven’t seen the savings yet, but just my math alone has me excited.

  • Kyle Nolan

    I have not cut the cord, but it’s very appealing to have a much smaller cable bill. My only fear is that with the proliferation of streaming services, it will end up just as expensive if not more so.

  • kleeeg

    Looking forward to cutting the cord!

  • Amac

    Cut the cord about year ago. Still saving for a new TV to replace the old crt. Bye bye cable!

  • jimx29

    Over 3 years since I cut the cord. That roughly figures out to be $5175 that charter/spectrum hasn’t ripped from me

  • jlafount

    Still use the minimal cable package for my girl.

  • Craig W

    Cord shaver for two years, Cord Cutter now in my second month. Subscribe to Sling TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix, MLB tv and IndieFlix and still saving over $130 a month! Cable bill went from $245 down to $39.99 for 50 Meg Internet.
    Thanks to Cord Cutters News and Luke

  • Larry Glaser

    I cut the cord a few months ago. I was tired of being ripped off by the cable company.

  • Michael Kaufman

    Cord cutter for a little longer than a year using an antenna and a Roku. The main pay service we use is Playstation Vue, but we tend to watch more local channels with our antenna than we do the channels on VUE. So far, it’s been an easy experience for my family and we have saved money too.

  • Dan Bu

    I took TW Spectrum’s modem and cable tuner back one year ago. No regrets. I could take one month’s savings and buy a Roku Ultra but hey, lets see how this contest ends first!

  • Arthur Minto

    I’ve been subscribed for about a year now….. & Cord Cutter’s is the place to go for the latest in giving the F.U. salute to KomKast or any other cable pirate ripoff!! Keep it up….. lots of people still need convincing that they should keep their $$,,, Oh,,, & the Roku would be a nice UPGRADE for me!

  • Pama

    We’ve been cordcutters for 2 years. Invested in an outdoor antenna set up by a professional. I find this blog extremely helpful in navigating the “cordless” world of viewing. There’s is nothing I miss about cable….especially the high cost!

  • I live in hell

    I’ve been a cord cutter for a few months … I only have access to one of my TV’s … I’m disabled so this is great for me … I couldn’t afford any of the cable
    Or fios subscriptions … and thank you for creating this wealth of info ! I love your cordcutters web pages FB .. Twitter and tech page ! Especially my news letters from #cordcutters .. you’ve helped me a lot … now if I could only win so I can use my big tv lol in the living room 🙂

  • seth c

    I’m a cord. Cutter for one year

  • just going to live out one more year of this freakin fios contract and out teh door the boxes go. what a waste!!!

  • I would become a cord cutter due to the cost of not becoming one.

  • Apocalypso

    I’ve been been a cord cutter for three years. The savings plus the ability to watch what I want, when I want without having to wait through commercials has left me with zero regrets in having cancelled cable TV.

  • Debra London

    It has been a few years now. Recently took advantage of the Directv promo pay for 2 months get a Roku box (needed to replace an older Roku, so the 2 months is like free).. I don’t miss cable at all, there are so many options to get the content I want that cable can fade away into the mists of time.

  • Nate Baustad

    Ive been a cord cutter for 4 years

  • Wakeelah Caldwell

    I started cord cutters 4/11/17 and it has some interesting information and not spam filled

  • JavaProgrammer

    Cord cutter for a little over a year now

  • IlliniMick

    Been a cord cutter for 4 months and need more…Roku boxes.

  • donald

    I have been a cord cutter for 2 years now. I am hoping to win. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  • Kelli Meehan Kohrherr

    I’ve been a cord cutter for about a year now….can’t even conceive of ever going back! Cordcuttersnews has been, and continues to be, a great and valuable resource. Keep up the great work!

  • Robert Clark

    Winning the Roku Ultra would be the icing on the cake for my cord cutting.

  • rrnyc1

    More than two years and never looking back.

  • MarkWmDwyer

    I’ve been a cord cutter for over 4 yrs now.

  • Been a cord cutter for years. Never actually paid for traditional cable.

  • Taylor Cerimele

    Been a cord cutter since April this year. So far so good!


    I’ve been a cord cutter for about 5 month now enjoy the saving.

  • Home Run Phil

    I’m very close to cutting the cord, I’d imagine another month or two until the other people in the house understand how much they can save.

  • Dave

    Not sure exactly, but it’s been at least 6 years since I gave up on satellite and cable. With only OTA, Amazon Prime Video and the Internet, I get more media than I can watch. BTW I’ve found Plex, Roku and Playon to be helpful tools in the effort to cord-cut.

  • Annette

    I’ve been a cord cutter for only about a month.

  • Lou Wilson

    I have been a cord cutter due to necessity…I am disabled and a full time dad to 3 teenagers (2 of which are special needs)…this makes for a very limited budget. Thank You for this chance 🙂

  • Donald Pappas

    I’ve been a cord cutter for about a year. Saving so much money! Would love the Roku Ultra!!!!

  • JLloyd

    Been working towards cutting the cord since earlier this year. Down to the most basic cable service and ready to chop this off too!

