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Google Is Working on a New Streaming Player

Cord Cutters News has learned that Google is working on a new streaming media player. Our reliable source has told us the new device will be released in 2017 and could be announced as soon as Google I/O but is more likely to happen in October.

Google I/O has been the event that Google has used in the past to announce streaming players, but it doesn’t always release at the same time. Most recently the Mi Box was announced at Google I/O; however, it has been suggested that the device may not be ready in time for Google I/O and may be released at a later date. More recently Google has been announcing hardware during October.

We do know that Google has a major update to Android TV planned for Google I/O. Google has an event set up for developers to learn about the update. According to the ” “Developers will learn what’s new with Android TV, from recent system enhancements that help users quickly access relevant content, to an overview of new APIs for developers to build apps for Android TV. This session will cover new APIs, features and also upcoming platform enhancements.”

We consider these sources highly reliable and do expect a new Google streaming player in 2017 though we feel it is more likely to come in October but is possible for as soon as today’s I/O event.

Google’s new streaming media player will join a growing crowd of new streaming players slated for 2017. Both Amazon and Apple have been reported to be working on new streaming players that will be released in late 2017.

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  • Sunny Rain

    I’m really hoping Google releases its own standard version of Android TV to compete with Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku. While Chromecast is ok, it’s not the most convenient device.

    • King_Android

      It is, it’s installed on the Mi Box. Pure Android TV like the Nexus Player had.

      • Sunny Rain

        Sure, but I’m looking more of a product “By Google.”

  • mr Dave

    I don’t know why Google is wasting time with this there is already great devices out there Roku, Amazon and Apple. Why go with Google when they may or may not stick with it? They should put their efforts into taking more control of the Android experience. At least find a way to force handset makers to install security patches if nothing else.

    • Cenarl

      none of those devices use Android TV / Play Store and it’s a huge market they are not getting revenue from.

    • Duder12

      What you are saying makes absolutely zero sense for Google from a business standpoint.

      All work Google puts into Android Google does not benefit from unless their services are on the device.

      Also, Roku is shit and Android TV has been around longer than tvOS.

      • mr Dave

        Google derives the majority of it’s vast income from Ad sales. The whole point of Android was to funnel people into Google services (search, mail, youtube,services, ect). What i’m saying is that Roku (as the current most popular streaming device) is a huge market that Google could increase with an influx of cash. They already have the play store on it & youtube, but they could pay to beef both apps up and pay to brand the search as “Search by google”. Even though I love Android, Google does not want to be in the hardware business it just wants to make sure that it’s not shut out of any market. Any AndroidTV has virtually no market share in the streaming market.

  • Bill Eastman

    How much will it cost and where are the aiming? Mi Box and Shield, so assume Google will be between them.

  • Devin Serpa

    So, Nexus, Android TV, Chromecast, Mi Box and now something else?

    Kinda crowded isn’t it?

    • Duder12

      Android TV isn’t device it’s an operating system. Also the nexus is discontinued and the Mi Box is only sold at Wal-Mart.

      You seem a bit confused.

  • Duder12

    I find it kind of odd sites like Android Police and 9To5Googke know nothing about this.

    This story seems fishy.