Giveaway: Win a WatchAir Antenna & DVR

We are giving away a FREE WatchAir antenna with build in DVR to 10 lucky subscribers person.

From their Amazon listing:

A smart antenna, WatchAir, powered by patented Hang & Watch Technology. This innovation will provide consumers with more complete alternatives by wirelessly streaming live HDTV directly from WatchAir to any smartphone, tablet, streaming box and stick, and smart TV. All equipped without a monthly subscription fee.

Watch and record over-the-air (OTA) local live TV programs. You can learn more by visiting their Amazon listing HERE.

A special thank you to the WatchAir team for donating the antennas.

*Note these come in Black or White your color may vary. Each winner will receive ONE WatchAir antenna.

How to enter the giveaway:

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The contest ends at 11:59 pm Eastern on November 20th, 2017 so make sure to enter soon! (Open to residents of the United States.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Stephanie Mago-Eagle

    Hallmark channels are my favorite TV Channel.

  • Dogman

    HBO Now

  • Cris Limberg

    Our local NBC/ABC affiliate KKCO/KJCT. My son works for them and I want to support them as much as possible. They also broadcast CW and MeTV… Gray Broadcasting. Sometimes I don’t make it home in time to catch the local news… so I would love to be able to record it!

  • Andrew Arheit

    I’m digging the new OTA channel Laff.

    • Greg S

      Laff is one my favs as well. Classics!

  • Troy Boatright

    I love the idea of an antenna with an integrated DVR that can stream to ant TV or mobile device. This is something I think I really want. I’ve been on the fence about getting a Tablo, Hd Home Run, or TiVo because of subscription costs and each missing some features. Also I will probably only want it for a handful of shows not on Netflix, Hulu (not live), and Amazon.

  • Eric Franckowiak

    My favorite OTA channel is… NBC!

  • George Large

    My fav is Escape.

  • Steve Darner

    I’m in the market for a new OTA antenna.

  • Cindy Tomamichel

    I love me tv, laff, nbc, cbs, etc.

  • craig2web

    My local CW affiliate for late news at 10pm and one of my guilty pleasures immediately thereafter: TMZ.

  • Craig W

    Hero’s and Icon’s for all the Star Trek series

  • Tammy K

    None yet. I’ve tried a few antennae , but so far nothing would pick up a signal except for one of them. That one did get CBS & a couple channels that seemed to be sport related. I think this would be nice for my parents though. I’m trying to get them on board with ditching cable.

  • Home Run Phil

    In my market I like Me TV and Fox, but if I’m able to pick up channels in the Kansas City market (when I’m lucky), I like Escape, Grit, and Antenna TV.

  • Dhaval Shah

    I love CBS, NBC, CW & PBS

  • Zero_me


  • Roy Aguilera

    The CW

  • Carol Burgess

    The CW

  • Vanessa Madrigal

    I love Escape, Comet, and the Justice Network!

  • grumpytner

    I love Comet tv! Pluto, Tubitv, Popcorn flix are close runners up.

  • Gordon Gilchrist

    Interesting, hopefully it works well.

  • Elvis Black

    Best OTA channel is bounce

  • GJordan


  • John Sveen

    hopefully it works well

  • Land Chainsaw


  • CBS lol.

  • Diane U

    This looks handy! My favorite channel is NBC.

  • Brian Nelson

    I like ABC, the best college football.

  • Fred Koot

    Me want

  • Scott Tutskey

    My favorite OTA channel is NBC.

  • Brian


  • Dan Hoffman


  • Robert Clark


  • sassycats

    NBC – love This is Us

  • BrianH1972

    Have not found an antenna that works in my area. Might have to give this one a shot.

  • PS

    CBS & CW

  • Sean Berends


  • Trevor Bruss


  • Barbara R.

    My favorite TV channels to watch are PBS and all Hallmark channels!

  • Fitz Greg

    Laff, MeTv, and Escape. 🙂

  • MaryEllen Weisbrod

    I like Me TV

  • Jim Fennell

    OTA picture quality on the primary channels is great, particularly for the major networks.