  • Dan Dahlstrom

    Been a cord cutter for a couple years. It keeps getting better with more services coming online. Thanks for having another great giveaway!

  • konvajw

    Still 50/50, but getting there. Need local sports station to be available via streaming. Thanks for the chance and all the info.

  • TXGulfCoastCreations

    I’ve been a cord cutter for a few years, but it’s been evolving, and I’m always open to trying new things. I’m using Sling & Hulu right now, after having cut Netflix for the time being.

  • Victoria Scott

    We are making our way to being cord cutters! Just waiting for our term to be up with DirecTV!

  • I cut the cord about a month ago! Best thing I’ve done so far. I am using an HD Antenna and I love having the freedom of a Comcast free life.

  • Brad R

    We cut the cord over a year ago when we moved to a more friendly OTA area. Haven’t looked back since!

  • JA Oliver

    I have been a cord cutter for about 4 months and I did it to save money

  • Vincent

    Thank you for the great contest!

  • Penny

    Because Cable Company are over pricing! Its ridiculous! Would love to try new options.

  • Mike Hansen

    Good Luck everyone

  • Land Chainsaw

    If DirecTV doesn’t match Vue pricing at the end of this month, I’m switching… Wish me luck!

  • Brian Alexander

    I’ve always been a cord cutter, unless I was living in a place (back in college) that supplied free cable. Digital TV and streaming have really made it much less of a “sacrifice” and more of a smart choice.

  • BD

    Cord Cutter for 4 years 🙂

  • loop6719

    13 years and love the Roku

  • rickneworleansla

    I’d like to cut the cord. I just need to win a Roku.

  • Steve Nesbit

    Neat deal for cord cutters.

  • Mary Robling Meadows

    I only joined cord cutters a couple months ago & so far I love it!

  • almost 3 years and counting

  • Lynn Corbaley

    We became cord cutters in February of this year having moved from an apartment with included cable to one without. I had purchased a Roku HD when they came out, but I sold it and purchased a streaming stick. Yep, you heard right! I sold that XD to a very grateful guy for $10. Gotta love Roku!

  • skizzor

    I’d like to become a cord cutter to wean myself off of the cable overlords. I want to be able to access content that I enjoy without having to subscribe to content I have no interest in.

  • Patti Roper

    I’ve been a cord cutter for about a year & wish I had done it earlier! I’m saving over $100 each month

  • Matt Nakamura

    I’ve been cord cutting for almost 2 years now. The savings definitely add up!

  • grumpytner

    I have been a cord cutter since January 2015; when my Charter cable (with Showtime)/internet was creeping towards $175/month in December 2014. I cancelled the cable, ended land-line AT&T telephone and switched to cell phones. Have not regretted since.

  • Margaret

    I want to become a cord cutter, so I’m reading up all I can. I have Dish with the new hopper, and I also have Netflix and Amazon Prime. Winning the Hulu would be the final best thing to convince me it is time to cut
    the cord.

  • SlowingYourCommute


  • Dustin Miller

    I want to win

  • hochoch

    cordcutter over 2 years, only spending $55/month for unlimited internet 50/25 and couldn’t be happier!

  • Alicia


  • C. Reyes

    I’ve been a cord cutter for about a year. Rouko is a household favorite. The channel choices are awesome.
    If we win we could upgrade from a Rouko Express. So we could share our experience with someone who is sceptical.

  • Crystal Orr

    Ive been looking into cutting the cord,..via your newsletter/mailing list Ive learned a good bit. I now need the device to start! Good luck everyone

  • jikemones

    I have been a cord cutter for 7 yrs.

  • Tom Gustafson

    cut the cord a few months back and loving it!

  • Comeon man


  • Edgar Morales

    2 years of cutting the cord!

  • John Burgess

    kicked the cable to the curb in June, this year.

  • Samuel Wyatt

    I have been a cord cutter for over a year now and I do not think I will go back. I love you site.

  • 1alwaysnyc1

    I want to be a cordcutter because cable has only gotten increasingly more expensive with less and less content.

  • Arnold Kelly

    Been a cord cutter for a couple years now. Best thing I like about it is that I really haven’t missed anything that I used to watch on cable.

  • Greg

    I would love an upgrade for my old Roku, and the Sling TV card is a bonus for when I try my cord-cutting plans later this year…

  • Steve

    I’ve been a cord cutter for almost 3 years. I used to have every conceivable channel through AT&T U-Verse and slowly busted down the channels by package until I finally just ended it. I am enjoying the freedom. Sometimes I miss certain things but between visiting friends and family and utilizing the public library I’m doing pretty well.

  • Sukinidachi

    I gave up cable a long time ago, now I can watch shows whenever I want and however I want!

  • davehuze

    Dropped FIOS TV 14 months ago when my FIOS bundle had inched up to $195. Saving $85 a month now that I replaced it with FIOS internet and Vue (Core)

  • Andrew Ruscil

    I am looking to teach my mom how to cut the cord so looking for a roku device to teach her

  • Sherry Craig

    I have cancelled my Uverse only a few weeks ago. I still have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Directv Now. I’m really wanting a DVR so I’m still deciding whether to wait for Directv Now to start their DVR or change to some other streaming service.