  • Debra London

    The one channel streaming service seems to have no interest in getting, for whatever, reason is PBS so an antenna is necessary. I also find it funny that for so long antennas were becoming old dinosaurs of the past but now there is more and more content coming across the airwaves and we are seeing a second rise of broadcast TV.

    • Daniel R Frayer

      PBS has their own Channel on Roku or I’m sure any other service you just have to download it and then go to their website and copy the code over to the program. Works great

  • boyces

    Would love to win, thanks!

  • edit4ever


  • ScubaMntMonkey

    Heroes & Icons

  • Paul

    ION is my fave OTA channel, followed closely by ABC

  • JenH

    My favorite OTA channels are ABC and PBS!

  • Libertatem Bellator

    I’m loving Comet the most right now! And even though the channel is not in my area yet and am watching it online (hoping it will come real soon), I’m also enjoying Stadium! You definitely CAN’T BEAT free OTA channels! Suck it cable/dish companies!

  • jeff

    ME Tv the most

  • Beth Eason

    I love PBS!

  • John

    Would love to get OTA channels

  • Johnnie McKenzie

    Antenna Tv

  • Jeff

    Very Cool idea would love to check it out for myself

  • Dan Bu

    I’m always willing to try and review new tech that enhances cord cutting.

  • donald

    favorite channel is pbs, cw, and fox. i would love to have the new coment channel, retro tv and me tv, but hey aren’t in our area yet. I here good things about those three channnels.

  • John Mpls

    I would love to try one of these.

  • Tamaki Yuri

    My favorite is definitely PBS. This is a great giveaway!

  • Darius Filon

    My favorite OTA channel is probably CBS, followed closely behind by Laff and Antenna TV.

  • Mark Arthur

    me TV has a lot of good shows

  • Mike McDonald

    I think it is an excellent question why PBS affiliates are not going w/ streaming services.

  • sonicdsl

    I’d like this so I can get PBS & CW OTA and record them too.

  • Scott Brandi Edwards-gildersle

    antenna tv

  • illberich2

    PBS, but love MeTV and comet, also

  • PBS hands down!

  • antenna tv

  • Marlene Stockard

    My favorite OTA channel is PBS.

  • Victoria Scott

    We watch a lot on ABC 🙂

  • Dan Dahlstrom

    My favorite OTA-only channel is the Justice Network.

  • Joanna Ward


  • I’d like to see how this works with my Xbox One usb tuner.

  • German Lopez

    I love PBS, cant beat the classic channel.

  • Karen Hacker

    Would love to try something newer, still using my retro RCA antenna connected to my APEX digital, and surprisingly I get great signal and quit a few channels. LAFF is my favorite.

  • Linda Idies

    Not all channels stream. I love Laff TV.

  • Steven Bloomfield

    CBS…sorry, I’m a sucker for BB and Survivor.

  • Brad R

    Right now, it’s MeTV and all the throwback programming.

  • Jeff Hinton

    I need the DVR!

  • Frank Scammell

    I just wish the streaming packages had 2 tiers . One with Locals and one without for those that can get them OTA instead of forcing one to pay for locals that might not need them streamed.

  • 1alwaysnyc1

    NBC, CBS, PBS and the local affiliates.

  • Matt Nakamura

    My favorite channel would have to be PBS. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • hochoch

    really only watch nbc ota for my morning news while i iron my shirt

  • chromiumman

    I suppose MEtv

  • Ryan Thatcher

    CBS and Fox. Football, football, football!

  • Great Artiste

    WNET 13

  • Great Artiste


  • A Steve

    I love the Youtube channel and watch everything! Any chance that followers can suggest items to be tested? I would love to see you test ClearStream FLEX Ultra-Thin Amplified Indoor TV Antenna. Thanks!

  • Stacy Young

    Our local CW affiliate KTLA is the only channel I am missing in my cord cutting adventure.