  • Dennis Tumberg

    I have been a cord cutter for a little over 2 years.

  • Micah F

    Been a cord cutter since cable got so expensive it wasn’t worth it anymore.

  • I have been a cord cutter since Dec 2015. The cost of cable was insane.

  • JasonBarton

    cord cutter since feb. using apple tv and roku streaming stick with PS Vue. Just wish the UI for all of these systems would be as easy to use as traditional cable. Much easier for me to remember my channels and navigate to them quickly if they had numbers attached to them or a number system that we could setup for them.

  • Kathy Glaser

    I’ve been a cord cutter for a little over a year. Both of my TV’s have a TiVo device and one has a Roku. I’d like to get a Roku for the other TV, also.

  • Glauber Cabral

    I have been a cord cutter for a couple years and I dont miss it at all.
    With roku me and my family can watch everything that we need. I have Netflix and Amazon subscription and that is more than enought for us.

  • Tawney Mazek

    Technically I’m not a cord cutter since I’ve never had satellite or cable – but I feel like one since getting a Roku – it adds quite a bit beyond OTA.

  • edward michaels

    I have been a cord cutter for about 4 years now cable and internet bill exceeded 150 a month now pay 70 a month . I use a roku with plex media and web tools and use a mohu antenna for local channels.

  • Robert Anthony Hartzell

    Cordcutter for 8 years.

  • GersonT1000

    I’ve been a cord cutter for a year. I couldn’t stand giving my money to the cable crooks. I have no choice with internet, but I’ll do what I can.

  • Frances C Gutierrez

    I’m in the toddler stage of being a cord cutter. Which means I’m a roku user who is just beginning to understand how to use it and I swagger around like a miniature drunk with power but still need guidance so I don’t kill myself wielding it. Hahaha. Thank you for the guidance Cord Cutters!

  • Bianca Munoz

    I want to be a cord cutter! Would help with the budget! Thank you!

  • Dave

    I get my regional sports network with Sling Blue, so there’s no need for an expensive cable package.

  • Elle

    My cable bill just went up last month after a promotion ended and the price is ridiculous.

  • DrJD

    I’ve been a cord cutter for 1 year – replaced UVERSE with DirecTV Now… contemplating switching to Sling or Vue because of frequent buffering on DTVNow.

  • Zach B

    I’ve been a cord cutter for 4 years.

  • Donna Yost

    I haven’t been one, but I need a Roku so I can cut the cord

  • Straight Gafflin’

    Quit cable in December of 2016. Save $150/mo. Total savings to date…

  • I have been a cord cutter for about 2 years.

  • Rick AndRock

    I have been a cord cutter for years. I just don’t want to pay for cable executive daily cigar. They are bending us over and the sad thing is we are letting them do it while they are sitting pretty and saying got another sucker.

  • Priscilla S.

    I want to become a cord cutter because between Netflix, HBO and my digital movie/tv show collection I really don’t use my DirecTV much anyway. I don’t think I would find the transition very hard and I’d love to say money every month!

  • Ray Bullins

    i commented

  • puma8100

    I cut the cord 3 years ago and never looked back. Cable was just too expensive and the availability of shows on alternative sources was getting better. I love cord cutters news for keeping me up to date on what’s new and changing in the cord cutting world.

  • Jeannie Millsap

    I have been a cord cutter for almost a year and would never go back to being tv broke!

  • MaryEllen Weisbrod

    I am a relatively new cord cutter. This site has helped a lot.

  • Carolyn Ross

    Cordcutters news has put me in the know about station changes and television streaming service changes as the viewing services never let you know, a station will suddenly appear or rate change will be on the bill. We cut the cord several months ago and haven’t missed Uverse at all – we wonder why we waited so long to reduce our television costs and put up with rate increase after rate increase and being tied to a contract. We now get OTA channels and have tried Sling and, currently have, PSVue to get the channels we want.

  • PhancyPheet

    I want to cut the cord because we have so many channels that we never watch.

  • JenH

    I cut the cord a couple of months ago and have been checking out the different methods of obtaining programming. So far, I like having an extra $100 each month and not having to “feed the pig!”

  • chtulu21

    To save a little money.

  • jbone233

    Taking the plunge soon, contract almost over. Love all the options that don’t require a contract, so awesome.

  • Donna Dodgens

    I’ve been a cord cutter for over 2 years!

  • Philip

    Cord cutter for 5 years. Didn’t setup cable when I moved into new home and don’t miss it, except for Formula 1 racing.

  • Rashidi Everette


  • Rust

    I cut the cord over a year ago.

  • Al T

    Excellent site

  • Travelguy2

    Love this forum

  • FedUpWithBigGovernment

    I want to be a cord cutter but have not yet done it

  • carlosjs

    Cord cutting for almost a year now. Love it. Saves me money and PSVue is a good service.