  • Daniel


  • 1porkchop

    Grit is my favorite. There are several that I would like in my area, with Comet being at the top of my list.

  • dugants193

    One of my favorite OTA channels is CBS.

  • GZ3

    This is awesome, will complement DIRECTV NOW.

  • Cody Everton

    the built in dvr seems cool

  • jberry

    Huge PBS fan for 40 years.

  • jikemones

    Movies, get to see some old classics.

  • Kalind Patel

    My favorite OTA channel is CBS. I also like ABC, Fox, and NBC as well. Depending on what shows I watch.

  • MarkWmDwyer

    Not only do I like to watch the large national network channels where I live, like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, PBS, etc., but we also have movie channels here, like Bounce TV, Comet TV, and Grit TV.

  • Comeon man


  • Christian Hanneman

    I love my WatchAir antenna but I’ll warn everyone that setting it up was a real challenge. I pulled my hair out more than a few times. Once I finally got it working however it was great! If you get one be sure to have a lot of patience!

  • Steve Lammers


  • Larry Glaser

    My favorite OTA channel is #LAFF channel, followed closely by #COZI channel. Many great older shows.

  • Paul Wenger

    I love Heroes and Icons, but hope they change up their schedule a little.

  • Todd Palm

    WatchAir is a cool product that might solve a problem for me. If I don’t win it, I’ll buy it anyway.

  • Matt Wolfgang


  • Mary Ford

    NBC is my favorite OTA channel and also the most difficult to tune in.

  • chromiony


  • Cenarl

    looks great would love to win one and test it out

  • Leslie Davis


  • Lyntill

    This looks pretty cool. It’s a great giveaway gift!

  • Diane Elizabeth

    CBS is my favorite.

  • Bruce Ray

    I find that I watch my local CBS affiliate the most. Followed by NBC.

  • Chad Geiser

    The CW

  • Matthew Bennett

    I probably watch more CBS than anything else. BTW, does anyone know if the DVR storage can be expanded? I didn’t see any info on Amazon about that.

  • sicariis

    Wooo! love me some CordCutterNews!

  • konvajw


  • Fred Koot


    • Sarah J Raper Quasny


  • jeremy mclaughlin


  • Thunder Fan

    FOX – I have to have my Gotham and Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

  • Wendy

    I guess it would be ABC as I like to watch Wheel of Fortune. I watch most shows on Hulu ad free so I’m not watching as much over the air tv as I use to. My family does though!
    If they are not watching sports it is often Ion tv.
    I use to watch a lot of Me tv and Cozi tv and the like. Love those sub channels!
    I would love to be able to record things that aren’t available on Hulu and my other streaming apps.

  • Dallas Drake


  • Christina Rene’e Tocash


  • Dustin Miller


  • Daniel R Frayer

    Commenting for the giveaway

  • Brian Alexander

    Our favorite is ion currently – kind of binging on Law and Order in its various guises…

  • Annette

    My local ABC channel..

  • Malcon Price

    Cutting the cord was the best thing I’ve done in a while. Screw these cable rip offs

  • Tim Berenz

    AntennaTV followed by LAFF

  • Mike Lewcun

    We don’t really have a favorite OTA TV channel, maybe CBS, but Impractical Jokers on TRU will truly be missed once we cut the cord. Cable is just not worth the price!

  • Kyle Nolan

    probably ABC for its comedy lineups

  • John smith

    CBS is my fave OTA

  • FreeJet

    Favorite TV channel is CBS

  • William Ferland

    Finally, cut the cord. Can’t believe how many channels I’m getting OTA (63) with incredible picture quality.

  • Suzanne Edwards

    Would love to move over to OTA with this antenna!

  • jbone233

    Love Me TV, and Heroes and Icons airing all Star Trek, even the animated series. Retro TV is great as well.

  • Peter Glickenhaus

    Recently found your website and you tube channel. It has been a great help, with a wealth of information. Thanks!

  • Brandon Sparks

    I would have to say Nick at Nite. Has always been a favorite..